Warframe April 26 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

It's like a whole new game

If you’re like me, you’ve watched the Duviri Paradox and marveled at its cinematics and theorized about the strange powers and world of this new protagonist. And while it’s been weeks since we’ve seen the last trailer, we finally get to explore that world for ourselves. Here’s the Warframe April 26 Update: Full Patch Notes, listed.

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Warframe April 26 Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

So, the long awaited Duviri Paradox update for Warframe is here! And with it comes so many new things to do. Like, so many. Let’s jump right into everything added to the game.

Duviri is here! The precise where and when has been hard to pinpoint, but Drifter’s time in Duviri is finally becoming clear. Start The Duviri Paradox Quest to experience a never-ending spiral  of life, death, and rebirth at the hands of Dominus Thrax. All Tenno, including those brand new to Warframe, will be able to dive into The Duviri Paradox straight away. After quest completion, there are three Game Modes for experiencing Duviri:

  • THE CIRCUIT: Focused on Warframe combat within the Undercroft, The Circuit revolves around endless gameplay objectives in the Undercroft with rotating weekly rewards. Pick your difficulty and reward track, complete rounds to fill out the track, and claim rewards such as new Arcanes, Incarnon Genesis, or even blueprints to build an entire Warframe! 
  • THE DUVIRI EXPERIENCE: Duviri as it is meant to be played – the Open Landscape experience with a Spiral story, side activities, and open exploration. This game mode  allows a Tenno to experience everything that Duviri has to offer.
  • THE LONE STORY: A streamlined version of Duviri with only the Spiral story for Tenno looking to face the Orowyrm’s fury as fast as possible. 

When exploring Duviri’s mind-bending reality, you can expect to encounter:

  • SPIRALS: Duviri is at the whim of Dominus Thrax’ Spiral, with each Spiral featuring its own story, unique threats, and changing environment for the citizens of Duviri.
  • DECREES: Specialized Drifter and Warframe upgrades unique to each Duviri visit. Completing activities in Duviri grants a choice between randomized upgrades, improving your chances against the challenges found in Duviri and The Undercroft. 
  • DRIFTER MELEE: Drifter has taken up melee weapons to fight back. Block incoming attacks to parry for a quick strike, or take Dax down hard with a Power Strike. 
  • THE UNDERCROFT: The Undercroft hosts familiar warriors of various origins, rewriting Duviri’s rules to allow Warframe combat. 
  • DRIFTER INTRINSICS: Enhance the Drifter within Duviri with permanent upgrades aimed to improve Combat, Riding, Opportunity, and Endurance.
  • KAITHE: A customizable mount able to carry you above, below, and through the many islands of Duviri.
  • SIDE ACTIVITIES: Duviri has significantly more to experience, including new enemies, Orowyrm boss fights, plus a wealth of side activities including Maw Feeding, Shawzin playing, Komi, with many others to find!  

The Duviri Paradox update comes with far more to discover beyond the bounds of Dominus Thrax’ imagined reality. There are new Incarnon Geneses, Arcanes, and Cosmetics which can all be used across Warframe: 

  • INCARNON GENESES: Imbue your weapons with the power of the Void, unlocking specialized upgrades. Masters of the Steel Path Circuit can earn these to breathe new power into a pool of old favorites. 
  • NEW MELEE WEAPONS: Drifters and Warframes alike can use five new Melee Weapons coming with Duviri! Take down the Orowyrm to earn Pathos Clamps and use them to unlock these new Weapons and their Blueprints.
  • NEW DELUXE SKINS & CUSTOMIZATIONS: Community artist concepts turned into reality, the Baruuk Doan and Wisp Somnium Collections are here! Look out for new Drifter Transference Suits, Drifter facial hair, and Visage Inks available on the Market for Platinum.

Duviri needs you, Drifter. Dominus Thrax controls the Spiral and only you can break the cycle. Each new Spiral is a chance to discover the power you hold and bring change – bring color – to Duviri. Challenge Dominus Thrax and earn your escape from this endless cycle. 

The Duviri Paradox is available to every Tenno, whether they’ve been playing for 10 years or are just starting today. 

It’s time to enter Duviri and break the never-ending spiral!

The Duviri Paradox is a Mainline Update, meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of Citrine’s Last Wish earlier this year is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things can slip through the cracks so we will be looking at reports here for any fixes and changes for follow-up Hotfixes to come. 

Thank you as always for your detailed bug reports and constructive feedback!

  • New Players, Choose Your Path 
  • The Duviri Paradox Quest
  • Enter Duviri 
  • The Duviri Experience
  • The Lone Story
  • The Circuit
  • Teshin’s Cave 
  • Select Loadout
  • Drifter Intrinsics
  • Select Drifter Melee Weapon
  • Drifter Combat 
  • Customize Drifter
  • Customize Kaithe
    • Kaithe In-Game Market Packs
  • The Spirals
    • The Spiral Tales
    • Decrees
    • The Undercroft
    • The Orowyrm 
  • Kaithe Mount
    • Kaithe Controls 
    • Kaithe Abilities
  • Side Objectives
    • Maw Feeding
    • Conservation
    • Shawzin Playing 
    • Enigmas
      • New Weapon: Cinta 
    • Hidden Chests
    • Play Komi
    • Kaithe Racing
    • Tamm Herding
    • Rescue Prisoners
    • Assemble The Shrines
    • Reconnect The Power Lines
  • Explore The Duviri Landscape
    • Map Locations 
    • Duviri Enemies
    • Materliths
    • Duviri Resources
  • Duviri On The Steel Path
  • The Dormizone – A Passage Unlocked
  • The Lost Islands Of Duviri Fragments
  • The Duviri Vendor: Acrithis 
  • New Arcanes
  • New Gamemode: The Circuit
    • The Gameplay
    • Choose Your Reward Path
    • Steel Path Circuit 
  • Incarnon Genesis 
  • New In-Game Market Items & Bundles
  • New Dojo Room And Decorations
  • New Dojo Pigments 
  • Bishamo Hawk & Lark Armor Sets 
  • New Sound Ambience System 
  • Enhanced Graphics Engine New Default On PC
  • PC Supported Specs Change 
  • Additions 
  • Changes
  • Optimizations
  • Fixes 


If you are new to Warframe, welcome! Your journey starts now on a path of your choosing. Upon opening the game for the first time you will be presented with two options to get started: The Warframe Path or the Paradox Path! 

This path may feel natural to you, a warrior of curious origins and frightening power. This way lies a Warframe that you will command at once… with the marauding Grineer Empire closing in around you. 

Begin as the Warframe, a weapon possessing supernatural abilities and strength. Explore the Origin System and the many mysteries that lie within it. Your journey begins with your Awakening, where you will choose a starter Warframe and Weapons to take on the many challenges ahead. 

A road less traveled. A looping paradox that spirals ‘round the folds of time and reality to begin your story from an end. Here you are a prisoner of a twisted king, powerless, or so it seems. 

Begin as the Drifter, a mysterious vagabond from a different timeline. Your journey begins with The Duviri Paradox Quest, where you will explore a place that exists outside of the bounds of the reality we know. From here you will still learn how to master the art of the Warframe, but for a different purpose.    

