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Best Smokes Nuke CS2 Counter-Strike 2 Smoke Practice
Screenshot by Prima Games

Best Nuke Smoke Spots in CS2 Listed

Assert your dominance on Nuke with these tips.

Sadly, not all CS2 players are willing to learn about smoke spots and are missing out on so much utility they can provide to the team. We wholeheartedly welcome you to our Nuke smoke practice guide. Smokes are a great asset in the modern-era Counter-Strike; make no mistake. They can make or break the match during crucial rounds. To learn the best smoke spots for Nuke in CS2 (for both CT and T sides), check out the explanations below. Nuke might not be the most played map in Premier mode, but these smoke spots will be helpful.

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List of Essential Lineups for Best Nuke Smokes in Counter-Strike 2

Unfortunately, there are not many smokes for Nuke in CS2, given the size of the map, but those that I have prepared for you will definitely impact your matches. Please note that the one-sided smoke you usually deploy on top of doors and passages no longer works on Nuke. Valve has patched them, which means that you no longer will be able to shoot at your enemies because you see their legs, and they do not see you at all. Without further ado…

Nuke CT Smokes in CS2

I have yet to discover any specific smokes for the CT side that would warrant their inclusion in this article (due to their complexity). Due to the map’s layout, you could place simple smokes at the choke points without specific alignment or positioning. All of the smokes I’ve found were patched. If I discover new ones, I will include them.

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Nuke T Smokes in CS2

T Spawn to Mini

This easy-to-deploy and potent smoke can help your teammates push through squeaky doors to A. It blocks off vision from “outside” to Mini and Main A. Be careful not to use it every round because CTs will adapt and be more pushy when trying to defend this position. However, there is a trick remedy for this in the next section, but more on that later. For this smoke, you need to position yourself as described in the image above (the right edge of the yellow paint on the curb. Make sure that you are pushing yourself into the bar sticking out of the ground while you are setting up this position) and use the jump-throw bind while looking at the second image’s lineup. The result is on the third image. After the “smoke patch,” the smoke gently falls and obscures the entire entrance, but Silo Ts won’t be safe from CTs from the back of the Garage.

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T Spawn to Squeaky Door A Main

If you want to perform a trick push to Site A and then trick CTs by storming the vents and making your way to Site B, here’s an excellent smoke for you. Just as you leave T spawn and pass the truck, turn left and set yourself in the corner, as seen in image number one. Now, you have to look at the exact spot as seen in the image number two:

  • The right axis of the crosshair needs to be aligned with the first ladder step above the gray area
  • The bottom axis of the crosshair needs to be aligned with the 2nd “rib” of the warehouse “roof.”

After this is done, jump throw the smoke. You can see the mark where it will land in the corner of the image. Pretty neat, huh?

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Silo to Heaven

Are you pestered by CTs sniping you from Heaven as you enter A? Are you fed up with being attacked from other positions because you are forced to watch Heaven? Look no further, as I’ve got just the solution for you that might not be easy to learn, but it will terrorize CTs once you master it. Hop on under the top of the Silo, and stand on the line that is at the start of the arrow sticker while hugging the Silo. This one is tricky to learn, but I’ve found a possibility to connect the right crosshair line with the top edge of the windows at the very edge of the screen, which you can see below. When you manage to set up the line-up, just throw the smoke and watch the magic. No jump-throw is needed, so you can only train with the preview. Toy around with the angle a bit, and you might find an even better smoke position, but this one also works. We are talking about microscopic changes, which means that a mini-slip-up results in the smoke grenade going god-knows-where.

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Silo to Outside Heaven (Catwalk)

If you are around Silo and want to help your team push Outside, you can smoke outside Heaven, on the Catwalk behind it, to deter CT snipers from even trying to defend from that position. It’s an effortless smoke to learn, and you don’t even need a jump throw for it. Just jump between the tube and the Silo, like in picture 1, and align your crosshair with the 2nd rail so that the bottom axis of your crosshair is aligned with the 2nd “rib” line from the left rail bar while you are standing up. Yeah, I know, the explanation is as weird as it gets, but worry not, this isn’t a Wile E. Coyote contraption. There is a saying that a picture means a thousand words, so here are two thousand words for you to read:

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Dual Smoke to Outside

For this smoke, you’ll need a buddy to throw smoke with you or someone who will donate a smoke grenade to you. It might be easier to share this smoke guide with your friends so that you can all work on closing out important sections for CTs on this map.

