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Forspoken: How to Claim Pre-Order Bonus Content

You'll need all the gear you can get.

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’ve picked up a copy of Forspoken that comes with some in-game pre-order bonuses, you’ll need to claim them in-game. Of course, you’ll need to do a few things first before being able to access your extra content. Here is how to claim your pre-order bonuses in Forspoken.

Forspoken: How to Claim Pre-Order Bonus Content

To access the pre-order and digital deluxe edition gear in Forspoken, you’ll need to make it to the game’s first Refuge area after completing the beginning chapter of the game. Once you’ve reached the safehouse after visiting Cipal for the first time, the items will be in the gear section of your inventory.

Just hit the touchpad, scroll over to gear, and you’ll find the cloak and necklace already in your inventory. It just doesn’t unlock until you’ve reached Cipal and made it to the safehouse inside the city.

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To unlock the Nail Design, you’ll need to progress in the main story a little bit further. Once you unlock her first Nail Design during a story quest, you’ll also have the pre-order bonus one there. This happens in chapter 3 of Forspoken, which is roughly an hour into the game. The first two chapters are very linear, and you won’t have much to do besides push forward in the main questline.

After this, the game opens up, and the world of Athia is your oyster to explore.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to claim the pre-order bonuses for Forspoekn. For more tips, tricks, and guides on Forspoken, be sure to check out Prima Games. We have everything you’ll need to protect the world of Athia and make it back home to New York City. Here’s how to get Shore Violets, one of the game’s many collectibles; you’ll need to upgrade the stats and buffs on your cloaks and necklaces.

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