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Bunny Build The First Descendant
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Best Bunny Build in The First Descendant – Run & Run Tesla Coil

I thought this was a shooter game?

The First Descendant has one Descendant who excels in single-handedly defeating endless hordes of enemies, and it is not even close. Bunny is one of the strongest Descendants because of this, but you need the perfect build to make it work.

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This Bunny build will revolve around running around and using her Lightning Emission as her main damage, with a few alternatives to the play style. Here’s the best Bunny build in The First Descendant, especially for clearing the hardest waves on Special Operations and other endgame activities.

Bunny Run and Run Build Playstyle in The First Descendant

Bunny’s skill set is not quite versatile compared to other Descendants, but it is straightforward. This build will revolve around Bunny’s Lightning Emission or her third skill. It pulsates lightning damage around Bunny for every 7 meters you run. To make the lightning pulsate faster, you need to run faster, which is where her second skill, Speed of Light, comes in.

Speed of Light makes Bunny run fast, but it drains her MP extremely fast, too. This build will revolve around fixing this MP issue so you can run almost permanently on Speed of Light and strengthen the lightning damage from the Lightning Emission, making both skills active permanently. With this playstyle, you’ll rarely use your weapons or other abilities, but we’ll also tackle some alternatives in some cases where you should.

Best Bunny Descendant Module Configuration in The First Descendant

Disregard the Ultimate Bunny since their skills are the same, and we aren’t using any exclusive Ultimate Bunny Modules here.

Here are the modules you want to acquire, upgrade, and use:

  • Technician
  • Battle of Stamina
  • Focus on Electric
  • Increased HP
  • Strong Mentality
  • Spear and Shield
  • MP Collector
  • MP Accelerant
  • Amplification Control
  • Nimble Fingers
  • Shock Punch (just upgrade to increase your max Module capacity)

To understand why these modules are being used, let’s look at the stats you need for this Run & Run Tesla Coil Bunny build.

If you go to the Descendant module page and hover over Bunny’s Lightning Emission skill, you’ll see its cooldown and duration. The cooldown is at a base of 30 seconds, and the duration is 20 seconds. You want to reduce the cooldown and increase the duration for permanent uptime. This is where Focus on Electric, Nimble Fingers, and MP Accelerant Modules are useful. They all have buffs to reduce Skill Cooldown or increase Skill Duration while giving you other useful stats.

Upgrade these modules only to the point where Lightning Emission runs 100%. Then, you want your other modules to focus on sustaining your MP. MP Collector and Strong Mentality are mandatory for the build, and they need to get maxed out as fast as possible. These modules will be the lifeline of Bunny’s Speed of Light ability. Without them, the build will lack some MP recovery, and you’ll have to shoot, which we don’t want, right?

The other mandatory module would be the Amplification Control to increase the radius of Lightning Emission and provide more survivability. You can also use Skill Expansion to get a pure Skill Radius boost. However, Amplification Control also upgrades the Max Shield stat when you upgrade the module, giving you more useful stats.

The rest of the modules are optional, but they are meant to improve Bunny’s defenses and increase her skill damage. You want to mix and match these stats with whichever you need the most. If you lack some Module slots, you’ll need to reset Bunny multiple times to apply some sockets and save more capacity. You also need to upgrade your Sub Attack Module to increase the capacity of the Descendant Modules.

After using an Energy Activator, you’ll get a big enough boost to sustain the build to its absolute minimum version. You can get some free Crystallization Catalysts when you beat the Heart of the Fortress Duty and finish the campaign, so it is worth finishing to upgrade your sockets.

If you are lacking some damage, you can remove Electric Condense because this eats up a lot of module capacity, and it takes hundreds of thousands of Kuiper Shards to upgrade. The Electric Condense is meant to deal with the Elite enemies (yellow HP monsters) you might have trouble eliminating through Lightning Emissions.

Bunny’s Reactors, Weapons, and Components

Your main skill damage boost will come from your Reactor. It is best to rush unlocking hard mode and get a level 100 Reactor to get the level 100 baseline Skill Power of a Reactor. To get the perfect Skill boost, you want to meet the following conditions:

  • Optimization Condition on your weapon
  • Electric Skill Power Boost Ratio
  • Singular Skill Power Boost Ratio

Since you won’t be using your weapon that much, you can use any weapon that fits the Optimization Condition of the Reactor you are using. You must equip and use the weapon to apply the buff or condition.

If all conditions are met, that’s when you can start looking at the stats of the reactor, and you want more Singular Skill Power Boost Ratio or any stats that can either increase damage or help lessen the skill cost.

Note: the image above has Fusion Skill Power because I haven’t found a perfect reactor yet.

For exclusive components, you want to prioritize these stats in this order:

  1. Max HP
  2. Def
  3. Max Shield
  4. Max MP

If you can get the component set that increases your Electric damage, that would be the ideal setup. However, you want to focus on the stats above more than the set bonuses for survivability.

Weapons are preferential, but I’d use Thunder Cage because you are always close to enemies. SMGs are powerful in CQB, and they fit the build perfectly because of the Lightning explosions you get from the weapon’s unique ability.

Bunny Run & Run Tesla Coil Build Alternatives

If you have noticed the playstyle, you are just running and running. The Transcendent Electric Condense Module helps you eliminate the commanders and elites much quicker, but you can also switch it to High-Voltage for bossing.

You’ll also switch all the Skill Radius Modules for more single-target damage. MP Collector will also be useless against bosses, so you’ll need another MP recovery Module like Agony.

The Transcendent Electric Charge Module is also a good alternative to Electric Condense, and it’ll change your playstyle a bit. You’ll have to start jumping, which you might already be doing. However, the Electric Charge gives a damage boost to Bunny’s Double Jump shock discharge when she lands.

Both Transcendent Modules alternatives are exclusive to Ultimate Bunny so that they won’t be available for everyone without the Descendant.

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