This may seem like a big decision now, but do not fear the commitment. For in time, these paths will eventually converge. Either path will uncover new truths, skills, and more that are beneficial to your overall progress regardless of the choice you make now. In other words, all of Warframe’s content will be accessible to you one way or another in due time! 

Before you are presented this decision, you will first be able to customize your game settings via a curated menu immediately upon login. Further customization options will become available as you progress in your chosen Path! 


Ever get that feeling you’re stuck? Spinning inside your little wheel, day in and day out. Only to find… you’re right back where you started.

The Drifter is trapped in Duviri, suspended in a never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth for the entertainment of the Mad King, Dominus Thrax. When all hope feels lost, an unexpected arrival and the reappearance of friends both old and new may finally spell the answer to escape the Paradox. 

The Duviri Paradox Quest is a solo experience and is available immediately upon login for all existing players via the Codex or the new Duviri region in your Navigation. 

All players have access to this Quest, provided they are not currently committed to a restricted segment of another Quest (ex: The War Within, The New War, etc.).

Completing the Quest rewards you the following:  

  • Your very own Histornam Kaithe mount to use in Duviri 
  • The Sun & Moon Melee Weapon for Drifter 
  • The Sun & Moon Melee Weapon Blueprint for Warframes 
  • The Mountain’s Edge Dual Nikanas Stance Mod for Warframes
  • Access to enter The Duviri Experience, The Lone Story, and The Circuit (read the following section to learn how to enter Duviri)


Upon completing The Duviri Paradox Quest, the following Duviri entry points become available to you: 

Via the Navigation Console: 
Select the Duviri Region at the top right of the screen. 

Via the Dormizone: 
Any player who has completed the Duviri Paradox Quest can access the Dormizone through the Duviri Region in your Navigation. Those who have completed the Angels of the Zariman Quest can also access the Dormizone from its usual spot in the Zariman.

Via these entry points, Duviri can be experienced in 3 different ways; The Duviri Experience, The Lone Story, and The Circuit. Each with their own unique structure and gameplay! 

For players who have ventured into the Origin System, you will see some familiar systems cross over into the world of Duviri:

  • Your actions in Duviri contribute to Nightwave Acts.
    • If you are a player who has not completed the Vor’s Prize Quest (i.e. you have only taken the Paradox Path), you will also be able to progress in Nightwave Acts. However, you will not be able to access the Nightwave Menu until you have completed Vor’s Prize. 
  • You can earn Affinity on owned Warframes and Weapons used in the Undercroft.
    • Standing for Pledged Syndicates can also be earned from this Affinity.
  • Relevant Boosters apply to your gameplay.
    • NOTE: Affinity Boosters do not impact the Drifter Intrinsics earned, as these rewards are not Affinity based.
  • Focus can be earned from equipped Lenses and from Thrax foes.


Duviri as it was intended to be played. STORY (Spiral) and SIDE OBJECTIVES together. You will be given a series of tasks through a guided story featuring the many colorful characters residing in the Paradox.

Just the SPIRAL’s story. Duviri devoid of all side objectives. Focus all of your attention on the story-telling as it happens in real time! 

The Lone Story offers the same challenges and rewards as The Duviri Experience for completing the story stages.

A brand new Warframe-only gamemode. Battle through an endless chain of missions in the Undercroft with rotating weekly rewards. Read the full “The Circuit” section to learn more!


Teshin’s Cave is where you make preparations for the challenges before you. Unlike other open landscapes, it is not a hub. It is just as much a part of Duviri as anything else, and acts as the true beginning to your journey within Duviri. 

Here you will be able to select a LOADOUT, invest in DRIFTER INTRINSICS, select/purchase a DRIFTER MELEE WEAPON, and customize your Drifter and KAITHE.  


Upon entering Teshin’s Cave, you will be presented with randomized Warframe and Weapon options. These options are pulled directly from your Arsenal, and at least 1 of the options from each category (Warframe, Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, and Melee Weapon) will be something you do not own*. 

*Unowned Warframes and Weapons will always be the base version. This means only Excalibur, not Excalibur Prime; only the Hek, not the Vaykor Hek or Kuva Hek.

Unless of course you do in fact own everything – you go getter! In a similar fashion, if you have less than 10 unowned Warframes, those Warfames have a lower chance of appearing in the Cave to prevent repeated options across each Spiral. A similar methodology is applied to Weapon selections as well. 

The most powerful version (based on stats and bonus effects) of the Warframe and Weapon variants you own will be offered in Teshin’s Cave (e.g. Hildryn Prime vs. Hildryn if you own both). 

At the base rank of the Drifter Opportunity Intrinsics, 3 Warframe options, one of each Weapon type (Primary, Secondary, and Melee), and an additional weapon of any type are offered. Unlocking certain Opportunity Drifter Intrinsic Ranks will increase the number of Warframe and Weapon options available to choose from. Read the “Drifter Intrinsics” section below to learn more! 

Each new Spiral means a new set of randomized options become available, granting you new opportunities to take on whatever the mad king throws at you. Successfully extracting from a mission in Duviri (either by defeating the Orowyrm and using the Portal, or by selecting “Extract” in the Circuit Stage Completion Screen) will also randomize the equipment available in Teshin’s Cave on your next visit.   

Teshin’s Cave provides safe ground for you to test and practice all of the equipment available – you are not bound to any of your selections until you leave the Cave via the portal to the Duviri landscape, so play around as much as you like before committing! Swapping your Warframe or using the “Configure” context action will refill its Energy.

1. Select Your Warframe:
A most important choice is to be made – select from the Warframe options available to level the battlefield with their unique strengths and abilities. 

Teshin has a list of Warframes specially curated for Tenno who are Mastery Rank 3 and below. The following are intended to teach the foundations of the way of the Warframe:

  • Frost
  • Mirage
  • Nezha 
  • Oberon
  • Protea
  • Rhino
  • Saryn
  • Styanax 
  • Wukong 
  • Volt
  • Excalibur 
  • Mag  

Increasing your Mastery beyond Rank 3 by exploring the Origin System, and ranking up your equipment will unlock the full list of potential Warframes that can appear in Teshin’s Cave. 

You can learn about each of the Warframes available by approaching them and using the “Configure” context action. Here you see their stats and learn about their passive and abilities by hovering over each ability icon. 

2. Select Your Weapons: 
After selecting your Warframe, the next step becomes available – choosing which Primary, Secondary, and Melee Weapons to bring into the fray. 

You can view the stats of the Weapons available by approaching them and using the “Configure” context action. 

Modular weapons (Zaws & Kitguns) are not eligible to appear in Teshin’s Cave, as well as Heavy Weapons (since they require Gear Wheel access to spawn in mission). 

Warframe & Weapon Appearance: 
Warframes and Weapons you own use the Appearance Config A from your Arsenal, while those you don’t own are set to their default. To change the appearance of the Weapons you own, simply return to the Dormizone or Orbiter and customize Appearance Config A via the Arsenal. 

(TIP: You can drag Config names to change their order in both your Appearance and Upgrade menus)

In-Game Market – Teshin’s Cave Offerings:
If you wish to procure the items shown in Teshin’s Cave, there is a Duviri-specific “Teshin’s Cave Offerings” in-game Market tab that contains the Warframes and Weapons that appeared in your last visit to the Cave. 

