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The city of New Atlantis in Starfield is a large city filled with all sorts of things to see and people to meet, making it feel living and breathing at times. You have the upper districts that are high-class, wealthy, and beautiful, while the Well provides a contrasted slums section where the lower class reside. That aside, chances are you’re here to shop around and get some new gear. Here are all New Atlantis shops in Starfield, how to get to them, and what they offer.

Every Shop in New Atlantis Listed

In total, there are15 shops in Starfield’s New Atlantis. Some serve the same purpose, while others are for more specialized goods and have a wider stock of that class of item. Without further ado, here they all are:

Ship Services Technician

Starfield Ship Services Technician
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Immediately next to your spaceship, chilling by the Trade Authority kiosk.

The Ship Services Technician offers a few services. You can either purchase one of his pre-made ships for use (provided you have the right level in the Piloting skill) or build and modify your ships to suit your needs. He also seems to think you’re a new captain, even 70 hours into the game.

Trade Authority Kiosk

Starfield Trade Authority Kiosk
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Immediately next to your ship, with the Ship Services Technician close by.

If you have anything that you want offloaded and sold for some quick and easy cash, then the Trade Authority kiosk is your best friend. The company buys just about anything, and that includes illegal contraband. The only downside is that the kiosk only has 5,000 Credits, so you won’t be selling much here.

The Viewport Bar

Starfield Distilling Confidence Mission
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: When landing at the spaceport, head through the security checkpoint and go to the left. You’ll find the Viewport bar, with Nyssa inside at the bar.

If you need a drink, then Nyssa is going to be your gal. Her drinks offer some nice temporary buffs such as Persuasion chance, O2 Recovery, Carry Capacity, and Damage Resistance. She’s a useful NPC.

Jemison Mercantile

Starfield Amoli Bava Jemison Mercantile
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: After landing in the spaceport, head through the security checkpoint and go to the left. Amoli will be inside the Jemison Mercantile store, marked by a large JM symbol.

Amoli is the clerk for Jemison Mercantile and sells a lot of random stuff. Whether you want some weapons, ammo, spacesuits, or even some Med Packs, you can purchase just about anything. It’s another great vendor to sell things to.

Terrabrew Coffee (Spaceport)

Starfield Terrabrew Coffee
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Like the previous two shops, head to the left of the security checkpoint in the spaceport. It can be found to the right of Jemison Mercantile.

Terrabrew Coffee offers about six different kinds of coffee, from Cappuccinos to Macchiatos. Each drink gives some health and temporary O2 recovery, if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in. Not the most useful shop, but it’s there.

Aphelion Realty

Starfield Aphelion Realty Clerk
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Head to the MAST District fast-travel point and head up the ramp, then immediately to the left. Next to the memorial will be Aphelion Realty, with clerk Zora Sangweni inside.

Aphelion Realty is specifically designed for if you want to get a home that you can decorate. You’ll need to be a UC Citizen though, which requires you to progress through the UC Vanguard mission line.

Terrabrew Coffee (Commercial District)

Starfield Terrabrew Coffee Commercial District
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: After going to the Commercial District, you should see the store immediately to your left.

This is very similar to the Spaceport Terrabrew Coffee store, only in the Commercial District if you don’t want to go the distance.


Starfield Whetstone
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Spawn in at the Commercial District fast-travel point, then head up the winding ramp. It’s a difficult place to miss (especially given how obnoxious its exterior is)

The Whetstone restaurant offers a choice of many alcoholic drinks that provide various buffs. However, you can also get normal human meals like a single Plum and an entire baguette.


Starfield Enhance Store
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Go to the Commercial District fast-travel point and head immediately straight. You should see the Enhance store with Warner at the counter.

If you aren’t happy with your character’s appearance, then the Enhance store is your best friend. Here, you can pay a small fee to change any aspect of your character’s appearance that you could in the character creator.


Starfield Sterile Nanotubes Outland
  • Where to Find: From the Commercial District fast-travel point, head immediately straight and past the Enhance store seen above. You should see the big Outland sign and are free to head inside.

Outland is known for selling mostly apparel but does sell a few other things as well. Here, you can find some helmets, packs, and spacesuits that suit your needs. Some offer style, others offer practicality, and conveniently, some will offer both.

Reliant Medical

Starfield Reliant Medical
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Spawn in at the Lodge fast-travel point and look immediately to your right. Just behind a rock, you’ll find the Reliant Medical shop.

Whether you need some quick patching up or want a surplus of healing supplies like Med Packs, Reliant Medical is going to be your go-to. I head here frequently since they’re an easy way to stock up on meds.

EIT Clothiers

Starfield EIT Clothiers
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Head to the Lodge fast-travel point and head to the right. Across the way from the Reliant Medical building, you should spot the EIT Clothiers store.

If you want to get some fresh clothes but want to dress very fancy, then EIT Clothiers is the place to go. Everything they offer is luxurious and expensive, perfect for getting the blood of your enemies on later.

Dawn’s Roost

Starfield Dawn's Roost
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Head to the Residential District fast-travel point and immediately turn around. You should see the large Dawn’s Roost logo, with an egg to boot.

Dawn’s Roost is a similar store to the other food and drink stores above, only that they mainly offer food. Some of their signature dishes include the Dawn’s Roost Strip and the Jemison Wellington.


Starfield Chunks
Image via Prima Games.
  • Where to Find: Teleport to the Residential District fast-travel point and look to your right. It’s a yellow building, so it’s tough to miss.

Nothing quite says appetizing like the name Chunks. This store entirely sells Chunks, food cubes flavored like the real thing yet made with nothing of the real thing. Most Chunks give just health, while select ones will provide temporary benefits.

Centaurian Arsenal

Starfield Centaurian Arsenal Weapon Shop
Centaurian Arsenal | Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Where to Find: Spawn in at the Residential District and head immediately North and to the right. Given the bronze finish surrounding the shop, this is a tough one not to spot.

Last but absolutely not least is the Centaurian Arsenal, a shop that sells all sorts of weapons and ammo. If you ever need a surplus of rounds, this is where you should be going immediately. They even sell some formidable weapons in case you find yourself lacking in firepower.

If you’re looking to farm some of the resources from these vendors, check out our guide on how to reset Vendor Balance in Starfield.

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