Best Weapons in Final Fantasy 16 Listed (FFXVI)

Get ready to grind for some of the best blades in the game

Final Fantasy 16 is a linear game, and that applies to its weapons as well. But it’s totally possible to miss out on some of the best weapons in the game if you don’t take part in certain side quests or Notorious Hunts. So, here’s the best weapons in Final Fantasy 16 and how to get them.

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Best Weapons in Final Fantasy 16 Listed (FFXVI)

The latest installment of Final Fantasy has taken a much more holistic approach to side quests, with each one giving you a peek into the lives and personalities of the people you encounter along the way. And Notorious Hunts? Well, they’re just fun, aren’t they? But you’ll need to do a healthy dose of both in order to get the best weapons in the game. Here are the top five weapons in Final Fantasy 16 and how to get them.


AttackStaggerCrafting Recipe
315315Icebrand x 1
Sharp Fang x 400
Meteorite x 8
Dark Shard x 1

Throughout the game, you’ll gain unique crafting materials from the Dominants you defeat. With these crafting materials, you can forge legendary swords, which are unlocked in a linear pattern. The first of these swords is Storm Cry, which you’ll craft from the Wind Shard Garuda Drops.

Storm Cry can be forged into Flametongue, which can be forged into Levinbolt, and on and on until you reach Everdark. Everdark can only be crafted with a material that drops from the last Dominant in the game, right before the final boss. So, it only makes sense that it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game.


AttackStaggerCrafting Recipe

That’s right! There’s no ingredients when it comes to crafting Ragnarok, the most visually stunning sword in the first playthrough. That’s because the only way to get it is to complete the chain of quests called Blacksmith’s Blues.

These quests, handed out by August near The Mess in the Hideaway, involve Blackthorne, the grumpy blacksmith. By completing these quests, you’ll help Blackthorne improve his craft, which will ultimately culminate in him crafting this exceptional sword.

And on top of that? He gives you a recipe for the second most powerful sword in the game. Out of all the side quests in the game, this is one chain you shouldn’t miss, at least from a DPS perspective.


AttackStaggerCrafting Recipe
330330Defender x 1
Wyrrite x 540
Fallen Iron x 1
Behemoth Shackle x 1

It might be a little odd to find a sword that you can purchase casually from Charon on the list. From her, you can buy the Defender for 5,000 Gil. But what makes it better than Everdark or Ragnarok is the fact that it can be upgraded. Legendary swords don’t have this capability, so they’re stuck at the attack and stagger that you find them at.

But to get the rare crafting material, Behemoth Shackle, you’ll need to defeat some powerful enemies. One Behemoth Shackle will drop from an enemy that you’ll be forced to fight during the Brotherhood main questline.

However, you can also find a Behemoth Shackle by completing Dory’s final side quest.

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AttackStaggerCrafting Recipe
375375Ragnarok x 1
Orichalcum x 3
Darksteel x 2
Primitive Battlehorn

To get Gotterdammerung, you’re going to need to complete quite a few Notorious Hunts. But to even get the recipe for Gotterdammerung, you’ll need to complete the chain of quests related to Blacksmith’s Blues. Once you do, you’ll get Ragnarök and the Gotterdammerung recipe.

Orichalcum, Darksteel, and the Primitive Battlehorn are all very rare materials. Orichalcum can be obtained by completing certain end-game side quests relating to some of the most important support characters in Final Fantasy 16. But, like Darksteel and the Primitive Battlehorn, they can also be obtained by defeating Notorious Hunts.

The Hunts that drop Orichalcum:

  • Breaker of Worlds (Atlas)
  • Ruin Reawakened (Svarog)
  • The Tricephalic Terror (Gorgimera)
  • Behemoth King

The Hunts that drop Darksteel

  • Usher to the Underworld (Thanatos)
  • The Grim Reaper (Prince of Death)

The Hunts that Drop Primitive Horn

  • Gobermouch


AttackStaggerCrafting Recipe
700700Utterance of Creation
Everdark (Reforged)
Gotterdammerung (Reforged)

There’s a huge jump in power between Gotterdammerung and Defender+1, but the jump to Ultima is huge. Though you’ll essentially only have it for one fight: against the final boss. Here’s how to get it.

Ultima can only be obtained by completing the main story. Once that’s done, start New Game+. Once you do, you’ll get a notification that a new recipe is available at the Blacksmith. You’ll also automatically get the material Utterance of Creation.

But Everdark Reforged and Gotterdammerung Reforged won’t be available until the very end of the game. You’ll have to defeat the last Eikon all over again, then craft the Reforged Everdark with your already existing Everdark.

Similarly, you’ll need to complete all the Blacksmith’s Blues questlines in order to get your second Gotterdammerung. Once you do, you’ll be able to craft Gotterdammerung Reforged. And with that, you’ll have all the materials you’ll need to craft Ultima.

For a more thorough guide on how to get your first Gotterdammerung, check out our guide here: How to Get Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI).

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