From here you can gain instant access to these items by purchasing them with Platinum or learn about how you can earn them by exploring the Origin System!

3. Select Your Mod Configurations 
A crucial element to both Warframe and Weapons alike – power upgrades! Mods are quintessential to increasing your equipment’s effectiveness against enemies.  

Mod Configurations can be selected for your Warframe and Weapons by using the “Configure” context action when approaching them in Teshin’s Cave. 

Here you are able to choose from all of your existing Configs* for equipment that you own. DEFAULT MOD CONFIGS are also available and are the default option for unowned equipment. Configs with 40+ used Mod Capacity will appear first, instead of the Default Mod Config.

*Configs must have at least 1 Mod equipped to appear as an option. 

Existing Mod Configs available in Teshin’s Cave mirror those from your Arsenal, but also apply the following upgrades, such as:

  • Arcanes (tied to the specific Config it was equipped)
    • Arcane Revives: In addition to the revives granted to Tenno who have unlocked Rank 3 (Determination) and 8 (Tenacity) of the Endurance Intrinsics, revives from Warframe Arcanes also apply to the total count usable in Duviri! 
  • Helminth Infused Abilities (tied to the specific Config it was assigned to) 
  • Helminth Invigorations (applied to all Configs)
  • Archon Shards (applied to all Configs)

Default Mod Configs:
Default Mod Configs are Mod presets for each of the Warframes and Weapons that appear in Teshin’s Cave. Each and every Warframe and Weapon have their very own curated combination of Mods based on their unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses. These are meant to be mid-game builds for newer players to use, but well-equipped Tenno can use their own builds instead if they choose to.

Warframes have 6 guaranteed Ability and Survivability Mods (Flow, Continuity, Streamline, Stretch, Intensify, and Vitality) and 2 Mods based on a Warframe’s specific Health, Shield, and Armor stats (e.g. Redirection, Steel Fiber, etc.).

Weapons have 3 guaranteed base Mods (like Serration, Split Chamber, and Vigilante Armaments for Primaries, or Pressure Point, Fury and Reach for Melees), 3 Mods determined by the weapon’s stat strengths (Critical Chance/Damage, Status Effect, etc.) and 2 Mods based on Damage type (Physical and Elemental Damage). 

Damage mods try to match the weapon’s existing strength, so for instance the flamethrower Ignis will only get Heat Damage Mods. There are specific situations where we override certain Mods, like not equipping Flow on Hildryn or Lavos, or excluding fire rate Mods on weapons like the Tonkor or Exergis.

Unowned Warframes and weapons use Default Mods exclusively (which can be viewed by using the “Configure” button). The “Configure” button will also show you details about the Warframe, such as their stats and abilities, so that you can get familiar with them before heading out into Duviri! 

You can swap between Mod Configs at any point in the Cave by simply re-approaching the pedestal where it spawned and use the “Configure” context action. 

To customize the Mods in your Mod Configs of owned equipment, return to the safety of your Orbiter or Dormizone to access the Arsenal. Any and all changes applied to the Mod Configs in your Arsenal will appear in Teshin’s Cave for the Warframe and Weapons you own. 

If you thrive in the unknown, you can also jump into Duviri without making any equipment  selections. Doing so will simply randomize a chosen loadout for you (including their Mod Configs). 


Within TESHIN’S CAVE you can unlock the true power of the Drifter. Earn Drifter Intrinsic Points by completing the main stages of the Spirals, tackling side objectives within the Duviri landscape, and by surviving The Circuit. 

Intrinsics strengthen the Drifter by providing enhanced COMBAT capabilities, improved power and versatility when RIDING Kaithe, increased OPPORTUNITY, and a higher proclivity towards ENDURANCE while in Duviri. 

Improve the Drifter’s fighting skills.  
Enhance Kaithe-riding.
Give the Drifter better luck and more options.  
Boost the Drifter’s powers of survival.   
RANK 1Deadly Decrees 
Each active Decree
grants +10% Damage. 
Summon Kaithe
Tap your first ability to
summon your Katihe. 
Expanded Decrees 
Decree selections offer one additional option. 
Fortifying Decrees
Each active Decree grants +25 Health to Drifter. 
RANK 2Adrenaline Surge
In Duviri,  Restorative boosts movement speed for 5 seconds. 
Cavalier Strength 
Increased resistance to being dismounted by an enemy. 
Expanded Arsenal
Gain two additional weapon choices in Teshin’s Cave. 
Restorative Decree
Gaining a Decree fully restores Health and Energy. 
RANK 3Transference Sync
Unlock Transference Surge, the ability to briefly summon a Warframe in Duviri by
pressing your fifth ability when the Transference bar is full. 
Hoof Stomp
While riding a Kaithe, press your third ability to command your Kaithe to stomp,
knocking enemies back and reducing their armor. 
Lucky Opener 
Gain a free Decree when you enter Duviri. 
One additional Revive is available in Duviri. 
RANK 4Swifter Strike 
In Duviri, Drifter Power Strike cooldown is reduced by 30%. 
Fast Travel
Use the map to fast travel to central Duviri locations and Materliths.
Warframe Abundance
Gain one additional Warframe option in Teshin’s Cave. 
Deft Defender
Parry grants +25 Health. Precise Parry grants +50 Health.
RANK 5Swifter Abilities 
In Duviri, Drifter ability cooldown is reduced by 20%. 
Smooth Path
Plants and rocks are marked on the map when you ride your Kaithe. 
Treasure Finder 
+50% chance to receive Rare Decrees. 
Born Survivor
+50% additional Health.
RANK 6Neural Pulse
In Duviri, the Guiding Hand
ability will expose a weakpoint on enemies for 10s. Hitting a weakpoint will deal 3x damage.
Steadfast Dismount
While riding a Kaithe,
press your fourth ability to dismount and gain 150 Overguard. 150 second cooldown between uses. 
Fresh Hand 
Discard offered Decrees and get a new selection, up to 3 times per Duviri visit. 
Precision Power
On precise parry, gain extra charge for Transference Surge.
RANK 7Weaponmaster
In Duviri, weapon critical hit chance increases by +20% additively. 
Endurance Racer
Reduce cooldown between dashes. 
Maximized Arsenal 
Gain two additional weapon choices in Teshin’s Cave. 
Sharpshooter’s Bounty 
Landing a headshot restores +10 Health/s for 5s. 
RANK 8Transference Synergy
Increase Transference Surge duration by 50%.
Unique Identity
Name your Kaithe.
Warframe Diversity 
Gain one additional Warframe option in Teshin’s Cave. 
One additional Revive is available in Duviri.
RANK 9  All Rank 9 Intrinsics apply outside of Duviri Muscle Mass
Drifter deals +25% damage. In the Origin System, both Drifter and Operator receive this boost. 
Equestrian Bond
Receive Kaithe Summon for Origin System Open World missions. 
High Value Vendor
Acrithis’s stock now includes one Arcane per day.
Tough As Old Boots
Gain +5 Health/s as Drifter. In the Origin System, both Drifter and Operator receive this boost.
RANK 10Overpowering Abilities 
In Duviri, using an Ability increases damage by 150% for 3 seconds.
Herd Travel
Use the map to fast travel to other Drifters.
Stranger in Black
An unlikely ally will occasionally appear in Teshin’s Cave as a playable Warframe. 
Cheat Death
Fatal damage leaves you at 20% Health and invulnerable for 3 seconds. 200 second cooldown. 


