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Best Team Comps in Street Fighter Duel

Advice on day two? Definitely the best kind

by Lucas White

As you play Street Fighter Duel, you’ll collect characters and start to form teams based on various factors. If you’re trying to get the most of your stable of World Warriors, you may be creeping around the internet for tips. As early as it is in this game’s life, it’s hard to make interesting recommendations for the best team comps in Street Fighter Duel. But that said, I can make a few character-specific suggestions based on each Faction. And anything else I can think of off the dome while I write this nonsense.

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Best Team Comps in Street Fighter Duel


In my opinion, Thunder has some of the best characters. If you get Elena, her combo 1 is a massive heal, which speaks for itself. Makoto is a Tank with an AoE Super move, which also kinda speaks for itself. Poison and Mad Ryu are really strong as well, so really, if you can start the whole game off with a Thunder team, you’re sitting in a pretty comfortable spot.


Dhalsim is proving to be pretty popular early on, thanks to his moveset, which is mostly “lots of fire.” I’m a big fan of Decapre personally, since her Super move can take out characters by itself in many circumstances.


Wind is kind of boring at the moment, without many standouts. Chun-li and Guile are pretty strong, and a lot of players have mixed feelings about Cammy. Just play whoever you have honestly, which applies to the whole game really.


You should put at least one Infernal character on your team if you have one. There are only two in the whole game right now, so. Toss Bison or Juri anywhere in your lineup (even assist counts) and your whole group gets a big defensive boost.


Master characters seem a little undercooked in a game like this. Because there are so many team slots anyway after unlocking assists, you don’t really benefit much from the chameleon aspect of the Faction. Of course, like Infernal, there are only two characters in this category anyway for now.

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At the end of the day, the biggest factor in your team is the number. The big numbers generally beat the lower numbers. So pick a team of characters you like and work reasonably well together, then build them up. Or just adjust on the fly based on what you get with your pulls. You really don’t need to put that much thought into it.

Lucas White

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