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All Weathered Obelisk Locations in Genshin Impact

Old but still functional

by Patrick Souza
Weathered Obelisks Locations Genshin Impact

If you completed the Hypostatic Desert area before climbing up to the Desert of Hadramaveth in Genshin Impact, you surely remember the Primal Obelisks, which had you going back and forth collecting all the Sacred Seals to activate them. Well, these guys are back in the upper desert in the form of the Weathered Obelisks, and they’re just as obnoxious as before.

You can find eight Obelisks in this sandy region, and activating them gets you lots of Primogems, treasures, some more cryptic lore, and another secret achievement. So let’s get to it!

All Weathered Obelisks Locations in Genshin Impact

After reaching an Obelisk, you can use the Mark Sacred Seals option to reveal the locations for all Sacred Seals belonging to it, saving you tons of time searching them regularly. They’re always close to the Obelisk itself, so you should have no problems finding them. Using your Elemental Sight makes it even easier.

Also, you’ll be required to complete the Dirge of Bilqis quests to reach all seals, as some need you to use the Jinni’s powers to their full extent before you can find them.

Weathered Obelisks Locations 1
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1 – In front of the Temple of Gurabad. All seals can easily be found nearby.

2 – Use the Waypoint next to it and fall down to the crater. The Grand Door seal is somewhat hidden in a wall crack next to a fallen pillar. Enter the crack and look up at the torch.

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3 – Above the ground, can easily be reached through the nearby Waypoint or through the Old Vanarana entrance.

4 – Underground Obelisk, but easy to reach with the underground teleport. Some seals are hidden in small entrances, so use the Elemental Sight as needed.

5 – Very far from any teleport. Use the Jinni to find some of the hidden Seals at the eye of the storms.

Weathered Obelisks Locations 3
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6 – Another underground Obelisk. Thankfully, it’s right next to the waypoint, but it will have you climbing at some monsters’ den to get some Seals.

7 – Next to a teleport and above a Jinni Shrine, with all of its Seals quite close to it.

8 – Similar to the Obelisk before, just a little bit more to the right.

Collecting them all in any other will grant you the Parvezravan Khwarrah hidden achievement, which leads to a total of x205 Primogems. Could be more, but that’s not half bad.

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