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All Resonators in Wuthering Waves, Ranked

The meta is here.

It’s been a week since Wuthering Waves debuted and players have spent dozens of hours completing quests and exploring the world. By now, most players should have accrued enough resources to pull for characters in the gacha banner. Here’s a tier list and overview of every character in Wuthering Waves ranked from worst to best, so you can prioritize the right Resonator for your team.

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Every Resonator in Wuthering Waves Ranked

We’ve gone ahead and ranked every character in Wuthering Waves from S-tier to D-tier with the latter being the worst rating. If you scroll a little lower, you’ll find more information about each character and why they’re good or bad in Wuthering Waves’ current meta.

  • S-tier (Best) – Jiyan, Calcharo, Verina
  • A-tier – Encore, Danjin
  • B-tier – Jianxin, Sanhua, Lingyang, Mortefi, Rover
  • C-tier – Chixia, Baizhi, Aalto
  • D-tier (Worst) – Taoqi, Yangyang, Yuanwu

Jiyan – S-tier

Jiyan is an amazing single-target damage dealer, who excels at obliterating foes with Aero damage. Jiyan is the first character to debut on Wuthering Waves’ event banner and his special broadsword weapon makes him an incredible force of pure damage. He’s arguably the best DPS character in the entire game.

Calcharo – S-tier

Calcharo is Jiyan’s alternative pull and for good reason. Calcharo is an Electro DPS who can frequently dish out heavy damage-dealing attacks. He’s an all-around great character who can carry fights alone and singlehandedly take down even the strongest enemies.

Verina – S-tier

There aren’t a lot of great supports in Wuthering Waves which is why Verina is so good. Verina’s ability to heal allies and sustain fights with her regenerative Spectro powers makes her an asset any team should have. Not only is Verina the best healer in the entire game, but she’s a great starter character.

Encore – A-tier

Encore is one of the greatest damage-dealing Fusion-type characters in the entire game. Her abilities allow her to deal massive burst damage and amplify her following basic attacks with more power. She’s a pretty easy character to use and a force to be reckoned with.

Danjin – A-tier

Danjin is probably one of the hardest characters to use because she relies on the player’s overall skill to be useful. She’s a risky character who trades in her own health for more damage. Her ability set requires players to dodge, parry, and attack at precise moments. But thanks to her considerable tradeoff with her stats, Danjin’s damage output is well worth the sacrifice if a player can manage the battle.

Jianxin – B-tier

Jianxin is a great all-rounder who can deal significant damage, block incoming attacks, and remain durable. She can deal single-target and AOE damage, provide shields for the team, and parry attacks when channeling. Overall, Jianxin is a great starter and quite easy to use.

Sanhua – B-tier

With so many great DPS choices out there, Sanhua brings balance to teams. She can be used as a sub-DPS or support to provide helpful buffs or deal considerable burst damage. Sanhua is a Glacio DPS who excels at dishing out burst attacks, which makes her great for high-burst team compositions.

Lingyang – B-tier

Some characters require a level of finesse to perform well and Lingyang is one of those characters. His abilities allow him to attack mid-air and deal considerable Glacio damage. However, players need to be able to move smoothly and parry accordingly to make the most of Lingyang’s kit, which is the only downside.

Mortefi – B-tier

Mortefi is one of the most widely-used supports in the game. His abilities allow him to apply the Coordinated Attacks effect which helps allies deal more damage to an enemy. That said, Mortefi’s full potential is only achieved when paired with other players which puts him lower on this list.

Rover – B-tier

As the base character in Wuthering Waves, Rover holds its own. The character isn’t anything special, but it’s still generally pretty balanced. Rover’s flexibility to switch to various elements allows players to experiment with different builds and the character usually serves as a sub-DPS or sub-support. Plus, Rover’s a great starter character.

Chixia – C-tier

Chixia is a pretty straightforward character that excels at dealing bursts of damage rather than sustained, constant damage over time. She doesn’t fit any other role besides DPS and sub-DPS, but she can still handle mid-to-late game content just as much as anyone else. That said, Chixia’s lack of flexibility in the current meta makes her not ideal for some of the better compositions out there.

Baizhi – C-tier

Besides Verina, Baizhi is another support players can choose. Her abilities allow her to heal allies and provide support, but she’s held back by her power. Yes, she can heal and do well as a support, but by the time players reach the late game and start facing stronger enemies, Baizhi struggles to keep up. In this case, Baizhi is great to start off with because she’s free, but Verina will always be the best choice for team compositions.

Aalto – C-tier

Aalto is a situational character that works well with Jiyan or any other Aero character. He has great movement and decent damage, but most players will use Aalto for his ability to amplify the team’s Aero damage. Beyond that, there isn’t really anything worth getting excited over about Aalto’s kit.

Taoqi – D-tier

Taoqi’s ability allows her to amplify her team’s damage output, but that’s about it. She has a great fighting style that may interest players, but she lacks anything that would make her worth the time and effort. In other words, there are better sub-DPS options out there.

Yangyang – D-tier

Yangyang is a decent starter character but fails to find any usefulness later in the game. Her abilities don’t synergize well with other characters and there’s no significant benefit to using her in builds. She’s basically the below-the-average, run-of-the-mill character in Wuthering Waves.

Yuanwu – D-tier

Yuanwu doesn’t deal as much damage as most sub-DPS characters on this list and he doesn’t offer anything outside of his ability to boost Electro damage. Additionally, Yuanwu just doesn’t fit well in the current meta and offers nothing out of the ordinary.

And that’s our ranking list of the best and worst characters in Wuthering Waves. For more informational guides about Wuthering Waves like how to farm Union Levels or how to get Echoes, check out our dedicated section on Prima Games.

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