What games await at Minecraft Championship Island

All Possible Mini-Games included in MCC Island

What games await at Minecraft Championship Island?

Minecraft Championship Island, a public server that will contain many games and activities from the official Minecraft Championship, is coming “sooner than you think” according to devs. But which games will be available when MCC island is officially open? See the list below for all confirmed and expected games that the Minecraft server will bring.

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All Possible Mini-Games Included in MCC Island

So far, we know that the following games will be included:

  • Sky Battle – The goal is to gather resources, craft, and take out the opponents in three rounds that last four minutes each.
  • Hole in the Wall – A platforming mini-game where you climb a slimy wall.
  • TGTTOS – Full name of the game explains it all, it is To Get To The Other Side And Whack A Fan.
  • Two other unannounced games – Could be anything from Minecraft Championship’s history.

The following games could possibly be added later on:

  • Sands of Time – A very complex game where you and your team need to keep the timer topped up with sand while collecting gold and juggling other stuff.
  • Ace Race – Exciting race around a big track that last three laps where you must find shortcuts and avoid pitfalls.
  • Meltdown – A battle royale-like game that requires a lot of teamwork.

When will MCC Island be available?

On July 5, the account for Minecraft Championship Island tweeted an announcement with a picture of an old school ticket for MCC Island 2022 and the message “Coming sooner than you think…” Fans can interpret that as they want but hopefully, it will really be sooner than later. On their homepage, Nox Crew said, “We’ll see you on the island soon! Soonish… Eventually… We promise!”

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