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Borderlands 3 Garcia Guide – Getting This Legendary Shotgun

by Ginny Woo

We’ve got less than a fortnight to wait until the next wave of Borderlands 3 DLC comes out, and we’re going to be shipped off to witness the happy nuptials of Hammerlock and Jacobs. Until then, however, we’ve got a sinking feeling that we’re going to need more than wellwishes for the newlyweds because of the whole Elder God situation. In fact, we’re going to need guns, and lots of them. Here’s our guide to getting the Borderlands 3 Garcia legendary shotgun. 

Borderlands 3 Garcia Guide – Getting This Legendary Shotgun

Whether it’s a Gigamind turret that you prefer packing or something which spews out elemental grenades, there’s truly a gun for everyone in Borderlands 3. Why is the Garcia good, though? Well, this legendary shotgun from Jakobs has one pretty simple special weapon effect which we reckon makes it a worthy pick regardless. It’s called “Rooty-tooty, pointy-shooty” and it does one simple thing: it gives the gun an increased magazine size. All that translates to is being able to shoot something more times before you have to reload, so if you’re wanting to rip an enemy to shreds Rambo-style then why not just go with this? This shotgun keeps it simple, stupid, and doesn’t spawn with an element either so it’s truly all about being efficient at murder when you just need something to get the job done. 

Now, if you’re wanting to pick up this particular shotgun, farming it is decently simple. It actually has an increased drop rate from one boss in particular – Chonk Stomp in Floodmor Basin on Eden-6. Because of that, there’s no real need for you to go traipsing around the galaxy and kicking the door of every portable toilet in. Just head over to Eden-6 and make quick work of this boss over and over until the beast drops the weapon that you want. Persistence is key, Vault Hunters. 

So now you’ve got our guide on how to pick up the Borderlands 3 Garcia legendary shotgun, it should be a little bit easier for you to take down anything that gets too close. After all, what better way to eliminate something than to, uh, simply blow its head off at close range? We certainly don’t have any other suggestions. Need a hand with anything else in Borderlands 3? Why not check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for Vault Hunters like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game?