All Faction Rewards in Starfield

Not all rewards are equal. Some are just bad.

The faction quests in Starfield are a highlight of the game for more reasons than one. They offer sprawling stories, unique missions, and challenging gameplay. But more importantly, they offer great rewards. So, here are all the faction rewards in Starfield.

All Faction Rewards in Starfield

There are four factions in Starfield, each offering their own unique questline and loot. And while the rewards for the faction quests vary in their concrete value, I highly recommend you complete each one.

The United Colonies Faction Rewards

Upon completing the final United Colonies questline, you’ll gather quite a few rewards.

Completing the sixth mission, Friends Like These, will net you UC Citizenship. This will allow you to purchase an apartment in The Wells. But hold out, because once you complete the final mission, A Legacy Forged, you’ll become a First-Class Citizen. This will give you a permanent discount in New Atlantis shops, including the Trade Union. You’ll also get a free penthouse in the Residence District in the Mercury Tower.

This is easily the best house in the game.

Living room of penthouse in New Atlantis
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In terms of equipment, during the quest Hostile Intelligence, you’ll also get:

  • Armor-Plated Calibrated UC Antixeno Skip Pack
    • Skip Capacity Boostpack with Sturdy, Fastened, and Armor-Plated
  • Incendiary Calibrated Antixeno Space Helmet
    • Helmet with Beast Hunter, Analyzer, and Incendiry
  • Sentinel’s Calibrated UC Antixeno Spacesuit
    • Spacesuit with Beast Hunter, Auto-Medic, and Sentinel
  • X-989 Microgun
    • Rare Heavy Gun with Long Barrel, Laser Sight, Tactical Grip and Tactical Magazine

While these aren’t “end mission” rewards, they’re extremely good to have early game and worth taking note of.

The Freestar Collective Faction Rewards

The Freestar Collective plays the role of our space cowboys, so it only makes sense that you get something nice to ride and an outfit to match.

The final quest in the Freestar Collective faction questline, The Hammer Falls, will give you several rewards.

They are:

  • Freestar Ranger Badge
  • Justifier
    • Rifle with Long Barrel, Laser Sight, Compensator, Tactical Magazine, and Hair Trigger
  • Ranger Apparel
  • Ranger Spacesuit, Pack, and Helmet
  • The Star Eagle Ship
Screenshots by Prima Games

You can find better guns and spacesuits. But the Star Eagle makes it well worth the grind!

All Crimson Fleet Faction Rewards

So, this is one quest where you get a big choice. Do you side with SysDef or Crimson Fleet? This decision will influence what loot you get.

If you side with SysDef you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Berserker Combat Knife
  • Sysdef Formal Uniform
  • 250,000 Credits
  • If you kill Delgado: Delgado’s Outfit and weapon, Tempest
Screenshots by Prima Games

If you side with the Crimson Fleet, you’ll get the following rewards:

  • The Key remains a location
  • Apartment in the Crimson Fleet
  • 250,000 Credits
  • If you kill Ikande: Ikande’s Outfit and weapon, Unfair Advantage

There are a smattering of other rewards you can get along the way, too. The most significant among them being the Revenant, a legendary weapon you can miss during the penultimate mission.

All Ryujin Industry Faction Rewards

Out of all the faction quests, I found this the most fun… and the loot the least rewarding.

While it’s not a final mission reward, you’ll get the Operative Suit during the mission, Sabotage. This is the best stealth armor in the game, as it makes you 25% harder to detect.

Screenshots by Prima Games

Ryujin Industries also lobs a decision on you at the end. But the tangible rewards you’ll get won’t change. Those rewards are:

  • 16,400 Credits
  • An office on the Operations floor in Ryujin Industries
  • Access to the Mission Board

Yeah, that’s pretty lackluster. The office isn’t customizable, though it does have a safe and a few items in it, including some digipicks, a gun rack, and some meds. But compared to the other faction rewards, it’s easily the worst.

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