Shop Revitalized in Aurum Alley Hustle and Bustle from Honkai: Star Rail
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Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle Event Guide & Rewards Listed for Honkai: Star Rail

Help the locals and preserve the community. Welcome back to management simulator!

Aurum Alley in Honkai: Star Rail was once a very prosperous and welcoming community for tourists and the Xianzhou folk whenever they wanted to enjoy homemade food, but now it’s fallen into a state of disrepair and chaos. It’s up to the Trailblazer and Sushang to see this historic landmark back to its former glory before the IPC sees its ruin through debts and collections. 

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Hustle and Bustle Event Guide and Explanation for Honkai: Star Rail

Although the menu to Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle may look intimidating, the event comprises of a few mini-games where the Trailblazer will need to organize goods that need to be distributed, establish paths for the Cycranes, and connect businesses to the docks by finishing quests and helping out the shops in Aurum Alley. 

General Orders

General Orders are where you’ll conduct most of the revenue coming into Aurum Alley, this minigame is all about organizing the current supplies you own and filling out the request in the menu on the left as indicated by the image below. By either clicking on the items or arranging them yourself, you can fill each customer’s orders according to their specifications and send out the order to generate earnings for the Dock. 

Something to keep in mind with some orders is that they can be left with spaces where you can add items that are not included in the list to earn more revenue. Other puzzles will require the use of the Rug Item in order to fit some items that are required in the customer’s orders. So, remember to take advantage of the current wares you have to not only increase the money you receive, but to fit in all of the items that are required by the customers.

For both General and Custom Orders, there is also a hint section. After you’ve been struggling with the puzzle for a while, Mingxi’s face will appear above the Unload Button on the right side of the screen. Clicking on her will reveal the final image to help you get an idea of how to arrange the items to complete the project.

Custom Orders

Custom Orders Areas for Aurum Alley's Hustle and Bustle in Honkai: Star Rail
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Custom orders are similar to General Orders but offer freer rein in customizing what you decide should go on the shipment cart. The menu requirements will only give you a challenge by either suggesting how much the cargo load should cost or how many items should be on it. Then the rest is up to you to figure out which items you should be placing on the cargo load. 

This minigame can only be accessed when the Trailblazer checks the Starskiff that’s docked next to Mingxi, so after finishing quests for Aurum Alley, be sure to check the Starskiff on occasion for any more Custom Orders that may have come in. 

Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning in Aurum Alley's Hustle and Bustle for Honkai: Star Rail
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This is the section where after successfully garnering businesses to work with the dock, you must then arrange a pathway from the shop to the dock so that you can get access to materials. Gradually as you find more businesses to help, you’ll need to come up with more creative pathways that both build up the efficiency of that path as well as maintain a good overall score for the items you’ll be transporting. As seen on the left side of the image, there are the lowest possible scores you can get in order to get certain items, achieving anywhere above that will grant you rewards as well as the furnishings for General and Custom Orders.

Fallen Cycranes

While you are working on Logistics, occasionally you’ll come across Cycranes with an icon hovering over them or a person with a Cycrane icon hovering over them. Interacting with these Cycranes and Merchants will help you unlock boosts in Logistics Planning that’ll help raise your score so you’re always achieving perfection. If you find that your score is lacking a few more points then there is likely a Cycrane or Merchant in need of some help that will grant you more buffs and advantages to add to your Logistics Planning.

Store Index

This part of the menu showcases all the shops you have come across and brought over to help work with the docks. Be sure to check in with this tab since successfully recruited, you can gain Prosperity Tickets to increase your Guild Benefits.

Guild Benefits

Guild Benefits Menu from Aurum Alley's Hustle and Bustle Event in Honkai: Star Rail
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Guild Benefits can be reached on the left side of the menu either when talking to Mingxi or by opening up the Aurum Alley Hustle and Bustle in the Events Tab. Based on your current success in the event, you can raise the level by submitting Prosperity Tickets and gathering rewards from the Guild. 

Guild Intelligence

This is a collection of all the quests you went on during each section or phase of the event. It’ll summarize the overall story of each chapter and collect the quests you completed to complete that particular phase. No other rewards can really be gathered here. 

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All Rewards Listed in Hustle and Bustle from Honkai: Star Rail

  • Four-Star Character Sushang (Physical | The Hunt)
  • Stellar Jades x1200
  • Traveler’s Guides x144
  • Lost Crystals x104
  • Lifeless Blade x48
  • Trailblaze EXP 4,000
  • Credits 1,980,000
  • Tracks of Destiny x3
  • Self-Modeling Resin x1
  • Ingenium Dreams Phone Wallpaper
  • Star Rail Pass x1

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How to Claim Your Free Sushang in Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle from Honkai: Star Rail

In the main menu, there will be three different icons to select on the bottom left hand of the screen. One of these will give you the option of Claiming Sushang. By opening this, you’ll get the screen of the Neighborly Helper and it’ll indicate to you what your Prosperity Level is at currently. In order to unlock Sushang, you must raise your Prosperity Level to at least Level 8. When you do, you can return to this screen and select the Claim Character button on the bottom right hand of the screen. Sushang will then join your roster or you will receive a notice from the Characters Icon of your hot bar that you can unlock an Eidolon for your Sushang.

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