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Play your favorite Genshin character in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy Genshin Impact Character Presets

With Tower of Fantasy drawing so many parallels to Genshin Impact, it’s no wonder that numerous Genshin character presets have made their way into the game. With over 500 thousand public presets already available 24 hours after the global launch, it’s no surprise that hundreds of these are characters from Genshin that the community has put together to share.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of available presets, I’ve drawn together ten of the best Genshin Impact Presets, in no specific order, in Tower of Fantasy for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Best Genshin Impact Presets in Tower of Fantasy

Below is a list of each preset and the character codes so you can import them into your game! If you do not know how to import custom characters, you’ll find more information at the bottom of this page.

Let’s start looking at some Genshin Impact characters in Tower of Fantasy!

Preset Code: 690 – Keqing

Character Preset Keqing
Image via Tower of Fantasy

Released very shortly after the global launch is Keqing, an Electro, sword-wielding character from Liyue. Between the hair, outfit and even the little cat ears as a cherry on top, this preset is a unique way to represent her. This accurate depiction must be why she is currently the third most popular preset in Tower of Fantasy right now!

Preset Code: 799 – Hu Tao

Tower of Fantasy Preset Hu Tao
Image via Tower of Fantasy

Another preset rapidly added to the ever-growing list early on is Hu Tao, a Pyro character known for having stars in her eyes. With her unique eyes, you’re sure to draw attention to yourself! It also makes sense that this Hu Tao preset has the most likes in the game.

Preset Code: 11656 – Yelan

Character Preset Yelan
Image via Tower of Fantasy

Released just a few months ago in Genshin Impact, Yelan is a new fan favorite that has made her way into Tower of Fantasy as a preset. With the charming outfit and blue gradient in her hair, this accurate creation of Yelan is one of the reasons why this preset is currently ranked fourth in the most popular female character presets.

Preset Code: 183385 – Jean

Character Preset Jean
Image via Tower of Fantasy

As one of the original five-star characters in Genshin Impact, many were eager to get Jean during the first banner event. Nearly two years later, Jean has also made her way into Tower of Fantasy with a respectable number of upvotes to boot.

Preset Code: 587394 – Ganyu

Image via Tower of Fantasy

The Cryo, bow-wielding Adeptus has also made her way into Tower of Fantasy as a popular character preset. While not garnering as much attention as Hu Tao and Keqing, this representation of Ganyu is still a sight to behold and even comes with a unique outfit!

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Preset Code: 1869 – Zhongli

Character Preset Zhongli
Image via Tower of Fantasy

The first male on this list is none other than Zhongli, one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters both in and outside of the game’s fanbase. Whether you know him for his looks or voice, this Geo character is also in the top five most popular male presets in Tower of Fantasy.

Preset Code: 1929 – Bennett

Tower of Fantasy Preset Bennett
Image via Tower of Fantasy

Sitting comfortably in the second most popular spot is Bennett. The spiked jacket and grey glasses give this Pyro user a completely different look that I certainly believe suits Tower of Fantasy’s sci-fi theme.

Preset Code: 70478 – Venti

Tower of Fantasy Venti
Image via Tower of Fantasy

Another unique entry on this list is Venti! While some may say this Tower of Fantasy version is not the most accurate, I think he rocks this new look! While the large green jacket is different, he still has his signature teal braid that many know him for.

Preset Code: 291326 – Kaeya

Tower of Fantasy Preset Kaeya
Image via Tower of Fantasy

Another original Genshin Impact character on the list! This eyepatch-wearing, Cryo-using Cavalry Captain makes his debut as a character preset in Tower of Fantasy. Just like in Genshin, he rocks the eyepatch once again.

Preset Code: 1146510 – Xiao

Tower of Fantasy Character Preset Xiao
Image via Tower of Fantasy

Concluding this list of the Best Genshin Impact character presets in Tower of Fantasy is Xiao. As one of the more accurate character depictions on this list, this version of the Anemo Adeptus is sure to get recognized once you use it in-game.

How to Import Presets in Tower of Fantasy

Once you’ve found a character preset you want to use, select the Import button in the bottom-left corner of the character creation screen. A pop-up will appear, asking you to enter a character ID. Copy-paste any of the codes listed above to play as the chosen preset.

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Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out our Dabry’s Sturgeon Location Guide and Whether Tower of Fantasy Has a Daily EXP Cap.

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