All Enemies in Below the Stone: Full Bestiary List

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All Enemies in the Bestiary Listed in Below the Stone
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In Below the Stone, you will find a variety of enemies underground, and you will need to find a variety of methods to deal with them. Knowledge is Power, so we deliver a list of all enemies in Below the Stone. Here’s the full Bestiary List.

How to Beat Every Enemy in Below the Stone Listed: Bestiary Contents and Strategy

The Bestiary will evolve as the game progresses. I have almost every entry in the bestiary, so I am sharing my findings below.

The Bestiary is sorted chronologically in the order I’ve obtained (killed) them. I’ll also show you a gallery of my Bestiary at the end.


Enemy spoilers below

Small Green Slime

One of the first enemies you will encounter. They are pretty weak, but you might be overwhelmed when they come in masses.

Medium Green Slime

Slightly bigger slime. When killed, Small Green Slimes come out.

Big Green Slime

It’s a much bigger slime. When killed, Medium and Small Green Slimes come out, so be prepared for a long fight.

Rock Grub

Primarily harmless to you. It is not hostile by default, but it will strike back. It eats ore, so you can loot a lot of ores from it when you kill it.


Basic Skeleton warrior that will engage in melee combat with you.


Silly old bats. They are fairly swift and pass by you most of the time (be careful not to be an accidental victim of a bat drive-by), only to stop in their resting position.


AKA the Potato Monster. They are partially burrowed underground and will come out to chase you if you get too close.

Their attack pattern is easy to recognize. They prepare for a charge for a second and then run straight toward your location the moment they start the charge, so if you keep moving, you will dodge them.

Drop potatoes sometimes, which heals you for 10 health.

Brown Spider

Eek. They shoot webs that slow you and damage you if you get struck.


Very, very dangerous mushroom. You need a melee weapon with a long reach or a ranged weapon to deal with it. Every time you damage it, it emits a cloud of highly damaging spores that do a lot of damage even to the top-tier armor.

They drop purple mushrooms, which allow you to see further through the darkness of the underworld.

Baby Spooder

A tiny spider that’s hopping about.


This wild animal charges like the Tattie but faster. Can drop meat that heals 15 health.

Brown Spiderling

Similar to Baby Spooder in all regards.

Cave Troll (Boss)

This is the current boss of the game. It’s pretty big, has a big health bar, and deals big damage.

Types of attack it employs are:

  • Stomping in a circular AoE around it
  • Projectiles that have no clip on, and you won’t be able to hide from them or block them, only to dodge them.
  • Regular melee bash with the club

How to find Cave Troll Boss in Below the Stone

Thanks to the lovely community, we’ve devised and confirmed a way to find the Cave Troll boss at will at Layer 1 of Below the Stone.

In Below the Stone, the map is pretty huge, with over a million tiles, but a compound with a Cave Troll spawns around 110-120 blocks away from your starting position. To better illustrate the instructions, here’s a sketch of the map:

In other words, the compound where the Cave Troll resides spawns (exactly) 110-120 blocks from your spawning point on the red line (or very close to it). When you spot a compound around that area, feel free to commence the search and be ready for a big fight. If you don’t find the Cave Troll, keep digging around the red line and search for the next compound.

How to beat Cave Troll in Below the Stone

  • When you first encounter it, chances are that its attacks will deal 30 damage to you, which technically can result in your death pretty fast.
  • The environment you will be fighting the Cave Troll in is usually the Troll/Kobold compound/city, which is pretty narrow and tough to maneuver around.
  • I suggest staying at a fairly long range so that you can read its attacks, prepare accordingly, and have a lot of healing and regeneration items.
  • Cave Troll can take quite a beating even if you have powerful weapons, so your patience and skill will be tested thoroughly.
  • Cave Troll’s presence is known way before you see it on your screen because it audibly roars, so if you hear it around the compound, try to clear all the other enemies so that they don’t get in your way.
  • Always keep your HP above 60 so you do not get killed by two random strikes.
  • If you can, have dynamite and spider potion on you because the damage is massive.
  • If you are overwhelmed, you can run out of the compound, regroup elsewhere, forage for food, and then return. Remember your coordinates!
  • Gloweed and Purple Mushrooms will help you see further and better prepare against Cave Troll attacks.


It’s an absolutely harmless creature, and killing it does not benefit the player other than gaining stars in the Bestiary for the kill count. However, if you go against toads, we will know what type of miner personality you have.

Baby Jellyfish

It is even more dangerous than the Purple Mushroom, but it yields nothing when you kill it. Luckily, a single crossbow shot kills it.

There is a bigger Jellyfish in the game, too, that periodically spawns Baby Jellyfish, so make sure to neutralize it as fast as possible (a single crossbow shot also kills it).

Giant Rat

This vermin will try to pounce on you, so keep moving because the wind-up time of their attack is more than enough for you never to get hit by them.

Fire Troll

Mini-boss of the lava biome. Not very problematic to deal with.

Bog Creature

A mini-boss of the swamp biome, it is complicated to deal with as its semi-homing projectiles deal a lot of damage.


Because of Mimic’s existence, I first attack any coffin I see before trying to open it.

Why? Because I want to get the advantage of the first strike.

Mimic presents itself as a regular chest, which you can “open,” only to get ambushed by it.

Magma Snail

A snail that emits a small circle of fire around itself in self-defense when you strike. And… it sounds like a frog?

Big Bog Jelly

Like the regular Big Jelly, the Dark Green Bog Jelly falls apart into Medium and Small Bog Jelly when killed.

Medium Bog Jelly

Like the regular Medium Jelly, it falls apart into Small Bog Jelly when killed.

Small Bog Jelly

Small, turbo Bog Jelly.

Green Troll

It’s a medium-sized troll with a club (not to be confused with the Cave Troll). Hit it and move away as it stomps the ground around it. Repeat until the threat is eliminated.

Frost Troll

It’s a snowball-encased Troll that will roll around in attempts to kill you. It is not complicated to deal with as it telegraphs its attacks.

Radiated Scorpion

The most dangerous enemy in the game for me at the moment. It has hard to read movement, which is sometimes slow and sometimes very fast, and the same goes for the ranged attacks it performs. It is best dealt with from a safe distance.

As promised, here’s a big image of the current Bestiary members that I’ve discovered (November 2023).

That’s all about the Bestiary that I know of. Consider checking out our other guides for Below the Stone at the game tag below, such as Best Armor in Below the Stone.

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