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All Zipline Parts Locations in Raft: Caravan Town Zipline Parts Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

As you progress through Raft’s unique campaign, you will discover various areas, including Caravan Town. This location holds a few valuable items and collectibles, including the Zipline which will help you quickly cover great distances and grant you access to previously off-limits areas. 

To construct the Zipline, you will need to collect Zipline Parts. Here’s how to find Zipline Parts in Caravan Town in Raft. 

Zipline Parts Location Guide

There are three zipline parts in Caravan Island that you need to assemble the Zipline:

1st Zipline Part

While exploring Caravan Town, you will find a well with no water. The zipline part is at the bottom of the well, and to get it, you need to fill the well with water. To do so, align the pipes found on the site and operate the hand pump. Once the well is full, you will notice the first part of the zipline floating on the surface. 

2nd Zipline Part

Explore the island further to find the second zipline part. Go to the middle of the island where you will stumble across a bicycle-like device connected to a pipe. 

Follow the pipe down underwater until you find a blue container. 

Inside this container, there is a zipline part, a metal detector blueprint, and an infirmary key. While descending, keep an eye on your oxygen levels.

3rd Zipline Part

The third zipline part will task you with getting to the top of the island and finding a rocket. Light the rocket by using the explosive powder. If you don’t have powder on you, you can extract the explosive goo from pufferfish. Once you have lit the rocket, it will explode and be launched to the other part of the island. Find it to find the final zipline part. 

Once you have collected all three zipline parts, exchange them for a zipline tool and zipline blueprint at the caravan, located in the middle of the island. You will find the caravan on the hill connected to all other ziplines. 

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