Baldur’s Gate 3: What is Wrath in BG3?

Hit harder with the power of Wrath

With the combination of class abilities, spell effects, potions, elixirs, and equipment, many keywords exist to try to understand. It can be tricky to try and decipher how all of these terms work together in Baldur’s Gate 3. One of these is the equipment keyword Wrath. So what does it do?

What is Wrath in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Wrath is an equipment feature that can be found on a handful of different pieces of armor. An example is the Cap of Wrath, which says, “Last Stand: During combat, when the wearer starts their turn with 50% Hit Points or less, they gain Wrath for 1 turn.”. 

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This means that injured characters will gain the buff at the start of their turn, with other pieces of armor providing different trigger conditions. 

Once you have Wrath applied to a character, they will receive a +1 bonus damage to attack rolls for as long as the buff lasts. While this isn’t an immensely potent ability, it also stacks with other buffs, allowing for combinations of equipment that can dish out serious damage. 

The best approach with Wrath-based builds is to focus on characters who can deal damage to several enemies in a single turn. For example, a monk with Flurry of Blows can deal an extra 3 points of damage per turn if they have Wrath.

Another piece of equipment that provides this buff is the Linebreaker Boots, which gives characters Wrath for two turns if they dash, which can combo with Rogue’s cunning action dash, which lets them move further without costing an action. 

With this, you should be able to pair abilities and armor pieces to get the most out of your Wrath bonuses. However, there are plenty of other keywords to contend with that can be equally as confusing to activate and understand. One of these is Momentum, so why not find out how that works too?

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