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Screenshot by Prima Games

Best Overpass Smoke Spots in CS2 Listed

Worms, anyone?

Many Counter-Strike players, unfortunately, neglect learning about smoke spots for one reason or another and are missing out on so many benefits for themselves and their team. Smokes are essential in modern-day Counter-Strike matches because they can significantly influence the rounds’ outcome. Here are the best smoke spots for Overpass in CS2 for both CT and T sides.

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List of Essential Lineups for Best Overpass Smokes in Counter-Strike 2

Overpass is a large map with many open-air sections and angles that you can use to deploy smoke screens.

Below you will see the best CT and T smokes I’ve discovered. You will be surprised by many for sure! Make sure that you have a Jump Throw bind made.

Overpass CT Smokes in CS2

CT Spawn to Tube / Pipe

This is a great way to stop Ts from pushing through the tube, allowing the CT who is camping in the water to be more relaxed and focused solely on the connector. Arguably, some players would rather smoke off Short, but this smoke will have more uses overall.

  • Step 1: Look down and have your crosshair exactly between these four tiles, as indicated in the picture.
  • Step 2: Align your crosshair with the imaginary lines between the angle of the two buildings on the bottom and the piece of wood sticking out of the toilets’ roof on the right.
    If you want this smoke to be deployed faster (due to timing reasons), place your crosshair at the bottom of the yellow line, where two buildings meet.
  • Step 3: Throw the Smoke without moving, and see the results.

CT Spawn to Stairs / Ramp outside Fountain / Playground

This is an extremely difficult Smoke to master but if executed promptly, Ts will be in a problem because the smoke should start emitting just a second before Ts reach the spot. Ts can be scared for their lives and just stop, some may believe they can push through the smoke because they’re early, which will inevitably cause division within the team. There is a slightly easier variant, but that one sinks deeper down the stairs, but that one has its uses as well.

Variant 1

  1. Stand on the corner indicated in picture 1.
  2. Aim at the corner of the rail on the upper floor of the toilets. You might need to fine-tune this in practice mode.
  3. Jump throw.
  4. If done correctly, smoke will bounce off the decorative concrete ball.
  5. If done in a timely fashion, smoke will deploy just as Ts try to push through…

Variant 2

Okay, okay, that last one was a bit complex, unless you played hours’ worth of Worms when you were younger. Here’s an easier line-up that will get your smoke to the destination faster, with less stress for you.

  1. Stand on this corner next to the dumpster.
  2. Place your crosshair on the edge of the roof, above the right line which I’ve painted yellow.
  3. Run forward until your crosshair meets the edge indicated with yellow paint.
  4. Press the Jump Throw button and your smoke should land on the indicated spot.

Variant 3

Stand in the corner, align the crosshair, run forward, and press the jump throw button when your crosshair touches the truck.

CT Spawn to Monster

I’ve found the most cartoonishly evil smoke spot for CTs that’s really easy to learn. It blocks off the T side of Monster and starts emitting smoke just as they approach. Combine this smoke with the tube/pipe smoke shown above and you’ve effectively blocked the push from that direction and that leaves only the connector as a viable point of breach for B site. It’s VERY difficult to hit. You need to push yourself in the corner at the CT Spawn:

Then, you should line up your crosshair with the top edge of the crate and the left edge of the handle area. Use a jump throw and that’s it. As you can see, microscopic adjustments impact this smoke greatly, so practice it well so that you don’t miss the train tracks.

Variant 1

Variant 2

Variant 3

This one is thrown from a different position, so if you need a faster deployment try it out (with a jump throw):

Screenshot by Prima Games

One Position – Multiple Smokes

I have found a spot from which you can smoke Monster, Tube, and Party, with three different jump throws. Sit in the corner indicated in the first image and have fun!

CT Spawn to Long

There is a way to smoke Long from CT spawn effectively, which should scare Ts off from proceeding forward. Line up with the tiles on the ground the same way it’s displayed in the first picture, then set your crosshair to the top of the left side of the letter N on the signpost, start running, and as soon as your crosshair meets the top of the right side of the letter N below, press the jump throw key.

The result is in the last picture. It’s ideal to throw this as a support for your teammate that guards long, and then you can go ahead and guard the toilets from middle, or join your teammate on long and cut through the toilets from the entrance located on long, so that you can approach the Connector from a different angle.

Overpass T Smokes in CS2

There are quite a few interesting smokes that you can deploy as a T on Overpass, and I can’t wait to show you all I’ve managed to discover. Attacking the B site will be much easier with these smokes for sure.

Bridge Smokes for B Site

Variant 1

Go to Rave and jump on the barrels in the corner. Crouch from this position, and press the jump throw (or lower the angle a bit).

Variant 2

Tougher line-up but feasible. You can also lower the angle to throw this smoke on B site to protect your teammates from Heaven.

Walkway / Under A Door Smokes

There are two jump throws that you can perform. The first one is from the corner outside the Rave, the other is from the Rave. Depends on what position you want smoked off.

Toxic Smoke on B

Nobody likes getting attacked from Toxic, so let’s put an end to this. A simple line-up exists to block it off and force the enemy to go out.

Smoke Heaven from Water

Hug the plywood that says “B” on it and perform a jump-throw to launch a smoke to Heaven. You can block off the Under A doors if you raise your angle just a little bit. Try it out!

Smoke A Stairs or A Bank from Mid Toilets

Jump on the middle of the bench and use the toilet sign to align your throw.

T spawn to Toilets (Outside Connector)

This one is just brilliant. On your left, you can align the crosshair with the top of the tree, on your right you have the “corner” on the wall, and on your bottom side, you should watch the rail and aim for the middle of the second section from the top. Complicated, right?

Long to CT Stairs

If you found this CS2 smoke lineups guide helpful, make sure to share it with your premade buddies so that they pick up our tricks, as well and combine good smokes for a complete shutdown of certain sections of Overpass.

Also, check out our smoke guides for other maps such as Inferno and Mirage.

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