Steadfast Dismount – Overguard: 
Overguard is a defense mechanism that grants additional Health protection and provides Knockdown Immunity as long as there is an amount remaining. Read on to learn more about combat in Duviri! 

Deft Defender – Precise Parry:
Perform a Precise Parry by timing a Melee block at the exact moment an enemy is attacking. Doing so allows you to perform a finisher on them by Melee attacking while they are vulnerable.

Rank 9 Intrinsics: 
All Rank 9 Intrinsics apply outside of Duviri to both your Drifter and to Operator, which will allow you to take your earned abilities and apply them to your combat and experiences outside of the Paradox’s grasp. 

Equestrian Bond – Kaithe Summon: 
Tenno who have unlocked this Intrinsic will be able to summon their Kaithe for Warframe and Drifter to ride in Open Landscapes using the KAITHE SUMMON item in their Gear Wheel (similar to Archwing Launcher). Once equipped, it will automatically appear in the left corner of your Gear Wheel (similar to the Omni Tool in Railjack missions). Kaithe abilities are available as well! 

  • Note: Operators are currently not set-up to ride the Kaithe either in Duviri or in Open world missions, we may revisit the tech necessary for this functionality to occur but it won’t be available on launch. 

Mastery Points
Drifter Intrinsics also grants Mastery Points towards your next Mastery Rank test! Each Intrinsic Rank unlocked rewards 1,500 Mastery Points for a total of 60k after completing all categories. 


The Drifter is keen on close combat – give them the tools they need to devastate the enemies patrolling Duviri. 

In addition to the Sun & Moon Dual Nikanas earned from completing The Duviri Paradox Quest, there are other Melee weapons available to earn or purchase. Find them located in the far right corner of Teshin’s Cave. 

Each of the following Melee weapons can be used for both Warframe (Duviri and Origin System) and Drifter (Duviri only) combat and have unique attributes for each!

Teshin’s twin blades.

  • Warframe: Sun & Moon is the first of the Dual Nikana category! Paired with the new Mountain’s Edge Stance Mod, create sharp movements with wide reach.
  • Drifter: Power Strike sends forth two arcs of explosive energy.

Syam is at home in the hands of a focused warrior.

  • Warframe: Its Heavy Attacks send forth shockwaves.
  • Drifter: Power Strike unleashes a flurry of deadly slashes.

Azothane calls the visionary warrior to turn the tides of battle.

  • Warframe: Block and melee attack at the same time to plunge Azothane into the ground, damaging nearby enemies with a shockwave and adding to the combo counter.
  • Drifter: Power Strike plunges Azothane into the ground to summon five celestial blades that temporarily fight alongside Drifter and then explode.

Edun befits a dextrous warrior.

  • Warframe: Heavy Attack to throw Edun. Edun explodes after it is embedded in an enemy.
  • Drifter: Power Strike stuns and blinds enemies by surrounding them with a cloud of dust.

A warrior who prefers brute force will make the most of Sampotes.

  • Warframe: Its Slams and Heavy Slams have an extended area of effect.
  • Drifter: Power Strike slams Sampotes into the ground to damage enemies with a shockwave.

There are two ways to obtain these Melee weapons: 

1. Instant Access with Platinum: 
Immediately unlocks for use by both Drifter and Warframe alike. The purchased Melee weapon can be equipped for Drifter via Teshin’s Cave before entering Duviri and via the Arsenal for Warframes. Each Melee weapon can be purchased individually or in the following bundle in the in-game Market!

Strike your enemies down with weapons that are just as elegant as they are powerful. The Heavy Strike Melee Bundle includes the Azothane, Syam, Edun, and Sampotes melee weapons for your Drifter (Duviri) and Warframes (Duviri and Origin System). 

2. Earn Blueprints with Pathos Clamps: 
Immediately unlocks to be used by Drifter. For Warframe use, a Blueprint will be sent to your Foundry to be crafted. 

After obtaining your new Melee weapon, you can practice your melee skills on the dummy located to the right of the weapons. Here you can get familiar with the basics of meleeing as the Drifter.

Earning Mastery for these new Melee weapons is tied exclusively to Warframe use.

Read on to the DRIFTER COMBAT section below to learn more about how to wield your Melee weapon and more!


Ready your Drifter with the skills necessary to take on the dangers of Duviri.

In addition to the base Melee (Duviri only) and ranged attacks, the following can be performed with Drifter to catch enemies off guard. 

Quick Shot (Ranged)
Hold Right Mouse Button + Left Click to take a quick shot with your Sirocco pistol while your Melee weapon is equipped. 

Power Strike (Melee)
Hold Right Mouse Button + Middle Mouse Button to use your current equipped Melee weapon’s specialized attack.

After performing a Power Strike, a cooldown meter will appear underneath your reticle to indicate when it can be used again. 

Target Lock (Melee)
Press R to lock onto an enemy in your reticle (use again to disable and refocus onto another target if needed) to focus your Melee strikes on them. 

Target Lock also works on Conservation animals (not including ambient). 

Parry (Melee)
Hold Right Mouse Button to counter enemy melee and ranged attacks with a well timed block! Use X to perform a finisher while they are vulnerable. Reflect ranged attacks from ranged enemies right before projectiles hit you. 

The Drifter is equipped with abilities for increased mobility, tracking, and combat! Once you have unlocked your Abilities via the Duviri Paradox Quest, you can test them out freely in Teshin’s Cave!

1. Summon/Dismount Kaithe 
Unlocked at Rank 1 of the Riding Drifter Intrinsics. 

Summon your Kaithe. Cast again to dismount. Dismounting can also be performed by melee attacking and can occur when taking damage from enemies. 

2. Guiding Hand
Cast to release a guiding light that will lead you to the next main objective, or other side objectives in the area. Guiding Hand will prioritize Conservation targets once a Conservation encounter has started. 

3. Restorative 
Cast to restore 100 Health to Drifter and clear Status Effects. 

4. Smoke Screen
Cast to throw a smoke grenade that releases smoke in a 10 meter radius, turning Drifter and teammates invisible while inside of it. 


Approach the mirror in Teshin’s Cave to change your look to your liking! Select your Drifter’s Clothing (Facial Accessories, Transference Suit, Sigil, Attachments, Animation Sets, and Syandana) and their Features (Head, Hair/Beard Style, Eyes, Voice, and Visage Ink). 

There are endless combinations to dazzle the Duviri citizens and really give them a show!

New Drifter Transference Suits! 
The Drifter Loneryder and Feldune outfits are here and available for purchase! Each piece from these collections can be purchased separately or as a collection available in the in-game Market: 

Drifter Loneryder Collection
Look sharp after miles on the dusty trail. Fitted for The Drifter. Includes the Loneryder Hood, Suit, Sleeves, and Pants. 

Drifter Feldune Collection
Ready yourself for the heat of battle. Fitted for The Drifter. Includes the Feldune Hood, Suit, Sleeves, Pants and Gear. 