Smoke for Outside #1

For this line-up, you should align the bottom of your crosshair with the right edge of the yellow line, while standing with your back against the fence behind you. Now, aim at the designated area in picture 2 and use the jump throw.

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Smoke for Outside #2

Under the Silo, there is a makeshift corner which you can use to set up the lineup. I’ve found two smokes you can throw from this spot, depending on how deep you want them to go. No jump throw is needed, so you can toy around with the preview cam. You will easily find the crosshair lines connections to the stuff on the map.


Here are the results for your viewing pleasure. Combine this with the Catwalk smoke shown above and the Garage smoke I will demonstrate below, and you have an open path to Secret!

T Spawn to CT Garage Smoke

This one is important, regardless of other smokes that your team may or may not use during a round. The line-up is easy; you will not believe it. There is a small painted corner next to a yellow box at the gate of the T Spawn. Look down on it, then look at the top end of the right side of the ladder (the left edge of it, as pictured below) and press the jump throw key. You can also see the results below. A slight misalignment may open a “crack” between the smoke curtain and the edge of the garage door.

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Dual Smoke to Pass into Secret

If you want to directly attack Secret with great prejudice and determination, here are two smokes you will need to throw.

Smoke for Secret #1

The first smoke is thrown from a corner between the lamp post and the fence, which you will see after you leave T Spawn and turn right. Set up a lineup with the “+”-resembling location on the Silo and perform a jump throw.

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Smoke for Secret #2

The second smoke is thrown from behind the truck on T Spawn. You should stand at the back-left corner so that your crosshair goes down the line of the truck. Then, your crosshair should be aimed at the middle of the “imaginary” line between two window groups on the building in picture number two. Then, use your jump-throw bind, and voila!

T Spawn to Secret (Two Variants)

I have found two smokes for (against) Secret. One blocks Secret off completely, while the other blocks only the stairs, depending on what you want to do.

Variant 1 (Outside Secret)

We are revisiting the “paint corner” place just outside the T Spawn gate for this lineup. Once you stand there, point to the crosshair, as picture number two indicates. The vertical line of your crosshair should align with a line on the blue container and the object on top of the Silo, and the horizontal line should align with the top of the Silo. Use your jump-throw to release the smoke.

Variant 2 (Secret Stairs)

Line-up is pretty straightforward. You can stand on the corner of the knocked-down fence like I did, or you can stand basically anywhere in the yellow rectangle. The line-up is always the same, and I’ve indicated two key areas to help you accomplish this alignment. One is the left side of the “U”-shaped handle on the blue container, and the other is the line near the top of the Silo. Depending on where you stand in the yellow rectangle in picture 1, you will have different results, and the smoke can go deeper down the stairs or closer to the top. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

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Ramp to Control Room (Can be used by CTs in some circumstances, too)

This is a harsh Smoke to execute, but it is excellent if you want to hide from the left entrance to B. You need to stand in the corner as pictured below (hugging the wall on your right), and you are supposed to just release the smoke without any jumping or running. Good luck!

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Trophy to Ramp

The last one I’m showing is the smoke that will help you smoke off Ramp when attacking it for easier entry. You should stand in the corner in Trophy as indicated in the image below (it does not need to be very precise; you can create your own angle easily). Then, you need to aim at the place in picture number two. All that’s left to do is start running forward and release your mouse button. This movement will give you depth for this smoke, which is necessary for you to use the gap visible in picture number three more clearly.

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If you’ve enjoyed this guide and have seen results in your competitive matches, I’d like to invite you to check out our smoke guides for other maps (such as Overpass, Inferno, and Mirage) and share this guide with your friends. Bookmark this article if you need to remind yourself of some lineups later in the future.

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