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Apex Legends Deja Loot – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

Deja Loot is the newest limited-time mode coming to Apex Legends. This game mode will be putting an interesting spin on the battle royale title when it comes to how weapons and armor are distributed. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Deja Loot game mode covered for you. 

Apex Legends Deja Loot

Instead of items being completely random every match, the Deja Loot game mode will have fixed locations where you will always get the same piece of gear. This fixed location means that your favorite weapons will still be in the same place every time you play. Gone will be the days where you have to suffer through finding multiple white armor pieces and pistols instead of being able to see that purple armor and R-99 every time.

However, these fixed locations mean that enemy players will also know where all of the powerful weapons and armor is, so be prepared to face massive resistance when going to these areas. 

Apex Legends Deja Loot

The dropship path and circle locations will also be fixed for the Deja Loot game mode. The community will know exactly where the drop path and the next circle will be. There is no doubt that teams who can formulate and execute a strategic plan regarding specific items and circle rotations will be able to control their destinies much easier than when everything is random. 

Players will get to experience the Deja Loot limited-time mode on World’s Edge first with the game mode moving to King’s Canyon in Week 2 of the System Override Collection Event. 

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