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All Forspoken Magic Types Explained

Learn what works best for you.

by Jesse Vitelli

Forspoken allows you to wield different sets of magic corresponding to the different elements of Athia. You’ll need to swap to the different types on the fly to take out some of the more challenging enemies in the game. Here are all of the Forspoken magic types explained.

All Forspoken Magic Types Explained

There are four different types of magic in Forspoken that Frey can wield. Here are all of them.

Frey’s Magic (Purple)

This magic revolves around the earth and is the first set of magic you get. The three attacks are shield shot, burst shot, and scattershot. They focus on slinging rocks at your enemy and doing knockback damage. The support spells all have different uses, like a turret you can place on the ground, snaring your opponents to stop them from moving, and some damage of time attacks.

Tanta Silas’ Magic (Red)

Red magic focuses on fire and is all about up close and personal damage. You’ll be swinging your sword with Arc Slice, punching with Rage Slice, and divebombing with a spear using Blast Slice.

The support magic gives players the ability to put up a firewall to inflict damage, some fire NPCs to deal damage on your behalf, and the ability to kick an enemy and cause them to explode.

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Tanta Prav’s Magic (Blue)

Blue Magic is all about water. These are your great AOE spells that will knock down large groups of enemies. Using Fan Bolt and Cluster Bold will allow you to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. While it doesn’t always do the most concentrated damage, it can be vital to surviving fights with large swathes of foes.

The support magic allows you to create tidal waves, trapping enemies in a giant sphere of water and even a poisonous water snake to deal damage over time.

Tanta Olas’ Magic (Green)

Green Magic focuses on electricity and is the last set of spells you will get in Forspoken. While green magic does small damage in large bursts, you can charge up these spells to hit multiple times on an enemy for quick damage. The attack spells focus on marking targets to bit hit by chain lightning attacks.

The support magic for green consists of floating electric mines, a powerful electric spear, and some buffs for Frey’s speed and stamina.

Well, those are all of the magic types in Forspoken explained. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games. You can read our full review of Forspoken here.

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