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All Fish Locations in Jedi Survivor Listed

Skoova Diving!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Skoova Stev Jedi Survivor

While you explore the galaxy in Jedi Survivor, there are plenty of secret collectibles scattered around each location, and one of the most elusive are the fish that Skoova Stev catches. You may have already encountered the tiny alien with a Scottish accent, or you may have missed him, but he’s the key to catching fish.

Pyloon’s Saloon has a Fish Tank made just for collecting these fish in different locations around Jedi Survivor, and with such a short list of these aquatic collectibles, you should be prepared to have a tough time finding them all. I managed to find them all just by exploring, but there are some obstacles along the way. Here’s all Fish Locations in Jedi Survivor, Listed.

Jedi Survivor – All Skoova Stev and Fish Locations Listed

There are 12 fish that can be collected in total, and you can track the progress you’ve made by looking at the Fish Tank in Pyloon’s Saloon. The full list of the catches Skoova Stev has made can be seen on the right when interacting with the Aquarium, however, they don’t display the locations. Instead, you can find them in the list below.

Fish and Skoova Stev Locations:

  • Fingerlip Garpon: Rambler’s Reach on Kobo – Can be found behind the stables in the water. Definitely the easiest one on the list.
  • See Fish: Foothill Falls on Koboh – Near the Abandoned Shack location. This is the first Skoova Stev encounter.
  • Viscid Lurker: Phon’Qi Caverns on Koboh – Found in the caves with an entrance below the Abandoned Shack.
  • Glottsamcrab: Viscid Bog on Koboh – At the main Meditation Point where you’ll find Zygg in the swamp.
  • Blinding Rayfish: Devastated Settlement on Koboh – Found on the highest landing spot in the settlement using a Relter from the courtyard.
  • Big Mouth Faa: Rift Passage on Koboh – Found on an alternative path in the Basalt Forest on the left side of the hills.
  • Frilled Newt: Gorge Crash Site on Koboh – Search around the closest Mediation Point for an easy catch.
  • Blue-Finned Crayfish: Nekko Pools on Koboh – In between the Bygone Settlement start and the Nekko Pools end.
  • Mee Fish: Mountain Ascent on Koboh – Directly after the main green barriers, jump down to the bottom ledge and look for Skoova Stev in Jedi Survivor.
  • Barbed Hookfish: Smuggler’s Tunnel on Koboh – Reach the bottom point of the tunnels where you can jump into some water.
  • Snakefish: Anchorite Base on Jedha – Search around the Meditation Point at the base and Stev will be sitting around.
  • Faintailed Laa: Crypt of Uhrma on Jedha – Solve the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle on the wall and head through the hidden path. The final fish location will be waiting.

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Though it’s not required, Skoova Stev also has plenty of stories to tell in his unique way to match each fish that he catches in Jedi Survivor. I liked listening to his tales of glory against tiny fish, but sometimes Cal doesn’t have the time.

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