Baldur's Gate 3 Blood of Lathander Legendary Mace

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get the Blood of Lathander Mace in BG3

Bloody righteous.

Baldur’s Gate 3 only has a few weapons classified as “Legendary”, and one of them can actually be obtained within the mountain region in Act 1. The Blood of Lathander is a legendary holy mace located deep within the Rosymorn Monastery and protected by an intricate, self-destructing security system. Obtaining the mace involves a lengthy questline, but is well worth the effort due to the weapon’s incredible power and utility. Here’s how to find the Secret Chamber and get the Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Where to Find the Secret Chamber and the Blood of Lathander in BG3

To find the Blood of Lathander, you’ll need to acquire the Dawnmaster’s Crest and navigate through the Creche Y’llek underneath the Rosymorn Monastery before reaching the Secret Chamber. The Blood of Lathander is hidden within the Secret Chamber behind the Inquisitor’s Room, and there are two ways to take the mace from its holy pedestal.

First, you’ll need to accept the Find the Blood of Lathander quest and retrieve the Dawnmaster’s Crest.

How to Get the Dawnmaster’s Crest

Baldur's Gate 3 Dawnmaster's Crest Stained Window
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Exploring the lower sections of the Rosymorn Monastery, specifically around the large statue near its entrance, you should eventually get the quest called “Find the Blood of Lathander“. The questline will lead you towards discovering the Secret Chamber and the legendary weapon, but there’s an extremely important item you should find within the Rosymorn Monastery first. Check out our extensive guide on how to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest before you decide to head into the Creche Y’llek.

Next, follow these steps to navigate through the Creche Y’llek, enter the Secret Chamber, and retrieve the Blood of Lathander:

1) Enter the Creche Y’llek underneath the Rosymorn Monastery

The player's character enters the Creche Y'llek in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

On the north side of the mountainous region is the Rosymorn Monastery, and underneath it is a Githyanki stronghold known as the Creche Y’llek. To enter the Creche, make your way through the main entrance of the Monastery, where you’ll be met with a giant statue. Turn left from the statue and head down the stairs to find a large doorway.

Tip: If the Main Entrance is Locked

If you haven’t yet unlocked the main entrance to the Monastery, you may have to find an alternate entrance. Run back to the nearby waypoint and climb up the ledge nearby, which leads to a boarded-up window on the second floor of the Monastery. Break it down and jump through.

Enter the Creche and prepare for a confrontation with Githyanki guards. You’ll need to convince them that you belong there. Since I play a Half-Orc, I used intimidation to shake them up a bit.

Walk through the central doorway and head east toward a waypoint on the wall. Walk past the waypoint and down the hallway into the Captain’s Quarters.

2) Take the Gith Shard from Captain Kith’rak Therezzyn

Astarion sneaking behind and preparing to pickpocket Captain Kith'rak Therezzyn in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

As you enter the Captain’s Quarters, a cutscene will play, showing a squad of Githyanki soldiers heading out to find the mysterious artifact in your possession. You’ll notice the Captain removing a red crystal from a panel next to a doorway, causing a magical and impenetrable barrier to form. That’s our ticket to the next room.

Take the Gith Shard from the Captain in whatever way you choose. You can kill everyone in the room, which may garner unwanted attention, or you could try stealing it. I used Astarion’s pickpocketing expertise to snatch the shard right from the Captain’s pockets.

Place the Gith Shard into the panel to remove the barrier, but be warned; if you steal the shard from the Captain, you’ll need to pass an ability check to convince her that you’re not the thief she’s looking for.

3) Enter the Inquisitor’s Chamber and Solve the Statue Puzzle

Rotating a statue in a dark hallway within the Inquisitor's Chamber in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

Passing through the once-blocked door and crossing the large bridge, you’ll find the Inquisitor’s Chamber, where Ch’r’ai W’wargaz awaits you. You don’t have to speak to him just yet, instead, just walk past him toward the west side of the room.