New Visage Inks!
Several new Visage Inks are available to add more style to your Drifter! The Sharpshooter, Heavy Striker, Manipura, and Aru Visage Inks can be purchased with Platinum individually or in the following collection available in the in-game Market: 

Paradox Visage Ink Collection 
The Tales of Duviri storybook finds expression in these designs. The Paradox Visage Ink Collection includes Sharpshooter, Heavy Striker, Manipura, and Aru Visage Ink.

*Visage Ink can only be applied to Drifter. Each of these Visage Inks can also be purchased individually. 

New Drifter Beards! 
Facial hair is here for Drifter! There are 4 styles of beard to choose from when customizing your Drifter in the Arsenal, Dormizone, or Teshin’s Cave. In addition to the one free scruff style (Drifter Beard 004), the others can be purchased with Platinum from those locations. 

New Drifter Hairstyle!
A new hairstyle, Operator Cut 002, from the featured Drifter in The Duviri Paradox trailers is available for free to all Tenno with a Drifter — whether you have completed The Duviri Paradox Quest, or have accessed them in another way. 

New Drifter Animation Sets! 
The Drifter Agile and Noble Animation Sets are here! They are available to equip for free in the Drifter customization screens under the Clothing > Animation Set tab. 

*Drifter animation sets are unique to the Drifter and cannot be equipped on Operator (and vice versa). 


A trusty steed to help you traverse the Duviri Landscape! Adorn your mount with all the bells and whistles. Kaithes come with a variety of customizations to choose from! Make yours truly unique to you by changing their features, color, and more. Read the “Kaithe Mount” section to learn more! 

Kaithes come in a multitude of species, each with their own history. The Histornam Kaithe is available after completing The Duviri Paradox Quest, while other Kaithe species are available for purchase with Platinum individually or in the in-game Market Packs listed below. Pedigree purchases come with their respective tails!

  • Aetigo: Aetigo Kaithes are a native species of Duviri’s southernmost island. Their emerald eyes once reflected the verdant plains they roamed, but when the island was reduced to ash, their eyes faded to nothing.
  • Histornam: It is said that the great Dominus Thrax prefers Histornam Kaithes above all other breeds. It was on the back of a Histornam Kaithe that Thrax himself learned to ride.
  • Psyacus: Psyacus Kaithes inspire fear in the faint of heart. Common wisdom among Duviri citizens holds that those who mount the Psyacus Kaithe must be either courageous or heartless.

Chamfrons are stylish head armor each with its own unique flair. Individual Chamfroms are available for purchase with Platinum and are also part of the in-game Market Packs listed below. 

  • Sviari: The might of the Kaithe rider is expressed through the Sviari Chamfron’s sharp horns.
  • Dyrncaul: The Dyrncaul Chamfron’s curved horns are reminiscent of the Tamm, a creature whose happiness is said to bring good fortune.
  • Irdeni: The Irdeni Chamfron is reminiscent of the ever-changing hues in Duviri’s sky.
  • Kheyur: The Kheyur Chamfron benefits any formal occasion.

Tails can be obtained with Platinum by purchasing Pedigrees (which come with their respective Tails) or by purchasing individual Tails in Teshin’s Cave and in the in-game Market. They are also part of the in-game Market Packs listed below. 

  • Aetigo: The Aetigo Kaithe came into being with this dignified tail.
  • Histornam: The Histornam Kaithe came into being with this regal tail.
  • Psyacus: The Psyacus Kaithe came into being with this tapered tail.
  • Caersid: The Caersid Tail bespeaks the spirit of the vengeful warrior.
  • Heoro: A Kaithe with the Heoro Tail evokes glory.
  • Velific: Adorn the movements of an elegant Kaithe with the Velific Tail.
  • Aebolg: Bones laid bare in the Aebolg Tail are a reminder to appreciate the gift of life.

For a Drifter looking to make their time riding on Kaithe as comfortable as can be. Individual Saddles are available for purchase with Platinum and are also part of the in-game Market Packs listed below.

  • Dovin: The Dovin Saddle’s deep curve and lightweight structure make for strong balance and gentle communication with the Kaithe.
  • Vaidurian: The Vaidurian Saddle’s comfortable and sturdy design is ideal for those long hours riding Kaithes.
  • Sohseki: Style and comfort meet in the Sohseki Saddle. Its padding provides stability and protection during jumps.

For Tenno who love Kaithes as much as Kaithes love them, the following packs are available for Platinum in the in-game Market!

Grassland Steed Pack
Tales of Duviri tells of Aetigo Kaithes that roamed verdant plains. The Grassland Steed Pack brings that aesthetic to life. 

Includes the Aetigo Kaithe, Caersid Tail, Svirari Chamfron, and Sohseki Saddle. 

Outland Steed Pack
Tales of Duviri tells of Psyacus Kaithes that inspired fear in the faint of heart. The Outland Steed Pack embodies a courageous aesthetic.

Includes the Psyacus Kaithe, Aebolg Tail, Irdeni Chamfron, and Dovin Saddle. 

Steed’s Regalia Pack
In Tales of Duviri, good riders ensure their Kaithes are well-appointed. 

Includes the Heoro Tail, Velific Tail, Dyrncaul Chamfron, Kheyur Chamfron, and Vaidurian Saddle. 

Royal Steed Pack
The Royal Steed Pack is worthy of a king. It contains everything from both the Grassland and Outland Steed Packs. It also includes the Steed’s Regalia Pack.


The denizens of Duviri call upon the aid of the Drifter during each SPIRAL. Let the tale of a particular citizen of Duviri guide you through the tempest of Dominus Thrax’s emotional turmoil as they work through their own emotional journey. 

Complete a variety of challenges that force you to rely on a robust set of skills while earning DECREES that will grant you different tactical advantages throughout your mission. 

As you delve into each Spiral, your narrator will present you with tasks similar to Bounty Stages.  Overcome those within Duviri as the Drifter, and access portals to fight with your selected Warframe in THE UNDERCROFT. 

If you successfully make it to the finale of the respective Spiral, prepare to battle the OROWYRM and its WYRMLINGS

Completing main Spiral Stages and side objectives will earn you DRIFTER INTRINSICS and other rewards. Use these in your next visit to Teshin’s Cave to unlock new skills and abilities for the Drifter’s journey in Duviri. 

The Spiral Tales
Dominus Thrax is a creature of emotion, and his world is at the whim of his every Spiral. Each Spiral paints Duviri with a wash of intense emotion, altering its weather and environment, and inflicting chaos on all those who inhabit its lands. Learn more about how the Spirals affect Duviri in the “Explore Duviri Landscape” section. 

There are a total of 5 Spirals, each with their own unique story and featured characters narrated by a voice that may be distantly familiar to some Tenno. 

They rotate in the following order every 2 hours and change the landscape with it: 

1. JOY
Tale Of “The Harbinger of Joy” 
Don’t be fooled by the softness of Duviri during this Spiral, Tenno. The Harbinger of Joy tells the tale of Mathila. 

During the Joy Spiral, enemies are imbued with Void Damage, causing their attacks to take new form; from devastating waves of Void energy to health leeching pulses on impact. 

Tale Of “The Prince of Fire” 
Skies of crimson engulf Duviri during this Spiral. The Prince of Fire tells the tale of Lodun and the rage felt over his royalty holding no real authority.

During the Anger Spiral, enemies are imbued with Heat Damage, causing their attacks to take new form; from molten fireballs that explode on impact to trails of flames left behind by charging enemies. 

