Best Class for Panette in Fire Emblem Engage

Nothing says JRPG like a petite anime girl wielding a giant axe

Here’s a controversial opinion: the overly formal Berserker with vaguely Dia de los Muertos’s face paint is actually really good. Yes, I’m talking about Panette from Fire Emblem Engage, who joins your team in Chapter 13. But can she be better? Of course! Here’s the best class for Panette in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Best Class for Panette in Fire Emblem Engage

If you’ve been staying abreast of the latest Fire Emblem Engage build-crafting discussion, you know there are significant arguments for Panette being an axe-wielding Wolf Knight. But after playing through Panette through her first 20 levels as a Berserker, then as a Wolf Knight, and back again to Berserker… I can confidently say that she is much, much more impactful as a Berserker than she is astride a wolf.

And the reason for that is twofold: we need only look at her stats and the way most Fire Emblem Engage armies evolve.

Panette’s base stats favor HP (46), Strength (25), Dexterity (19), and Speed (13). Her Growth Rate chart is as follows, with the most significant numbers bolded.


Panette naturally lends herself to a role where she can throw a hard punch (or axe, in this case) and take a slap back. But she’s also capable of avoiding hits with her high Speed and Luck, giving her better sustainability to make up for her lack of armor. Now, let’s compare Berserker Growth Rates against Wolf Knight Growth Rates.

The Berserker Growth Rates are as follows:


The Wolf Knight Growth Rates are as follows:


As we can see, the Wolf Knight’s focus is on speed, follow-up attacks, and avoiding being hit. They’re essentially highly mobile assassins, meant for cleaning up the dregs on the battlefield as they don’t have the strength to one shot at mid to late game.

On the other hand, Berserkers are there to be hit and hit back. This is also a class that reflects and expounds Panette’s natural Speed growth. And while it’s unlikely that Panette will ever get a follow-up attack, the speed stat does count toward her ability to dodge hits.

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The impact of Panette as a Berserker on the battlefield is substantial. She maintains space by keeping enemy units away from squishier targets and offers the damage per round that you simply can’t get from an Armored unit. But she also performs better as a Berserker for another reason:

You likely have a lot of mobile and long-range units.

With Wyvern Knights filling the air, Great Knights holding the ground, and Sages, Mage Knights, and Snipers launching attacks from afar, there is no shortage of long-range units. And while we do have some fantastic Generals, Successeur, and Swordmasters in the lineup, it feels good to have a frontline unit that has the ability not just to soak up damage but deal it back.

Panette as a Berserker fills an essential role in many armies that is otherwise lacking. And if that’s the case with you, I would highly recommend adding her to your team and seeing how she does.

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