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Street Fighter Duel Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This game's promo art rules though

by Lucas White

I’ve been playing Street Fighter Duel since it came out the other day, and that’s either because I’m a shameless pushover for IP I’m into, or I’m an idiot, I’m desperate for dopamine, or some combination of all the above. Either way, I’ve played enough that I understand what this game wants from me. And I mean besides money, which I sure as hell am not handing over. Anyway, if you’re trying to get your feet wet and want some help, here are a few Street Fighter Duel tips and tricks, for beginners of course.

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Don’t Worry About Tiers

Seriously, stop worrying about goddamn tiers and rerolling. I see you and your Google fingers twitching to search for these things, and it’s bad enough I have to write something later on this very subject. It’s meaningless, especially at the outset of a game like this. If you’re trying to min/max a gacha RPG on day one you’re setting yourself up for either frustration or financial ruin. Cut that shit out, for both our sakes. Take this time to soak up all the “free” currency, grab characters as they come and figure out what they do. Everything else can come later.

Do Everything Else

Take the time you would’ve spent sweating about your collection and use it to engage with all Street Fighter Duel’s different modes and features. Your daily loop will often be clearing off a checklist of things to do. And certain modes like the Supreme Fist tower will be your best way to power-check your teams. High end play such as the Arena are tiny parts of the experience, with the vast majority being much smaller stakes single player content.

Don’t Waste Power to Awaken

Awakening is gonna be your main method to reaching new rungs on the power ladder. And it’s easy to not think about it much when you see short term gains, use a character to feed your favorite then realize you’ve hit a brick wall later. The real key to Awakening effectively is to build up buckets of S-Tier and lower characters to feed to your big boys and girls. But early on you want to also stick to same character fusing, because filling out those bios in the gallery is an easy way to get some extra gems.

Tinker With Combos

Something relatively distinct about Street Fighter Duel is its combo system. Whenever you use a Super, it sets off a chain reaction based on your team’s placement and individual character settings. If you look at the UI before a fight, you can check out the Modify function on the bottom left region to individually choose who does what and in what order. It’s super useful because the game doesn’t always default to a setup that makes sense. Play around and find out what feels good to you. And don’t worry about it too much until your characters start hitting level 61, thereby unlocking their combo 3 moves.

Faction Forward

Like similar games, it is pretty important (but not end all be all) to pay attention to your team’s Faction makeup. If you form a team with matching colors, you’ll get innate power boosts that can take your team even further. Of course, then you’re engaging with the weakness system, so single-color teams will need to pay attention to their opponents more closely. Dropping at least one Infernal in there somewhere also helps with a massive defense bonus for the whole squad.

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Alright, now just go play the stupid phone game and enjoy collecting the characters and watching them do stuff. That’s the whole point.

Lucas White

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