Should You Choose Microbe or Aceles in Starfield? – Answered

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

There is no better mission that demonstrates Starfield’s penchant for science fiction storytelling than the UC Vanguard questline, which gives players a choice on how to stop the Terrormorph outbreak. So, is it better to choose microbes to end the Terrormorph threat, or will you opt for the Aceles instead? Here is everything you need to know about saving the galaxy from one of Starfield’s most dangerous creatures. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

“Hostile Intelligence” in Starfield – Microbe or Aceles?

During the final two missions of the UC Vanguard storyline, Commander Hadrian Sanon will reveal that there are two ways to end the infestation plaguing the United Colonies. You will be given the choice to either reintroduce the Terrormorphs’ natural predator, Aceles, or exterminate the monsters by genetically engineering a microbe virus. Both options are not without their benefits, and their downsides.

Bringing the Aceles back from extinction might be the “safer” move, but will take much longer to wipe out the Terrormorph threat, not to mention that reintroducing an extinct organism could have unintended consequences. On the other hand, the microbe virus is far quicker and more efficient in killing the Terrormorphs, but might potentially mutate, which could be dangerous. It’s almost like Starfield has given gamers a Jurassic Park vs. I Am Legend dilemma, but I digress.

While you will first be informed of the choice during the “Hostile Intelligence” mission, a decision will not have to be made until the final quest, “A Legacy Forged” when you appear before the Council. Continue playing through the UC Vanguard storyline if you have not reached the final mission yet.

“A Legacy Forged” Ending Differences in Starfield

Ultimately, regardless of your decision, the UC Vanguard questline will end the same way. Your created character will be rewarded Class One citizenship for their distinctive service in the protection of the United Colonies, as well as receiving the same credits and experience for either choice. However, if you brought a companion along, the only major difference is that certain allies will like if you chose to reintroduce the Aceles, and will dislike if you choose to eliminate the Terrormorphs via microbes.

Even though there is some slight variation between the decisions, whatever choice you make does not impact Starfield’s world or story. Simply, feel free to choose the option you personally think is the correct course of action or what you imagine your created character would decide in the scenario.

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