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Apex Legends: How to Get Octane Heirloom

by Nicholas Barth

Heirloom is the rarest form of cosmetic item that is available for players to acquire in the battle royale title of Apex Legends. They consist of a melee weapon, a banner pose, and either an intro or kill quip. There are currently four characters, including Wraith, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Lifeline, who have an heirloom cosmetic set. However, Octane will be the next character to receive a rare cosmetic treatment. Luckily, we have the latest information on this Octane item covered for you.

Octane Heirloom

The melee weapon that will be one of the heirlooms for the adrenaline-junkie was officially revealed in the announcement of the new System Override Event that is coming to the battle royale game on March 3rd. 

You can find an image of the Apex Legends item below:

Octane Heirloom

All of the heirlooms in the game are available through random chance by opening cosmetic item packs. Players are guaranteed one heirloom for every 500 packs, so they are extremely rare items that are not easy to get unless you are fortunate. Heirlooms have also been available for players to obtain through collection events where you would be rewarded with an heirloom if you collected every exclusive cosmetic item for that particular event. 

The Octane Heirloom will be available through the System Override Collection Event that begins on March 3rd. Players who can unlock all 24 of the exclusive System Override Collection Event cosmetic items will unlock this item for Octane. This rare item will then be available for players to obtain through cosmetic item packs if they were not able to get it during the System Override Collection event. 

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