Tale of “The Covetous Courtier” 

The green gaze of envy watches you from the sky, Tenno. The Covetous Courtier tells the tale of Bombastine and his perpetual state of jealousy. 

During the Envy Spiral, enemies are imbued with Toxin Damage, causing their attacks to take new form; from acid-goo projectiles that splash on impact to acid geysers. 

Tale of “The Sorrowful Soprano” 
Duviri’s bleak state leaves a shiver that reaches deep in the bone. The Sorrowful Soprana tells the tale of Luscinia and her indulging misery to excess. 

During the Sorrow Spiral, enemies are imbued with Cold Damage, causing their attacks to take new form; from ice spikes erupting from the ground to frozen areas of a chilling aura.

Tale of “The Fearful Conspirator” 

Duviri is enveloped in the uncertainty of what lies next. The Fearful Conspirator tells the tale of Sythel and the fears that paralyze her. 

During the Fear Spiral, enemies are imbued with Electricity Damage, causing their attacks to take new form; from continuous beams of electricity arcs to teleportation maneuvers. 

Leaving Duviri: 
Whether you choose to see the conclusion of a Spiral or decide to depart Duviri early, all rewards and Intrinsics acquired in your mission will be saved as of your last-earned Decree. These indicate reward progress checkpoints and occur each time you complete a Side Objective (that rewards you a Decree) or main stage in the Spiral. 

Departing from the Duviri landscape is done by opening the pause menu and then selecting the “LEAVE DUVIRI” option to return to either the Dormizone or the Orbiter. 

For new players that chose the Drifter Path: The Orbiter option becomes available to you once you complete The Duviri Paradox Quest and head to the marker to “Begin the Warframe path with your next quest”. 

Another more unfortunate method of leaving Duviri is its draining of your life force and depleting of your revives. 


Decrees are upgrades that apply to your Drifter and Warframe for the duration of your stay in the Duviri Landscape. Each visit to Duviri means a new opportunity to select different combinations to increase your power and utility. 

Decrees are earned by completing main stages, side objectives, and/or by surviving the Undercroft. If you are playing in a squad, all players are rewarded your earned Decree,  including the brave Drifters that assist with completing side objectives. 

Upon earning a Decree, a popup will appear instructing you to select from the options available: 

Choose one of the 3 (base Drifter Intrinsics) randomized options available each time you earn a Decree. The selected Decrees will remain active for the duration of your time in Duviri. Decrees are rewarded up until each of the ones you have obtained have reached their max amount of stacks, at which point a  “Decrees Exhausted” pop-up will occur to inform you that you have collected them all! 

Players may occasionally be presented with a Rare Decree in their selections, as indicated by its gold border. “Rare” as it pertains to Decrees simply means that they offer double the stat upgrades of a normal Decree (up to the maximum amount of stacks). 

Rare Decrees are guaranteed after completing a round in the Undercroft, by completing the final stage (slaying the Orowyrm) of the Spiral, and as a bonus one-time item in Acrithis’ Wares while in the Duviri Landscape!

The pips at the bottom of each Decree indicate the number required to reach max stacks.

Your chosen Decrees can be viewed via the pause menu at any time: 

Decrees also have several interactions with Drifter Intrinsics. Unlocking new Intrinsics can offer new benefits for every foray into Duviri, such as the ability to re-roll the offered Decrees up to three times per mission with the Rank 6 “Fresh Hand” Opportunity Intrinsic.

Here is a list of all of the possible Decrees you can earn in Duviri:
Values marked with an asterisk* can be stacked and are shown at max

Majestic Strike
Melee attacks hit twice.

Sweeping Blow
Melee Heavy Attacks that strike no enemy create a shockwave, dealing 180%* damage.

Venomous Touch
Every third melee attack deals 300%* Toxin Damage with guaranteed Status Chance.

Shattering Frost
Deal 240%* damage to enemies affected by Cold Status.

Luscinia’s Suffering
Nearby enemies are affected by Cold Status, slowing them.

Lodun’s Rage
Deal 50 Heat Damage per second* to nearby enemies with 15% Status Chance. Enemies stuck suffer +50% Heat Damage for 3 seconds. 

Deadly Momentum
While moving, deal 15% damage per second*. Stacks up to 150%*. Stacks steadily decay when you are stationary.

Tumbling Frost
Drop a frost explosive when you roll. The explosion deals 250 Cold Damage* to nearby enemies and applies 10 Cold Stacks. Explosion radius doubles for Warframes. 

Duelist’s Advantage
Your first shot after reloading deals +400%* damage.

Temporal Acceleration
Casting Abilities boosts movement speed by 150%* for 5 seconds.

Assassin’s Rush
On kill, gain 50% parkour speed for 7 seconds.

Persistent Attrition
The target becomes 10% more vulnerable to damage with each shot. 

Irresistible Bombardment
Each shot briefly increases fire rate by 30%* cumulatively. 

Hammer of Retribution
Ground Slam or Power Strike boost Attack Speed by 75%* for 5 seconds.

Royal Wrath
Each successful Melee hit grants cumulative 30%* Critical Chance for 3 seconds.

Smoldering Strike
Melee Attacks are imbued with fire, dealing 210%* Heat Damage.

Rising Agony
Critical melee hits grant 150%* Critical Damage for 7 seconds.

Bounce Back 
On Ability cast, refund 25% of Energy spent and 30% of Drifter Transference charge rate for 6 seconds.

Twofold Torment
Status Effects deal double damage.

Ranger’s Reload
Rolling reloads the equipped weapon.

Dueler’s Outburst
On Critical Hit, gain 90%* melee attack speed for 3 seconds.

Morale Boost
With full Health, Warframes regenerate 5 Energy per second and Drifter has 20% Transference regeneration.

Tactical Repositioning 
After taking damage, roll immediately to recover 75%* of the damage taken.

Killer’s Confidence
On melee kill, gain 120* OVERGUARD. Overguard boost doubles for Warframes.

  • Overguard is a defense mechanism that grants additional Health protection and provides Knockdown Immunity as long as there is an amount remaining. Read on to learn more about combat in Duviri! 

Nourishing Terror
Inflicting a Status Effect restores 100* Health.

Toxic Approach
During combat, leave behind a Toxin cloud every 10 seconds for 5 seconds. Enemies within the cloud suffer 25 Impact and 25 Toxin Damage per second.

Close Contagion
Foes inflicted with Status Effects have a 50% chance to spread that Status to enemies within 10m.

Fearsome Bonanza
Gain +100%* Damage for every enemy affected by Status within 20m.

Envious Economy
Casting an Ability grants a 90%* chance for the next Ability cast to have no cooldown for Drifter or cost no Energy for a Warframe. 

Proficient Fighter
Drifter Ability cooldown reduced by 45%*. Warframes gain +45%* Ability Efficiency.

Every Decree collected increases movement speed by 10%.

Critical Roll
After rolling, increase Critical Damage by 120%* for 4 seconds.

Between the Eyes
On Headshot, gain 150%* damage for 3 seconds.

Evasive Tremors
Rolling deals 300 damage* to nearby enemies and staggers them. Damage radius doubles for Warframes. 

Critical Frost
Critical Hits deal 200%* Cold Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect.

