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Apex Legends Evo Shield – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

Apex Legends Evo Shield – Everything You Need to Know

The System Override Collection event is coming to Apex Legends on March 3rd. This System Override Collection Event will be bringing a significant dose of content for players to enjoy. One of the most significant pieces of content that are coming with this event is the Evo Shield.

Players who can pick up an Evo Shield will be able to upgrade their shields to power levels never seen before in the battle royale title. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about this new Evo Shield item covered for you.

Apex Legends Evo Shield

Players will be able to find this Evo Shield item in the Deja Loot limited-time game mode that will be added to Apex Legends during the System Override Collection event. Apex Legends players who pick up this item will start with a white piece of body armor. However, as you inflict damage on non-downed enemy players throughout a match, it will upgrade through the different rarities of shields. 

This armor can progress up to four different levels, with the highest being a new rarity of armor that is red. This red armor is stronger than the gold shields so that it will turn your character in a very formidable force in the Outlands. Players will be able to identify the new piece of armor by the glow that it will have when compared to regular shields. 

 Apex Legends Evo Shield

The progress of the Evo Shield also carries over from player to player, which means that you will not have to start over from a white piece of armor if you pick up one from another player that has already been upgraded. 

This particular item will only be available in the Deja Loot limited-time mode during the System Override Collection Event. However, Respawn Entertainment stated that it might add the unique piece of loot to every game mode for the battle royale title following the event and is wanting players to submit their feedback regarding the Evo Shield. 

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