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All Activation Devices Locations in Genshin Impact 3.4

Chess still unplayable, uninstalling right now

by Patrick Souza

Exploration in Genshin Impact just seems endless sometimes. After collecting all the Chess Pieces and filling your (unplayable) board in Safhe Shatranj, you’ll notice that there’s still something amiss as they’re all asking you now for Activation Devices. You know what that means, right? More running around the desert searching for shiny objects. Well, time to get them and obtain the La Luna Rossa achievement in the process.

All Activation Devices Locations in Genshin Impact

Before searching for those not-so-elusive devices, it’s assumed that you’ve already found all five Chess Pieces in the Desert of Hadramaveth as they are your biggest hint to where they’re hidden, and Devices can’t even be used otherwise. 

Also, two Devices won’t show up before you complete the Lost Apocalypse line, obtained automatically after inserting all pieces in their respective places. 

All devices are located in the same locations their pieces are representing, but getting back to some of those can be tricky. Without any further ado, here are the locations of the seven Activation Devices.

Temple of Gurabad

Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s the temple right directly above the Chess Pieces. Climb all the way back or just teleport to it.


Screenshot by Prima Games

Right at the entrance of the temple with the same title. Use the waypoint next to it and the grapple hooks to reach it.

Mausoleum of King Deshret

Screenshot by Prima Games

Teleport to the Mausoleum waypoint and turn back to find it waiting for you at the entrance.

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Visited during the Golden Slumber quests. Head for the Khemunu Temple teleport and turn left to find the device.

Border Fort

Genshin Aaru Village Device
Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s just Aaru Village with another name. It’s next to the waypoint and hard to miss as all you have to do is turn to the right.

King Deshret’s Pillar

Genshin Pillar Device
Screenshot by Prima Games

Hidden in the Opet Hall. Use one of the underground Waypoints next to the Mausoleum and climb up all the stairs to find it next to the projections.

Deshret’s Glass Goblet

Screenshot by Prima Games

For the last Activation Device, pay another visit to the center of Mt. Damavand and turn your camera around a little bit to find it.

With all collectibles in hand, time to pay your final visit to the Chess Pieces and Install the respective Device in each of them. Each piece will award you with a Remarkable Chest containing a new Furniture recipe and installing all seven pieces grants you the La Luna Rossa hidden achievement. Talk about hard work.

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