How to Delete a Tower of Fantasy Account


How to Delete a Tower of Fantasy Account

Are you already frustrated with this game? Can’t log in to the overloaded servers? You don’t like the fact that you cant delete your characters? Are you ashamed of what you have created? Or, do you just want to rage-quit? If for any reason you want to permanently delete your account in Tower of Fantasy, check our straightforward guide below.

Just keep in mind that deleting a character from the game is not the same as deleting the entire account and that there is a limited time to recover it, so tread carefully.

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How to Delete a Tower of Fantasy Account

To delete your account in Tower of Fantasy, follow the next steps:

  • Click or tap on the “Menu” button (top right on the screen)
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Select “Customer Service”
  • Navigate to “Account Deletion.” Then select “Account Deletion” again here
  • A notice will pop up, read it carefully.

Remember that once you confirm it, your account will be set to be permanently deleted.

How to Restore Deleted Account in Tower of Fantasy

If you change your mind during the 30 days from the moment you requested deletion of your account, it is possible to restore it. To recover your deleted account you just need to log in with your account info, which will automatically cancel your deletion request but only during those 30 days – after that, you won’t be able to recover it.

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