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All Typhon Imperator Apogee Repeater Locations in Destiny 2

Into the bowels of the Imperator we go

by Daphne Fama

For this set of Apogee Repeaters, we’ll need to travel into the very bowels of Calus’s ships. I’m talking, of course, about the Typhon Imperator. There are three hidden Repeaters here. So, here’s all Typhon Imperator Apogee Repeater locations in Destiny 2.

All Typhon Imperator Apogee Repeater Locations in Destiny 2

To get to the Typhon Imperator, we’re going to need to make our way to Ahimsa Park. Once you’re in Ahimsa Park, head immediately to the giant statue of Calus. He’s a great landmark.

Climb up the ramp and take the left-most route until you hit a dead end. Once you do, turn right, and there will be a drop.

By the time you get to the end of the drop, you’ll be in Typhon Imperator!

And now they you’re here, we can get to Apogee Repeater hunting.

Apogee Repeater 1

For Apogee Repeater 1, you’re going to enter the large, open area with the two Cabal statues. Use the balcony door on the right and you’ll fall again.

This time, you’ll enter a dark room with a few Cabal and Psions. Kill them, then look up and left. There will be a ledge you can jump up to. Do so, then take the door on the left, at the end of the room.

You’ll enter a room with ledges on either side of you. Our goal is to get to the top left ledge. Use the boxes on the right side to make the jump.

You’ll then enter a room with a large war dog statue. But what we care about is the door to the top right of the room. Climb through and drop.

This is the room that has our first Apogee Repeater! It’s also a room with quite a few Cabal. Kill the Cabal, then head deeper into the room, towards the door on the left. Just above it is the Repeater. Use the platforms on either side to jump up to it. There’s a small ledge just behind the repeater, above the door, that you can stand on to claim it.

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Apogee Repeater 2

Now that we have the first Repeater, enter the door that it was hovering above. You’ll be in a small room with a chandelier. Look up and to the left to see the door we need to get through. You can use the metal cubes to get to it.

Once you get up to the door, you’ll see that you’re standing above a platforming stage.

You’ll want to use the platforms on the far right or left, against the wall, as the next Apogee Repeater is in the sunken recess on the left wall. We can’t see it from where we’re standing, but I promise you it’s there.

Grab it, then continue to the far right platform to enter Calus’s golden chamber.

Apogee Repeater 3

The next repeater is actually in this chamber room, at the top of the Calus statue.

To get to it, we’re going to need to jump onto the large brazier at the statue’s feet, then onto the hanging chandelier. Once you’re on the chandelier, you’re going to need to jump onto Calus’s outstretched hand. From here, it’s just one more hop onto Calus’s shoulder and then head.

Unsurprisingly, the gilt statue is a little slippery, so be careful.

Once you grab this repeater, you’ll get the Triumph Imperator Repeater, 1,000 Glimmer, and 100 Neomuna Reputation points! Congrats!

While you’re here, why not pick up the Typhon Imperator Action Figure? It’s actually just through that portal at Calus’s feet, but you’ll have to jump through a few hoops to grab it: All 9 Action Figure Locations in Destiny 2.

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