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All Ahimsa Parkway Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

Sunny with a side of Vex Incursion

by Daphne Fama

Neomuna is absolutely filled to the brim with Apogee Repeaters, and Ahimsa Parkway might have some of the most difficult to get ones. Here’s how to get all eight Apogee Repeaters in Ahimsa Parkway in Destiny 2.

All Ahimsa Parkway Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

There are quite a few repeaters we’ll need to platform our way to, so let’s jump right into it.

Apogee Repeater 1

Upon arriving in Ahimsa Park from Strider’s Gate, turn immediately left. Above you, against the wall, will be our first Apogee Repeater.

You can use Strand to grapple to it or you can jump on the base of the adjacent statue then onto the balcony. From the balcony, make a running start and jump to the small triangle platform just beside the Repeater.

Apogee Repeater 2

We can see Apogee Repeater 2 from where 1 is and it’s an absolute devil to get to. Even with Strand, it’s very difficult to access.

You’ll need to wait until Ahimsa Park is the Vex Incursion Zone. Once it is, you’ll be able to access it using the Vex platforms that appear. Once you make the final jump, note that the landing spot is incredibly narrow, so try to save your second jump for lining yourself up just right.

Apogee Repeater 3

From Apogee Repeater 2, turn back towards the beige building that you jumped to the platforms from. On the very top balcony you’ll see the next Repeater.

You can jump up to the balcony ceiling, then onto the next one, and edge your way closer to it to collect it.

Apogee Repeater 4

Jump off the awning and back onto the balcony, then enter the building. There, against the lit up wall, will be Apogee Repeater 4.

To get this one, jump up on the plant right in front of it, then onto the railing beside the Repeater. You should be close enough to collect it.

Apogee Repeater 5

From Apogee Repeater 4, leave the building and head up the ramp towards Calus’s fortress and the Lost Sector. Don’t go all the way, though. Instead, as you reach the top of the ramp, turn around back to the beige building, we’ve gotten the last two Repeaters from. There, on top of a pillar, will be Apogee Repeater 5. 

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You can make the jump from the stone ramp to reach this Repeater.

Apogee Repeater 6

Look towards the beige building and on its left side you’ll see another Apogee Repeater. This one is situated exactly like Apogee Repeater 3, just on a different side of the building. Jump up on the awnings to get to it.

Apogee Repeater 7

So, this next Repeater is on the far South of the map on an awning that extends out over the abyss. You can get it with Strand or you can use the Vex platforms that spawn when Ahimsa Park is the Vex Incursion Zone.

Apogee Repeater 8

From Apogee Repeater 7, head right and you’ll see a street full of wreckage. Floating over a piece of this wreckage is the final Repeater. This one doesn’t require anything special, just jump up to it and collect it.

Once you do, you’ll unlock Park Repeater! If you haven’t done the Apogee Repeaters in Zephyr Concourse, check out our guide here: All Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2.

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