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All Mysterious Stone Slates Locations in Genshin Impact

Yet another secret in the sands

by Patrick Souza
Mysterious Stone Slates Genshin Featured

Mysterious ruins in Genshin Impact are bound to always hide some good, ancient wealth beneath the most obnoxious puzzles ever made by mankind (or anything that resembles it). The presence of the Mysterious Stone Slates is a testimony to that as it requires lots of turnarounds and backtracking to hidden passages you may have found, but forgot about them during the long run.

Those small pieces of a larger puzzle open the doors for some secret doors alongside another Hidden Achievement, so keep reading to know where you can find them and where to use them. 

Where to Find All Mysterious Stone Slates in Genshin Impact

There are a total of six Slates. They’re numbered with their respective numbers in the images, but you can collect them in any order you like. You’ll need to complete the Dirge of Bilqis World Quest to start searching for them as most of them are hidden behind secret passages next to certain Jinni Shrines. 

Enter the Shrines’ hole and search for the fake walls using Elemental Sight, then get close to them to reveal the passage with the chest containing the Slate.

Screenshots by Prima Games

1 – Go north after using the waypoint.

2 – East side of the waypoint, below a Weathered Obelisk. No Jinni is needed.

3 – Directly to the right of the waypoint.

4 – Next to the Tanit Camp, below a Seelie court.

5 – Keep heading north from the Wedi Al-Majuj waypoint to reach it, but it’s still far.

6 – Use the Domain teleport and go to your right to find the temple.

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Where to Use the Mysterious Stone Slates in Genshin Impact

After collecting all six Mysterious Stone Slates, it’s time to go for the very first place you’ve explored in the World Quests: The Temple of Gurabad. There will be two doors you can open there containing some treasures.

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Use the underground teleport next to the Hypostatic Desert and turn back until you find a locked door before the main room with the floating pyramid. Use three of the Slates here to open it and get the “The Nameless City’s Past” achievement, alongside a Precious Chest.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Now go for the main room and keep going straight until you see a door on the left side. Follow the corridor until you reach another locked door at your left, which you can open with the remaining slates for some more bounty. Everything in a day of exploration.

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