All Weapons in Bayonetta 3 – Listed

Full witch weaponry explained

All weapons in Bayonetta 3 - Listed

Bayonetta 3 is here and the game is all that we wanted from this long-awaited sequel, it just brings more of everything that we loved in the old Platinum Games’ stylish action titles. And more than that, unlike the first two parts of the series, the battle system got some big updates in the third entry. Bayonetta’s fighting style now depends on many things: there are demons that she can summon and control directly during the fights, but also the game features many different crazy weapons that can completely change Bayonetta’s moveset.

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All Weapons in Bayonetta 3

Check out all of the weapons in Bayonetta 3 in the list below.

  • Colour My World – The default two guns, in the style of Madama Butterfly, are unlocked after the prologue.
  • G-Pillar – Dual club and high-caliber rifle weapon liked to Gomorrah demon, finish Chapter 2 to unlock.
  • Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo – Comes with the Spider demon Phantasmaraneae, unlocked after Chapter 3.
  • Dead End Express – The train one, the hard attack makes Bayonetta 3 ride it, unlocked after Chapter 6.
  • Simoon – The companion weapon to the demon Malphas, unlocked after Chapter 9.
  • Ribbit Libido-BZ55 – Makes Bayo look like some kind of a frog creature, becomes available after completing Chapter 9.
  • Tartarus – Weapons made from the rubble of the fallen Umbran Clock Tower, unlocked after Chapter 11.
  • Abracadabra – After completing chapter 12, you will unlock this weapon.
  • Mab Dachi – Unlocked automatically after the first time you play as Viola.
  • Bull Kiss – Another of Viola’s default weapons, unlocked as soon as you get to play as her.
  • All 4 One – Same as the previous two.
  • Handguns – The pair of regular handguns is some kind of handicap weapon that you can equip if you want an extra challenge, unlocked after beating the game.
  • Cruel Altea – Beat the game on any difficulty.
  • Cassiopeia – After beating the game, get the secret demon Kraken to unlock this weapon.
  • Scarborough Fair – Have Bayonetta 1 save file on your Switch.
  • Love is Blue – Have Bayonetta 2 save file on your Switch.
  • Alraune and Alruna – Jeannie’s weapon from Bayonetta 2, collect all three Umbran Tears of Blood in Chapter 3 in Bayonetta 3 to unlock.

And that’s all the weapons in Bayonetta 3. Generally, you need to go through the game in detail once and you will most likely unlock them all, but to master them you will need a few more passes – so once you are done with the game, crank up the difficulty and have some more fun!

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