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There are an awful lot of keywords to decrypt in Baldur’s Gate 3. Any item allows you to inspect it and select further keywords to expand, but this can lead to situations where you’re four or five tooltips deep. So, let’s keep this simple and start with Momentum. What is this ability in Baldur’s Gate 3, how do you get it, and is it good?

What is Momentum in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Momentum is one of several abilities that can be granted by your equipment. Sources can include weapons and armor but often have a hoop or two you need to jump through to gain the Momentum buff. 

For example, The Springstep Boots require that the wearer dashes or takes a similar action to gain Momentum for 3 turns. For each turn of Momentum a creature has, they gain 1.5m of movement. 

Thanks to the way Momentum stacks, a character can be equipped with a large number of items that provide the buff and gain a tremendous amount of movement speed. This can be highly useful for characters with multi attack, allowing them to ping from one enemy to the next. 

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Momentum could be useful for magic users who need to keep as much distance as they can from their foes to avoid getting into a messy melee, however, there are likely to be better options for keeping your casters alive than increasing their movement speed. Instead, focus on your party members who need to close the distance to maximize their damage, for example, Barbarians or Monks. 

Now that you know what Momentum is and how it works, why not find out which the best beginner class is in Baldur’s Gate 3, and ensure you start your adventure with your best foot forward? 

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