Baldur’s Gate 3: When Does Act 2 Actually Start? Answered

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Act 1 can absolutely sprawl, running players dozens of hours. But if there’s something beyond the quests and endless discoverable secrets that keep players locked in Act 1, it’s the fear of accidentally treading into Act 2. Fortunately, there’s a clear-cut point when you enter Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: When Does Act 2 Actually Start? Answered

So many players, myself included, have received warnings to “tie up loose ends” before progressing to a new area. You’ll typically get this warning when you try to enter the Mountain Pass, shortly after seeing the Githyanki confronting the tiefling. However, going into the Mountain Pass won’t trigger the second act.

The only way to trigger the second act is by entering the Shadow-Cursed Lands. The Shadow-Cursed Lands can only be accessed through the Underdark or through a particular path after the Mountain Pass.

This is typically why players receive the warning to tie up loose ends. However, the Mountain Pass holds many Act 1 activities, including Lae’zel Githyanki Creche, the legendary weapon the Blood of Lathander.

Likewise, many players mistake the Underdark for being Act 2. And that’s not surprising. The Underdark is a subterranean area that is very distinct from where you first start, and it has a significant amount of content, from the Myconoid Colony to the instructions to free, or kill, Nere. It feels like an entirely new act. But it’s not!

To access the Shadow-Cursed Lands, players can descend through the Rosymorn Monastery Trail at X: -143, Y: -130, which is just through the Mountain Pass. Or they can go through the Grymforge Elevator at X: -602, Y: 383.

In both instances, you’ll get a warning that you’re progressing your story. But you’ll still be able to return to all the places in Act 1, up until the point of no return in Act 2. That means you can be quite leisurely about your exploration for two-thirds of the game.

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