On the west side of the room are two large archways leading to a small room of chests, cabinets, and two identical statues. Underneath the statues are plaques indicating which direction the statues should be facing.

  • Lathander blesses the rising, bountiful sun rotate this statue to face east, where the sun rises.
  • Lathander bids the setting sun a fond farewell” – rotate this statue to face west, where the sun sets.

One of the statues is stuck in place and won’t rotate. You can fix it either by passing a passive strength check with one of your characters or by smacking it with a blunt weapon, like a warhammer.

Rotating the statues in the correct positions will reveal a secret passageway. Enter it to find the Secret Chamber.

4) Disable the Secret Chamber Doors

You’ve almost reached the Blood of Lathander, but not before disabling its many security measures. The hallway within the Secret Chambers consists of three more magical barrier doors you must get through. Each barrier can be disabled by destroying the magic crystals nearby. Click the following images for full size:

  • First Crystal – located next to the doorway on the left side
  • Second Crystal – located behind a rocky pathway on the left
  • Third Crystal – located on the cliffside near the right side of the room

Magical sentries are also located in each room, continuously pulsating and waiting to detect movement. If you have some trap-disarming kits, you can sneak up from behind and disarm them. Once all magical barriers are disabled, you’ll reach the chamber with the Blood of Lathander.

5) Take the Blood of Lathander

The player's character standing in front of the Blood of Lathander mace within the Secret Chamber in Baldur's Gate 3
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The Blood of Lathander is within your grasp, but you can’t expect to grab it without any consequences. At this point, you have two options for obtaining the legendary mace. We’ll go over each method below.

5a) Place the Dawnmaster’s Crest in the Socket

The mechanism guarding the Blood of Lathander unlocks in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

The safest method for obtaining the Blood of Lathander is by placing the Dawnmaster’s Crest into the socket, which disables the security system. If you haven’t solved the Stained Glass puzzle and taken the Crest from the Rosymorn Monastery yet, check out our guide on how to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest first.

5b) Destroy the Lathander Solar Machine

The Lathander Solar Machine activates to prevent the Blood of Lathander from being stolen in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

Option two is a quicker but much more deadly method for obtaining the mace. You could grab the Blood of Lathander from its pedestal, but you’ll activate the magical construct that guards it and aims to destroy the entire Monastery and everyone inside.

If you choose this method, you’ll need to act quickly. Four crystals at each corner of the room will activate, and you will have to destroy them all within four turns of combat. Each crystal has 30 hit points and can only be damaged by ranged attacks. Keep in mind that whichever character took the Blood of Lathander will be trapped inside and cannot contribute to the battle. As such, you’ll need to plan which other three party members can take out the crystals in time.

6) Claim the Blood of Lathander

The tooltip displaying all stats and abilities for the Blood of Lathander mace in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

Whichever method you choose will eventually award you with the Blood of Lathander, a legendary mace with incredible attributes. While its base damage may not be the greatest, it makes up for it with its abilities.

  • The Blood of Lathander – Legendary Mace
    • 5~13 Damage
    • Lathander’s Blessing: Once per Long Rest, when your hit points are reduced to 0, you regain 2-12 hit points. Allies within 9m also regain 1-6 hit points.
    • Lathander’s Light: Sheds holy light in a 6m radius. In combat, fiends and undead standing in the light are Blinded, unless they succeed a Constitution Saving Throw.
    • Weapon Enchantment: +3
    • Sunbeam (Level 6 Evocation Spell) – 6~48 Damage – A beam of brilliant light sears and Blinds all creatures in its path. (10 turns)
    • Levitating

The Blood of Lathander is perfect for Clerics like Shadowheart or any other character with proficiency with Maces. I quickly equipped it to my Half-Orc Druid and haven’t been happier.

The Blood of Lathander provides a permanent light source for whoever carries it, but it might not be enough to survive the Shadow-Cursed Lands. For that, you’ll need to learn how to fix the Broken Moon Lantern. Stick with Prima Games for more tips, tricks, and guides for Baldur’s Gate 3.

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