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How to Use the Research Table in Raft

Research those recipes and craft the ultimate raft.

by Jesse Vitelli

Raft is a survival game that will pit you against the terrifying ocean and a very persistent shark. As you continue to build and expand your raft, you’ll need more complex materials and recipes to keep expanding. You’ll need a research table for this, which will give you access to a ton of new stuff. Here is how to use the Research Table in Raft.

How to Use the Research Table in Raft

First off, you’ll need to craft the Research Table in order to even use it. This will require 14 Planks and 2 Scraps. These can be gathered from using your hook and fishing up drifting planks or barrels from the ocean as you sail along.

After you have the required materials, simply craft the Research Table and place it somewhere safe on your Raft. Don’t put it on the outside perimeter in case the shark decides to attack and take it with it.

Once the Research Table is placed, just walk up to it and use the interact key to open its menu. Here you’ll need to place researchable items to learn the recipe. This will consume the item you’re placing on the table, but will then give you the ability to craft it from scratch. It’s a tradeoff, but one that is better for the long term.

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You can also learn recipes by finding Blueprints in the open world. As soon as you pick up a Blueprint, you automatically learn it. This will allow you to craft certain recipes without actually having to consume the item itself. While these are random and you never know which ones you’re going to find, it can be super valuable to find some good Blueprints early on.

You’ll still need the base components to craft any of these items, but it’s an easy goal to work towards as you start to scale up your raft.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use the Research Table in Raft. If you’re just getting started in Raft, check out our tips and tricks for beginners.

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