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Genshin Impact: End of the Line Weapon Ascension Materials, Recommended Characters and More

I'm giving it to Childe, you can't stop me

by Jordan Lemons

Genshin Impact has given us an array of amazing weapons, but some of the best can be found by completing one of the more mundane tasks throughout Teyvat: fishing. Yes, it wouldn’t be a top-tier video game if it didn’t have some sort of fishing minigame. Much easier than most, you won’t be needing a mod to help you out with this one. Not only can fishing get you some pretty fish to add to your collection, but find the right person to trade them with, and you can get yourself an easy-access weapon. In Sumeru, trading with the Fishing Association Expert, Loumelat, can get you End of the Line.

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Genshin Impact: End of the Line Weapon Ascension Materials, Recommended Characters and More

Ascension Materials to get End of the Line to Level 90

The Domain of Forgery you’ll need to go to is located in Sumeru, called the Tower of Abject Pride. Along the western mountains of Apam Woods, the domain should be relatively easy to unlock, with the items you need to farm available on Wednesday and Saturday and all items being available for farming on Sunday. The specific weapon material End of the Line will need is the scarab weapon material, otherwise known as the Scorching Might. 

You’ll also need Funal Nucleui and Spores that can be dropped from just about any Fungi you come across in Sumeru. However, the tricky part of achieving Fungal Spores is that you cannot activate or scorch the Fungus, otherwise they will not drop them. Bringing a team that will either freeze them or deplete their health without using Electro or Pyro is the best way to farm these enemies so you can get plenty of both drops.

  • 3x Echo fo Scorching Might, 9x Remnant Flow of Scorching Might, 9x Dream of Scorching Might, 4x Olden Days of Scorching Might
  • 15x Inactivated Fungal Nucleus, 18x Dormant Fungal Nucleus, 27x Robust Fungal Nucleus
  • 10x Fungal Spores, 15x Luminescent Pollen, 18x Crystalline Cyst Dust

End of the Line Passive and its Refinement Materials

End of the Line is a weapon built on Energy Recharge, but its passive can trigger Flowrider which will deal 80 percent Attack as an area of effect damage whenever your character deals damage after using an Elemental skill. It can only cause one instant of damage every two seconds and the effect itself can be caused every 12 seconds.

One of the great bonuses about End of the Line, and fishing weapons like it, is that you can get refinement materials from Loumelat as well. Known as Original Fish Ointment, you can gather up to four of these in order to refine your weapon to max. Doing so will increase the effect from 80 percent to 160 percent with the same time effects as before. 

Recommended Characters for End of the Line

All in all, there are a few characters in Genshin’s current roster that require lots of Energy Recharge, but there is one character this bow was specially made for.

“Look at this derp face and tell me you’d take this man seriously.” Screenshot by Prima Games

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The best option for this bow is going to be Childe. Yes, he tends to do better with Attack, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage but those bows aren’t always readily available and story-wise, End of the Line just fits on him. Its main stat is Energy Recharge, which, even if you do have Childe at C1, you’ll still likely need. Using his Elemental Skill does additional damage and the more hits he gets off, the more likely he’s bound to Crit. At least, that’s what we Childe Mains hope for…


Released around the same time as Yelan, End of the Line is a viable option for her if you missed out on the event going on when Fading Twilight was released. Both are based on Energy Recharge though, Fading Twilight is meant to deal more damage based on which state the bow is in. Yelan typically does well with Energy Recharge so you’re able to consistently deal damage with her Burst and capture enemies, targeting them with Hydro with her Elemental Skill. Very much like Xingqui though, Sacrificial Bow is typically better for her as a free-to-play option. It’ll give her plenty of chances to accumulate Energy and depending on how much it’s refined, will give her tons of uses for her Skill. Especially if she’s higher on her constellations. 


A bit of a stretch, but Faruzan is actually a good option for End of the Line as well, since she mostly needs Energy Recharge to spam her Energy Burst as much as she can. With some pretty slow Energy Recharge just on her normal base self without any constellations, this can be pretty difficult, but Energy Recharge weapons are the best way to combat that. End of the Line also has a higher base stat so once it’s fully leveled, Faruzan will only gain more Attack and Bonuses with its main stat. All the better for her and the units she will be supporting. 


Much like Yelan, Diona does better with Sacrificial, especially as a shielder. But not everyone has a Sacrificial Bow in their inventory, so End of the Line is a good easy-access weapon that just requires a bit of fishing to obtain. Also, giving a cat a fish is hilarious. Everyone can admit to that. 

Will you be obtaining the Fish Bow? What unit would you give it to?

Jordan Lemons

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