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All Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

Vex block shmex block, we've got Strand.

by Daphne Fama

Neomuna is absolutely filled to the brim with Apogee Repeaters, and Zephyr Concourse might have some of the most difficult to get ones. Here’s how to get all eight Apogee Repeaters in Zephyr Concourse in Destiny 2.

All Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2

Apogee Repeater 1

Upon entering Zephyr Concourse from Strider’s Gate, head towards the strawberry stadium and jump on the missiles to the right of the road. From these missiles, jump onto the roof, then turn around towards the road you just entered from. You’ll be able to see the Apogee Repeater against the far building.

You’ll need to go to the very top of the roof you’re on, where it meets the building it stems from. If you’re here while Zephyr Concourse is the Vex Incursion Zone, getting to the Repeater will be much easier, as platforms will stretch between the roof and the Apogee Repeater. Otherwise, you’ll need Strand’s Grapple Grenade to reach it.

Apogee Repeater 2

Jump down to the walkway on your left from Apogee Repeater 1. Follow it until you see the next building. Jump on the plastic awning, then onto the pink roof. At the end of the pink roof, you’ll see an oddly shaped flat attachment. Just past this is the next Apogee Repeater. If this is the Vex Incursion Zone, there will be a platform to reach it.

Otherwise, you’ll need to use your Grapple grenade to launch yourself above the platform where the Apogee Repeater is.

Apogee Repeater 3

From Apogee Repeater 2, head towards the sunken area just to the left. There, on the yellow building, will be the next Repeater. It practically blends into it!

To get to this one, use your Strand to throw yourself onto the balcony beside it. If you’re struggling, always aim a little higher than in whatever location you’re trying to get to. Or a lot higher. Jump up on the railing of the balcony closes to the Repeater to collect it.

Apogee Repeater 4

Return to the map and head towards the bar. At the back of the bar, you’ll see a giant pink sign. Approach the pink sign and look down. There will be a metal platform you can jump down to it with an Apogee Repeater next to it.

Apogee Repeater 5

From Apogee Repeater 4, jump back up to the bar and head towards the strawberry stadium. Once you hit the railing, look down. To the left, you’ll see two plastic awnings stack up on top of each other. Jump on the top one, then look right. The next Apogee Repeater will be beside the pillar that’s holding up the road. You can jump normally to this one or use your Grapple grenade.

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Apogee Repeater 6

Head into the strawberry stadium and enter using the door closest to where Apogee Repeater 5 was. Once you enter the stadium, look right. You’ll see a Repeater on the top of the grey wall. Use the lockers to climb on top and collect it.

Apogee Repeater 7

Head towards the entrance of Esi Terminal, and you’ll see an Apogee Repeater on the giant plastic awning. Jump on top of the awning to collect the Repeater.

Apogee Repeater 8

The final repeater is extremely close! Just look towards the entrance of the corridor that will take you to Esi Terminal. If you’re here during the Vex event, there will be a platform you can use to easily reach it. Otherwise, use your Grapple Grenade.

And that’s it! Once you’ve collected this one, you’ll have all eight Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeaters, and you’ll get the Concourse Repeater Triumph.  

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