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Best Armor Tier List Below the Stone
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Without good Armor, you won’t get far in Below the Stone. The dangers under the surface are great, and you certainly want to equip the best armor pieces you can get your hands on. Here’s a Tier List of the best armor sets and pieces.

Best Armor in Below the Stone

Below the Stone has quite a few different armor sets and pieces in the game that you can find or craft. Each armor piece increases your “resistance” stat, reducing damage from all enemy attacks. I will list the resistance value for each item so you know what you’re getting if you plan to complete these sets.

Set-based items

As you progress through Below the Stone’s content, you can gradually upgrade your resistance to damage from enemies. The grind is real, so if you are trying to optimize your gear, here’s the tier list of the best armor in the game.

Platinum Armor Set

The Platinum Armor Set is the best armor in the game right now, and I am a proud owner of the set.

  • Chest: 10
  • Head: 9
  • Shoulders: 8
  • Gloves: 7

Titanium Set

You will rarely get Titanium in Layer 1 (rare chest drop), but in Layer 2, it is abundant. However, you will mostly skip it if you get a proper pickaxe to mine Platinum.

  • Chest: 8
  • Head: 7
  • Shoulders: 6
  • Gloves: 6

Silver Armor Set

Getting Silver is pretty damn hard. It drops from random chests in cities/compounds, but you need more to make the set. Sometimes, you’ll get a set piece from a chest. However, by the time you can harvest Silver in Layer 2, you will already be able to build the two best armor sets in the game. Looks cool, though.

  • Chest: 8
  • Head: 7
  • Shoulders: 6
  • Gloves: 6

Lead Armor Set

Lead Armor Set is what you will go into Layer 2 with because it’s the best Layer 1 has to offer (generally speaking):

  • Chest: 7
  • Head: 6
  • Shoulders: 5
  • Gloves: 5

Iron Armor Set

Once you get into Iron farming, you should definitely craft this set unless you have access to Lead.

  • Chest: 6
  • Head: 5
  • Shoulders: 4
  • Gloves: 4

Copper Armor Set

This is an OK set that will help you for quite some time.

  • Chest: 4
  • Head: 3
  • Shoulders: 3
  • Gloves: 2

Tin Set Armor Set

It’s a pretty basic set; you’ll probably craft it because there’s nothing better to get early on. However, I advise you to only smelt Tin Ingots if necessary. You’ll need raw Tin Ore later down the line.

  • Chest: 3
  • Helmet: 2
  • Shoulders: 1
  • Gloves: 1

Non-set items

There are some non-set items in the game as well. Some of them are great, while some aren’t, so here’s what’s offered.

Bone Shaman Helmet

It is crafted easily after you get 30 bones. Just kill some skeletons, spiders, and spider eggs, and you will be good to go. Resistance is 7, which matches the value of the Lead armor counterpart, and it looks badass.

Lead Mining Helmet

The regular Lead Mining Helmet costs the same to craft plus 30 Gloweeds. It has the same resistance and a different look, but there could be a hidden mining bonus…

Jeron’s Mask

Resistance: 5

I reckon that this is the face of someone from the development team, pixelized. You cannot craft this item, but it can drop in some chests in rare cases.

Linen Hat

Resistance: 4

Save your resources on this item. Save the linen cloth for dynamite, which will be much more useful for progress (for blowing up blocks of ores that your mining pick cannot dig).

That’s all about the current armor in Below the Stone. And now, you can familiarize yourself with the list of enemies in Below the Stone.

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