Best Class for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

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 One of my favorite things about Fire Emblem is the consistent inclusion of a beautiful but vaguely ditzy woman on a flying horse. Oh, and if she’s a knight, all the better. In Fire Emblem Engage, that character is Chloe. But what’s the best class for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage, and does she keep her horse?

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Best Class for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

Despite arriving in Chapter 4, Chloe maintains her utility throughout the game and falls happily into our A-Tier ranking. But does she keep the horse? Well, sort of. We’ll get into her best class and what skills and Emblem Ring serves that class best.

Let’s break down Chloe by her numbers, and we’ll swiftly see the best class for her. Chloe arrives as a Lance Flier with a Proficiency in Lances and a stat spread that prioritizes speed and health. Here are her Growth Rates, with the most pertinent ones bolded for your convenience.


It’s a very nice growth rate! There’s nothing particularly weak here, but her emphasis on Speed and Health means that she’s better as someone who moves through the map, applying pressure. Fitting, as her current class as Lance Flier, lets her do just that.

But her best class is the Griffin Knight, a well-balanced class that doles out damage while also offering support through Staves. It requires proficiency in both Axes and Staves. Axe Proficiency can be obtained through Emblem Ring Leif or Ike, and Staff Proficiency can be learned from Emblem Ring Micaiah.

The Griffin Knight is ideal for Chloe because of how her natural stats are distributed. She’s fast, and she can take a hit, but she’s by no means your primary source of either physical or magical damage. For that reason, she’s an excellent unit to sneak in an attack (and maybe even a follow up attack) with while being able to travel with your forward units and provide Mends.

The Griffin Knight’s Growth Rates pair well with Chloe’s, as we’ll see below.


Dexterity and Speed will ensure that Chloe has the highest chance of avoiding or using follow-up attacks, and the aerial status of the Griffin will offer free maneuverability. In many ways, she functions like Hortensia, but with a different sort of charm.

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To really see Chloe at her best state, the skills you should give her are Canter+ and Lance Power 5. Both skills can be obtained from Sigurd, the best Ring for Chloe. But if you have him married to another calvary unit, her second-best option is Emblem Ring Marth.

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