All Terrormorph Locations in Starfield Listed

Where to find every known Terrormorph in the galaxy!

Starfield Londinion Base
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The most formidable enemy you will face in Starfield is none other than the Terrormorph. A monstrosity capable of wiping out entire colonies, but thankfully, they only appear rarely. Or so we thought. The Terrormorph plague is worsening, and the UC Vanguard is at the forefront of its eradication. But you need to track down this problematic fauna and wipe it out once and for all. Here are all Terrormorph locations in Starfield.

Where to Find Terrormorphs in Starfield

We’re lucky that Terrormorphs only crop up very rarely in Starfield. There are three prominent locations where you can find Terrormorphs, including:

  • Kreet
  • Toliman II
  • Tau Ceti II

On Kreet, you may occasionally stumble upon a lone Terrormorph that escaped from the research lab in the prologue. It’s not difficult to beat this one, especially as it is alone, and you’re low-level at this point in the game. But the fight still proves challenging, so don’t become overconfident and make mistakes.

On Tau Ceti II, you’ll encounter a single Terrormorph as part of the UC Vanguard questline. For most, this is their first encounter with the hostile alien species. It’s a tough fight made easier with the help of auto-turrets scattered about the base. You’ll definitely want to turn these back on to help eradicate the threat.

But Toliman II poses a problem. It’s the planet where the battle of Londinion occurred, the worst Terrormorph incursion to date, and the entire city remains infested. Here, you’ll stumble upon countless Terrormorphs, including their source and pawns to defeat. It’s a tough fight, but the UC Vanguard equips you appropriately to deal with the menace. We recommend using a Microgun and explosives!

Terrormorph Random Spawns

The three previously listed locations—Kreet, Tau Ceti II, and Toliman II—are the only guaranteed spawns in the game. You will still stumble upon Terrormorphs during regular gameplay, and that is because they randomly appear on various worlds. It’s completely RNG-based, however.

Eventually, you’ll need to deal with the Terrormorph threat for good, choosing between the Microbe or Aceles.

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