Best Four-Star Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

These you HAVE to build

Unless you have a team full of five-stars, you will need these select characters in your team built just as much as your Shield characters and DPS in Honkai: Star Rail. This game is turn-based and works on old-school RPG rules so you can’t always just deal damage and hope for the best, sometimes you need to get your buffs and debuffs along with a good healer in order to enhance your chances of success.

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Best Four-Star Characters in Honkai: Star Rail


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Tingyun is a character following the Path of Harmony, providing buffs to her allies while also hailing in the Lightning element so that she can help break down the shields of her enemies. Her Technique allows her to regenerate Energy before a battle which can help to boost her own Energy before the battle and also her allies. That way, they can be ready to use their Ultimate immediately or within fewer turns if the character’s Ults are empty.

Her reigning grace is that her Skill will increase a single ally’s attack by 25% and 15% of Tingyun’s overall Attack stat. A special status called Benediction remains on the character Tingyun selected for three turn(s). In addition, each time the character enabled with Benediction does attack, Additional Lightning DMG equal to 20% of that character’s overall Attack will also attack the enemy. 

Her Ultimate regenerates 50 Energy to a single ally of her choice and will also increase the DMG they deal by 20% for two turn(s). These can overlay on top of each other and ensure your DPS is dealing a crack ton of damage. 

Although most of her drops are only accessible through traversing through the Luofu, it’s worth taking the time and resources to build her up so your units do more damage. 


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Pela is a rather unique type of character since, as being from the path of Nihility, she’s meant to debuff enemies, and with Pela, that can mean quite literally. Her Skill will actually remove a buff that was added onto an enemy, and it’ll deal Ice damage on top of that. When she successfully removes a buff, whatever attack comes next to the same enemy will increase the damage done to the enemy by 20%. She will also restore some energy for herself thanks to one of her supporting skills. 

If that wasn’t perfect enough, Pela’s Ultimate will deal Exposed on all enemies that are on the field while also damaging them with Ice. What’s better is that once in the Exposed state, enemies’ defense will be reduced by 37% for two turn(s), allowing for your teammates to deal additional damage. 

She may be small, but characters that follow along the Path of Nihility are great for setting up to pick off your opponents. Nihility is meant to debuff characters and even ail them so that they are weaker for your damage dealers. 


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As a Pathfinder from Erudition, Qingque will attack multiple units and occasionally conduct follow-up attacks to deal damage to your enemies once your allies attack. As one of the few Quantum characters aside from five-star Seele, you’ll find that Qingque can be quite useful until you actually have Seele or Fu Xuan. Her attacks are great for breaking through enemies’ Toughness and if you build enough into her as a DPS, then she can do ridiculous damage, especially with her Ultimate. 

Her Ultimate is self-explanatory, a huge area-of-effect that’ll damage all the enemies on the field. Although her Skill takes a bit of getting used to, based on how many tiles she has set up, she’ll either attack a single enemy or multiple enemies. But she gains a tile every time her ally starts up their turn and once she is up to four, she’ll automatically attack, dealing the maximum damage to multiple enemies on the field. When it is her turn, and she’s already at max four tiles, she can no longer use her skill but will still attack multiple enemies. 


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The unit that you should never underestimate is that of a healer, especially in Honkai: Star Rail. Although you are guaranteed to get a Five-Star in the Beginner Warp, it may not be Bailu. And since Natasha is a character given to you after completing most of the story in Belabog, you may as well build into her as much as possible! You gotta stay alive somehow…

As your standard healer, Natasha heals characters with her Skill and those that Natasha’s Skill has targeted will continue to gain heals for an extra two turn(s). And her Ultimate will heal all of her teammates in the party, including herself. The best part about Natasha is getting her another Eidolon so that you don’t have to worry about her going down so easily. Whenever she takes too much damage, she’ll heal herself automatically so that she’s back up to good health. And as a character that deals Physical Damage, you can even trick her out to the max on her Physical Damage while also focusing on her healing so she keeps your party alive and breaks through enemies’ shields. 

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It can be hard to choose from a good bunch of characters that Honkai: Star Rail has provided, but these are the characters you have to build. To check out the full roster, take a look at our List of Honkai: Star Rail playable characters.

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