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Raft Caravan Town Guide: All Notes and Blueprints

How to find all collectables in Caravan Town.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Raft Caravan Town Guide All Notes and Blueprints

Caravan Island, also known as Caravan Town because of the settlement on it, is a location in Raft that was added with Update 12. When you discover it and decide to dock, you will be introduced to various quests that you can complete while exploring Caravan Town. Many useful tools can be made from the blueprints hidden in this town that you need to unlock by collecting various items. There are hidden notes to collect too. Keep on reading to learn where to find all notes and blueprints in Raft’s Caravan Town.

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All Notes Locations in Caravan Town

  • Note 1 – Located in the left part of Caravan Town near the port. Find the Port Office and go up the wooden stairs, on the right side you should see blue ladders leading to a caravan. The note is inside on the table.
  • Note 2 – Found near the water pump in the top part of the town heading from the port side. Near the location where you found the first note, you should spot another blue ladder. Go up and find the second note on the counter right beside a stove.
  • Note 3 – Locate the caravans that are positioned in a circle. Next, look for the “Canned Goods” sign – the third note is in the caravan to the right.
  • Note 4 – Go to the main tower on the island and find a caravan that has a red flag on top. It is the same one that you need to visit to create a Zipline. The fourth note is on the table.
  • Note 5 – Found on the top of the only red caravan, left from the location of the previous one. Go left and look down, the fifth note should be by the side of the stacked-up plastic jugs.
  • Note 6 – Find the rocket on Caravan Island. The sixth note is next to it.
  • Note 7 – Located at the base of the tower, close to the pipes and bike. It is lying on the metal plate near the shore.
  • Note 8 – The eighth note can be found in the Infirmary. From the tower, locate the Infirmary sign. It is a building that you can get to only by zipline.
  • Note 9 – The final note is locked inside the Mayor’s chest. The key can be obtained in the Infirmary.

Where to Find all Blueprints in Caravan Town

  • Blueprint #1: Firework – Located on the smaller island of Caravan Town. You need to launch a red rocket from the big island facing the small one in order to unlock it.
  • Blueprint #2: Metal Detector – This one is located underwater. You need to dive and follow the pipe that connects the bike in front of the tower.
  • Blueprint #3: Zipline – At the top of the Caravan Town tower, but first you need to locate three zipline parts in Caravan Town.
  • Blueprint #4: Zipline Tool – Found at the same place as the blueprint above.
  • Blueprint #5: Battery Charger – Located inside the Mayor’s house. To get inside, you need to use the zipline from the Tower. Also, you need to find three Battery Charger parts in Caravan town before interacting with the workstation.
  • Blueprint #6: Engine Controls – Also found inside the Mayor’s house, look for the chest with the coordinates that will lead you to it.

Now you know where to find all notes and blueprints in Caravan Town so make your next visit to this island count!

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