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Are Yelan’s Constellations Worth Getting in Genshin Impact? – Answered

Childe Could Never..

by Jordan Lemons

Newer characters in Genshin Impact have constellations that are no joke. If you do not believe me, then you should check out Alhaitham’s inconceivable potential to wreck this game in just Constellations alone. As one of the characters that could be considered still fresh from the oven, Yelan has proven her worth to be quite the damage-dealer even as a Sub-DPS and Support. Although considered to be a super-powered Xingqui, it is even more fun to use them together, so I will forgive her for now for almost claiming to be a complete replacement. Let us dive into her constellations to see if we can make her stronger!

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C1 – Enter the Plotters

True to form, Hoyoverse has decided that one of the most broken and beautiful skills that exist in the game needs to have another charge. Similar to Shenhe, unlocking this particular Constellation in Yelan’s kit will allow her to gain another charge of Lingerling Lifeline. It is like having a free Sacrificial Bow on Yelan without having the bow on her. Of course, you could still have this bow on her for not just one charge, but three once this bow’s Passive activates and allows for you to use her elemental skill once again. 

C2 – Taking All Comers

This Second Constellation buffs Yelan’s Elemental Burst. Whenever Exquisite Throw unleashes a barrage of attacks that land on an enemy, it will deal one additional water arrow that will deal 14 percent of Yelan’s Max HP as Hydro Damage. This allows for more damage to be dealt whenever Yelan’s Burst activates and her Die continues to deal Hydro damage to enemies no matter who is on the field. As long as they land a blow, it will deal Hydro Damage in the form of water swords with this constellation giving them an additional attack on top of that. It can be triggered once every 1.8 seconds. 

C4 – Bait-and-Switch

Now stick with me on this one because it is quite peculiar. The definition is that for every enemy that Yelan captures with Lingerling Lifeline, once it explodes, it will boost the party’s individual HP by 10 percent for 25 seconds for each enemy that was captured. However, it will max out at 40 percent Max HP, which means that about four enemies will need to be captured in order to max out this effect. 

The issue with this is that it requires Yelan’s Burst to be fully ready to be activated for your next character’s Burst or Skill to be ready to be activated. This is quite the peculiar Buff that could easily be taken advantage of. Imagine having Kokomi ready for her Burst right after Yelan conducted this Elemental Skill. Not only would she have the damage of Yelan’s Constellation, but Kokomi’s damage is also dependent on her Max HP and because you would then have two Hydro Characters in your party, their Max Health would each be increased further because of that team composition. What an absolutely mind-blowing combination. 

C3 – Beward the Tricker’s Dice and C5 – Dealer’s Sleight

Sure enough, Yelan’s Third and Fifth Constellation will Level up her Talent Branches. Hoyoverse is not getting away with any tricky slips on their end, I am keeping an eye on these in the case that they ever change. Why would they? It hardly matters. Yelan’s Elemental Skill is the Talent Branch you get to expand upon first and then once unlocking her Fifth Constellation, you get access to bulking up her Elemental Burst. This is not entirely strange as Yelan’s previous Constellations were about buffing her Lingering Lifeline. The only exception to this odd choice is that it is the opposite of Xingqui’s Constellations. Where the boy will unlock further levels for his Elemental Burst first and then in the later constellation, will see an expansion to the Elemental Skill Talent Branch. 

C6 – Winner Takes All

At first sight, this Constellation really does not sound like much, but if you think about what exactly each of these moves means and what it leads to, it is utterly ridiculous and insane. If Hoyoverse was not trying to absolutely erupt our computers in fireworks of Elemental Reactions with our characters at C0, they made sure to cause computers to erupt around the world by coming up with Constellations like these. 

For Yelan’s Final Constellation, once she activates her Elemental Burst, she will enter a Mastermind State. In this state, in addition to Yelan’s Depth-Clarion Dice dealing Hydro Damage, Yelan’s Normal Attacks will deal Breakthrough Barb Damage. If you have forgotten what the Breakthrough Bard is, I would not blame you. It is the specialized Charged Shot that Yelan is capable of once her Jade Bracelet is glowing. She will enter this state whenever she has spent five seconds out of combat, which can easily be cheated by running around without attacking things. Whenever she fires this Charged shot, she will deal Hydro Damage within a sizeable AOE that is based on her Max HP.

So the way this works is that Yelan will enter this Mastermind State and be able to fire out FIVE (because it will either max out at five shots or end within 20 seconds) Breakthrough Bard shots at the enemy based on her Max HP that will deal Hydro Damage. This damage is not just targeted at an enemy but is also doing area-of-effect damage in conjunction with her Elemental Burst dealing Hydro Damage on any coordinated shot she lands. 

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For the first few Constellations of Yelan’s kit, it really yanks your chain around a bit, thinking that these Constellations were going to be areas of improvement like Xiao, or Support Buffs like they were for the Raiden Shogun. However, it goes from 0 to 100 real quick halfway in, and just deals an insane number of coordinated attacks that can be dealt by Yelan or by other characters. She truly is one of the best Sub-DPS since Xingqui, and if you are planning to get her Constellations, you will not be disappointed by delving a bit deeper into your wallet or Primogem Savings in order to overpower your Yelan’s current build.

Jordan Lemons

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