Vicious Barb
Critical Damage is doubled.

Bombastine’s Malice 
On Headshot, 30% chance for enemies near the target will be inflicted with 150%* Toxin.

Greedy Heal
Killing enemies restores 50%* Health.


The veil between the world of Warframe and the kingdom of Duviri is thin. Thinner still in the Undercroft, where our reality and Dominus Thrax’s imagination collide. As you venture into the Kingdom of Duviri, you may come across Undercroft Portals as part of the Spiral Stages. The Undercroft is a Warframe and Operator only section of Duviri where you have use of your chosen Warframe and Weapons from Teshin’s Cave.

Upon entering a Portal, your task is to use the tools granted to you in Teshin’s Cave to survive the onslaught. Complete the mission objective presented, and be rewarded!

The current mission types available in the Undercroft are as follows: 

  • Defense (Defend 5 waves)
  • Survival (Survive 5 Minutes)
  • Excavation (Excavate 300 Cryotic)
  • Void Flood (Seal 5 Ruptures) 
  • Exterminate (Kill required number of Enemies)

As you explore these brand new mission tiles, you will come to learn the quirks and tricks needed to master the Undercroft:

  • Players have innate Enemy Sense (enemy location is displayed in mini-map) 
  • Players cannot use their Gear Wheel, nor equip Companions of either the Furry or Robotic persuasion
  • Exalted Equipment (including Exalted Companions like Venari) are used in the Undercroft, and will use the builds in your selected Mod Configs for your Warframe (i.e. it will use your custom Mod Configs if you choose them, or Default Mods should you go that route instead). 
  • Players use the Focus School and Operator Equipment of their active loadout upon entering Teshin’s Cave, including their choice of Operator or Drifter (for those who know what that means).
  • Energy Pickups spawn at certain locations across Undercroft Tiles. Search them out for an added boost to your Energy pool.
  • Rune Marrow is found only in the Undercroft. Look for Runic Compact deposits scattered around to unearth this Resource. 

In the Undercroft, you will also come across foes from both the Origin System and Duviri, so pick your loadouts wisely! 

The Undercroft in The Lone Story and The Duviri Experience
For those venturing into the Undercroft via Portals in the Spiral stories, your time in the Undercroft is short. After completing the mission objective (ex: Defending 5 waves in Defense mission), you will be transported back into the Kingdom of Duviri to continue onto the next stage. 

Completion of Undercroft Portals from the Duviri Landscape reward the following:

  • 1x Decree
  • 6x Drifter Intrinsics
  • Duviri Resources

The Undercroft in The Circuit
The Circuit is an endless game mode that takes place exclusively in the Undercroft, with its own reward paths and features! Look for “The Circuit” section further down for more specifics on this game mode.  


A mighty airborne beast of tremendous scale who darkens the skies of Duviri. Its rumbling gives way to understanding that taking it down will not be an easy feat. Meet with this grand creature in the final stage of a Spiral. 

Its many defense mechanisms include emitting waves of energy down its body that repel any who get too close, as well as enlisting the help of WYRMLINGS to provide additional protection. Expect them to coil and swirl in tight circles before launching a fireball in your direction! 

Defeating the Orowyrm will require mastery of the Drifter and your chosen Warframe for a multi-stage fight across Duviri. As well as mastering your Kaithe mount’s flight controls – an important component to fighting the Orowyrm! 

Upon taking down an Orowyrm, a chest will appear for you to open. Doing so rewards 10x PATHOS CLAMPS (15x in Steel Path), 15x Drifter Intrinsics (22x in Steel Path), and a Rare DecreePathos Clamps can be exchanged for new Melee Weapons for Drifter and Warframe alike, used to imbue INCARNON GENESIS ADAPTERS into weapons, as well as traded for goods at ACRITHIS, who greets you at the end of the fight. Read the “Duviri’s Vendor: Acrithis” section to learn more about her and her wares!


Completing The Duviri Paradox Quest rewards you with your very own KAITHE, an equestrian mount with the power of flight! Kaithes provide Drifter a speedier method to traverse Duviri, whether on ground or in the skies.    


Summon Kaithe: 
Reach the Riding Drifter Intrinsic Rank 1 to summon your Kaithe by using Drifter’s first ability binding. 

  • Default Binding: Tap 1

Take Flight: 

  • On Ground: Crouch and jump at the same time to take off, just like bullet jumping.
    • Default Binding: Hold Ctrl or tap V + Space 
  • Airborne Kaithe: If you are falling while riding Kaithe, use the Roll binding to deploy Kaithe’s wings.
    • Default Binding: Tap Shift 
  • Airborne Drifter: If you are falling as Drifter, summoning your Kaithe will auto deploy their wings to get you back to safe ground.
    • Default Binding: Tap 1 

Flight Controls: 
There are two flight modes – glide and free.
 Upon taking flight, your Kaithe will simply glide forward and allow you to look around without changing directions. Holding any directional input (forward, left, right, sprint) will put Kaithe into free mode, where you can use the reticle to move about freely through the air (vertically and horizontally). Releasing directional input will put Kaithe back into glide mode.

  • Ascend in Flight: Jump to climb higher into the skies.
    • Default Binding: Space 
  • Descend in Flight: Crouch to dive down.
    • Default Binding: Tap Ctrl 
  • Roll in Flight: Perform a roll maneuver while flying, especially useful to dodge incoming projectiles!
    • Default Binding: Tap Shift 

Increase Speed: 
Use the Sprint binding to kick up your Kaithe’s speed on the ground and in the skies.

  • Default Binding: Shift 

Reduce Speed: 

  • Use Crouch binding to slow Kaithe to a walk.
    • Default Binding: Ctrl 
  • In Flight: Release the Sprint button to slow your Kaithe’s speed in air. 

Kaithes have their own set of abilities that can be unlocked via the Riding Drifter Intrinsics. 

1st Ability – Summon & Mount/Dismount
Unlocked at Rank 1 of the Riding Drifter Intrinsics. 

Summon your Kaithe by using your first ability binding. Use the binding again to dismount from Kaithe. Dismounting can also be performed by melee attacking and can occur when taking damage from enemies. 

2nd Ability – Guiding Hand 
Available by default. 

Drifter maintains their Guiding Hand ability while riding Kaithe to spawn a helpful wisp that guides toward primary objectives and gives Duviri a little color, even if only temporarily.

3rd Ability – Hoof Stomp
Unlocked at Rank 3 of the Riding Drifter Intrinsics. 

Kaithe aggressively stomps into the ground, even from flight, creating a shockwave to stagger and damage all enemies in the area. 

4th Ability – Steadfast Dismount
Unlocked at Rank 6 of the Riding Drifter Intrinsics. 

While riding a Kaithe, use your 4th ability to gain 150 OVERGUARD (a defense mechanism that grants 150 additional Health protection and provides Knockdown Immunity as long as there is an amount remaining). 150 second cooldown between uses.


Duviri comes with enough side objectives to keep even Dominus Thrax entertained. Completing Side Objectives rewards all players in your Squad a Decree, 3x Drifter Intrinsics, and Duviri Resources to make your time exploring Duviri easier. Many of the following side objectives are marked within the landscape:

Fishing takes new form in Duviri – do away with Spears and Bait and step into the Maw to start the feeding frenzy! Maw Feeding can be started at Transference Pads located near bodies of water, where Drifter can take control of the Golden Maw for a short time to chase and chomp down fish. 

