All Drifter Intrinsics in Warframe The Duviri Paradox

Unlimited power...

Within Tenshin’s Cave, you can unlock the true strength of the Drifter. But to do so, you’ll need to complete Spirals stages and earn Drifter Intrinsic Points to unlock these Intrinsics. Here are all Drifter Intrinsics in Warframe: The Duviri Paradox.

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All Drifter Intrinsics in Warframe The Duviri Paradox

Intrinsics strengthen the Drifter, enhancing combat capabilities, improved power and versatility while you’re riding Kaithe, increasing opportunity, and upping endurance while in Duviri. Here’s every single Drifter Intrinsic in the game.

Improve the Drifter’s fighting skills.  
Enhance Kaithe-riding.
Give the Drifter better luck and more options.  
Boost the Drifter’s powers of survival.   
RANK 1Deadly Decrees 
Each active Decree
grants +10% Damage. 
Summon Kaithe
Tap your first ability to
summon your Katihe. 
Expanded Decrees 
Decree selections offer one additional option. 
Fortifying Decrees
Each active Decree grants +25 Health to Drifter. 
RANK 2Adrenaline Surge
In Duviri,  Restorative boosts movement speed for 5 seconds. 
Cavalier Strength 
Increased resistance to being dismounted by an enemy. 
Expanded Arsenal
Gain two additional weapon choices in Teshin’s Cave. 
Restorative Decree
Gaining a Decree fully restores Health and Energy. 
RANK 3Transference Sync
Unlock Transference Surge, the ability to briefly summon a Warframe in Duviri by
pressing your fifth ability when the Transference bar is full. 
Hoof Stomp
While riding a Kaithe, press your third ability to command your Kaithe to stomp,
knocking enemies back and reducing their armor. 
Lucky Opener 
Gain a free Decree when you enter Duviri. 
One additional Revive is available in Duviri. 
RANK 4Swifter Strike 
In Duviri, Drifter Power Strike cooldown is reduced by 30%. 
Fast Travel
Use the map to fast travel to central Duviri locations and Materliths.
Warframe Abundance
Gain one additional Warframe option in Teshin’s Cave. 
Deft Defender
Parry grants +25 Health. Precise Parry grants +50 Health.
RANK 5Swifter Abilities 
In Duviri, Drifter ability cooldown is reduced by 20%. 
Smooth Path
Plants and rocks are marked on the map when you ride your Kaithe. 
Treasure Finder 
+50% chance to receive Rare Decrees. 
Born Survivor
+50% additional Health.
RANK 6Neural Pulse
In Duviri, the Guiding Hand
ability will expose a weakpoint on enemies for 10s. Hitting a weakpoint will deal 3x damage.
Steadfast Dismount
While riding a Kaithe,
press your fourth ability to dismount and gain 150 Overguard. 150 second cooldown between uses. 
Fresh Hand 
Discard offered Decrees and get a new selection, up to 3 times per Duviri visit. 
Precision Power
On precise parry, gain extra charge for Transference Surge.
RANK 7Weaponmaster
In Duviri, weapon critical hit chance increases by +20% additively. 
Endurance Racer
Reduce cooldown between dashes. 
Maximized Arsenal 
Gain two additional weapon choices in Teshin’s Cave. 
Sharpshooter’s Bounty 
Landing a headshot restores +10 Health/s for 5s. 
RANK 8Transference Synergy
Increase Transference Surge duration by 50%.
Unique Identity
Name your Kaithe.
Warframe Diversity 
Gain one additional Warframe option in Teshin’s Cave. 
One additional Revive is available in Duviri.
RANK 9  All Rank 9 Intrinsics apply outside of Duviri Muscle Mass
Drifter deals +25% damage. In the Origin System, both Drifter and Operator receive this boost. 
Equestrian Bond
Receive Kaithe Summon for Origin System Open World missions. 
High Value Vendor
Acrithis’s stock now includes one Arcane per day.
Tough As Old Boots
Gain +5 Health/s as Drifter. In the Origin System, both Drifter and Operator receive this boost.
RANK 10Overpowering Abilities 
In Duviri, using an Ability increases damage by 150% for 3 seconds.
Herd Travel
Use the map to fast travel to other Drifters.
Stranger in Black
An unlikely ally will occasionally appear in Teshin’s Cave as a playable Warframe. 
Cheat Death
Fatal damage leaves you at 20% Health and invulnerable for 3 seconds. 200 second cooldown. 


  • Steadfast Dismount – Overguard: 
    Overguard is a defense mechanism that grants additional Health protection and provides Knockdown Immunity as long as there is an amount remaining. Read on to learn more about combat in Duviri! 
  • Deft Defender – Precise Parry:
    Perform a Precise Parry by timing a Melee block at the exact moment an enemy is attacking. Doing so allows you to perform a finisher on them by Melee attacking while they are vulnerable.
  • Rank 9 Intrinsics: 
    All Rank 9 Intrinsics apply outside of Duviri to both your Drifter and to Operator, which will allow you to take your earned abilities and apply them to your combat and experiences outside of the Paradox’s grasp. 

The Duviri Paradox update has added a significant amount of content to Warframe. The Drifter Intrinsics are just a small part of that. Check out the full details of everything that’s been brought to the game here: Warframe April 26 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed.

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