Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 Difficulty – What Will Change?

If you're curious about the new Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 difficulty that's coming to town, we've got a good idea of what it's going to change.

Don’t think that you’ve been challenged enough on Pandora and during your wider galaxy travels? Borderlands 3 just not quite doing it for a Vault Hunter of your capabilities and experience pool? Well, you don’t have to wait all that much longer for something a little more frenetic than a wedding to challenge you. Forget the upcoming DLC. This month will bring the Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 difficulty, so you better get ready.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 Difficulty

If you didn’t think that the existing Mayhem mode that we’ve been subject to was difficult enough, or that it just wasn’t your cup of tea, then you’ll be pleased to note that there’s going to be a Mayhem 2.0 difficulty being introduced this month. This is going to mean a bunch of changes from the Mayhem mode that we’re already familiar with, and it looks like it’s going to be going live later this month. Gearbox has already begun implementing patches and fixes in order to ensure that we’re totally up to speed and able to handle it, which means some buffs to the following Legendary weapons. We’ve listed off the weapons along with the changes that have been made:

Crader’s EM-P5    

  • Increased Critical Damage by 80% while airborne


  • Increased amount of shotgun projectiles from 6 to 8    
  • Increased the reload time of the under-barrel shotgun (rate at which the under-barrel shotgun refills ammo)   
  • Increased weapon damage on both firing modes


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased number of projectiles per shot to 2    
  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased fire rate    
  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage and the damage on the thrown projectile


  • Increased weapon damage

Thunderball Fist    

  • Increased damage on the Initial Shot and the Thunderball

If you’re interested in what else is going to change because of the new Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 mode, we’re happy to note that it’s going to be pretty significant. Weapons that drop in Mayhem 2.0 will have damage increases to them, allowing you to tackle higher Mayhem levels with ease. There’s also going to be a change to the game which will add 10 Mayhem Levels to your experience, allowing players to be significantly challenged as they truck through the content that matters most to them. There will also be a number of new modifiers – we’re talking 25 specifically – which will make everyone’s gameplay experience a little different and a lot more deadly.

Now that you have our guide to the new additions that the Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 difficulty will bring, it’s probably a bit redundant to say that we hope you’re as excited as we are. For Vault Hunters craving a heartier taste of danger, we reckon this is going to be perfect. Need a hand with anything else related to Borderlands 3? Why not check out some other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for players just like you on our dedicated guides hub for the game?

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