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All Koschei Complex Barter Recipes in COD DMZ Listed

You never know what you might need.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
DMZ Koschei Complex Recipes

Most players take their bartering needs to maps like Ashika Island and Al Mazrah, but that doesn’t mean the smaller maps don’t have some unique recipes as well. The Koschei Complex is the latest map to join the COD DMZ roster and that means another list of barter recipes are available.

Every map in COD DMZ has a different list of available items you can barter for, as well as an entirely separate list of items required to craft those items. Chemicals are the name of the game in the Koschei Complex, I went in myself to get all the recipes so you can jump in prepared.

COD DMZ – All Koschei Complex Barter Recipes Listed

Compared to the other maps, the complex has a small list of items that can be bartered for. To even find the Buy Station, you must make your way to the Factory Admin section of the map. This area leads to the boss fight against the Rhino, but it also contains the only Buy Stations in the area. Below you can find all the basic recipes.

COD DMZ Recipe List for Koschei Complex:

  • 3-Plate Comms Vest – 1 Server Tape Orange, 1 Formaldehyde
  • 3-Plate Medic Vest – 1 Tattered Lab Notes, 2 Delta Boards
  • 3-Plate Stealth Vest – 1 Chlorine, 1 Server Tape Black
  • Tempered Plate Carrier – 1 Acetic Acid
  • Scavenger Backpack – 2 Server Tapes Black, 2 Canned Foods
  • Secure Backpack – 2 Beta Boards, 1 Gold Bar
  • Skeleton Key – 1 Alpha Board, 1 Server Tape Silver, 1 Lab Code Book
  • L2 Restricted Zone Key – 4 Wrenches, 2 Scientist’s Notes

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Next to the standard Buy Station in Koschei Complex, there is a Secured Buy Station that is orange and closed shut. This station requires specific items that are outlined on the notes in the room and can change each deployment. For some extra goods, like powerful weapons, make sure to open this up as well.

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