Maw Controls: 

  • Increase speed: Sprint binding (Default: Shift) 
  • Chomp: Weapon Fire and/or Melee Attack binding (Default: Left Mouse Button / E) 
  • Rush Chomp: Jump binding (Default: Space) 

Maw Feeding progress is tracked by a bar at the top of the screen, with two tiers of rewards to meet:

  • Tier 1 – 10 Fish Fed: Earn Fishing Resources (shared Squad-Wide)
  • Tier 2 – 15 Fish Fed: Additional Fishing Resources, and the chance to earn a live Duviri Fish that can be placed in the Aquarium of your Personal Quarters in your Orbiter.

Once per Duviri mission, reaching Tier 1 of Maw Feeding will also reward you 3x Drifter Intrinsics, Duviri Resources (non-fishing), and a Decree as well!

List of available Fish through Maw Feeding:

Some theorize that Duviri stands upon the shell of a giant Inaak. Naturally, some wonder what the giant Inaak stands upon. The answer, of course, is other Inaaks, all the way down.

The Golden Maw finds Xirans exceptionally delicious.

Haav prefer to swim near the surface. Duviri citizens often mistake them for logs, which can be startling when Haav show their fangs.

The Namaes has evolved the ability to tense its tail muscles and use its tail as a fearsome weapon.

The Seonn’s ability to flare its neck and hood makes it impossible for most predators to swallow, but the Golden Maw can overcome its defense.

The following resources can be obtained from Maw Feeding: 

Nacreous Pebble 
Collectors like to marvel at the peculiar origin of Nacreous Pebbles. Their beauty is the result of ordinary pebbles having been ingested and regurgitated by the Golden Maw.

Ariette Scale 
Each Duviri fish species has distinct features, but they all evolved beautiful chromatic scales.

Maw Fang 
Looks like someone got carried away during a delicious meal.

Related: How to Catch Mawfish in Warframe

As you traverse through Duviri you may encounter creatures that have been doused in Void corruption and are easily agitated if you stray into their gaze. Koral, a citizen of Duviri who has a particular dedication to these creatures will let you know if there is one in need close by. You’ll be able to spot them from their distinct sentry-like gaze sweeping across the land, which will alert them to you if you stray too close to their inquisitive beams. They all have unique behavior while under the corruptive influence of the Void, tread carefully when attempting to cleanse these influenced beasts. 

If they become alerted to your presence, they will attempt to flee if given enough time or if too much damage is accidentally dealt. You will need to rely on a mixture of stealth and cunning to subdue these creatures, saving them from the chaos of the void itself.

Approach the Void-riddled beast and get in close enough to rid it of corruption. If alerted, you will need to subdue the creature before you can cleanse the animal of the Void. Once cleansed, the purified beast will be calm enough for you to pet them. Once pet, these newly freed beasts will lead you to a Hidden Chest as a show of gratitude.  

Conservation does require repeated button presses when subduing the creature. Note that there is an accessibility option for this input that will shift the required input from “Tap” to “Hold”. This option can be found under “Repeated Button Presses” within the Accessibility tab in the Options Menu. 

You will also encounter these same animals that happen to be perfectly calm and domesticated while exploring Duviri. These beasts are not in need of saving and can simply be pet if you so choose! Fear not, unlike their Void addled brethren, these creatures cannot be harmed or agitated by any stray attacks.

There are three animals you may encounter in need of saving:

Krubies are fiercely loyal. They do not hesitate to risk their own safety for the good of their pack.

Tamms delight in soft grass, fresh water, and companionship. Fortune smiles upon the shepherd who provides such things for the gentle Tamm.

Kexats hunt Paragrimms and Rablits and love to be pampered.

Put on a show for the habitants of Duviri! Shawzins can be found near eager patrons looking to be serenaded, or in serene locations where a Drifter can play for themselves. Shawzin songs vary from location to location, and come with two difficulties to play: Normal and Virtuoso.

Completing a song on any difficulty will reward a Decree, 3 Intrinsics, and Resources, once per Shawzin Song per Duviri visit. Meaning once you have completed a song at one location, you’ll have to find a new Shawzin to play to earn more rewards — but if you simply want to enjoy the sounds of the Shawzin you can replay it as many times as you want! 

Complete each of the 12 Shawzin songs on their Virtuoso difficulty to receive the COURTLY SHAWZIN* – delight elite audiences with its elegant ornamentation and unique sound found only in Duviri. 

*Due to only being able to acquire this Shawzin once via playing in Duviri, players will be unable to Contribute this item to their Dojo Treasuries. 

Once obtained, it can be placed as a decoration in your Orbiter or Dormizone or played! To use, equip the Shawzin Emote onto your Emote Wheel in the Arsenal, and activate in mission to strum some chords!  Every Shawzin Song has its own unique location within the Duviri Kingdom, so explore Thrax’s world to find them all. 

Note: Seeing as Shawzin playing is a more relaxed activity, if there are enemies within 50 meters of it you will not be able to start your symphony until you’ve cleared the threat. 

Duviri is riddled with a plenitude of mysterious puzzles known as Enigmas across its landscape! Look for Glyph plates in the area, apparitions from another time and place, and many many more oddities to solve and earn rewards. 

Certain puzzles require two players to begin – these will only ever appear in multiplayer Duviri sessions. Coordinate with your squadmates to solve these headscratchers! 

Possible Rewards for solving Enigmas include: 

  • CINTA Blueprints (New Primary Bow weapon)
    • The drop rates increase when playing in a Squad!
  • Standard Side Objective reward of Duviri Resources, 1x Decree, and 3x Intrinsics
  • Enigma Gyrum – A token celebrating the successful solution of a Duviri Enigma.
    • Earned exclusively from completing Enigmas and can be used to purchase the Watchful Paragrimm Decoration in Acrithis’ Wares!

The versatile Cinta can fire arrows in quick succession, quickly charge a shock wave, or fully charge a powerful focused shot. 

The Cinta is eligible to appear as an option in Teshin’s Cave with Default Mods if you do not own it! In addition to earning its Blueprints in Duviri, it can be purchased for instant access from the in-game Market. 

Enigma solving can also appear as a Spiral stage.

Duviri has a wealth of locked chests just sitting around, waiting to be opened! Unlocking them requires one of a variety of tasks to be completed and doing so successfully will earn you the rewards sealed within. Prepare to reconnect power lines, master the new Duviri Hacking Puzzle, or defeat the hostile forces guarding them to access these chests’ riches. 

Hidden Chests can also appear as a Spiral stage. 

Duviri Hacking Puzzle: 
On many of the locked chests and challenges scattered throughout Duviri, you will encounter a puzzle that requires a mix of timing and patience to succeed. You will need to select nodes along rotating concentric rings and time your selections correctly to crack the code. 

There is the option to slow down or accelerate the speed of the rings, making it easier to pinpoint the nodes needed to complete the puzzle. 

Ring speed controls: 

  • Decrease puzzle rings’ speed using “A”
  • Increase puzzle rings’ speed using “D” 

Note: Increasing or decreasing the speed for the ring rotations will not affect the speed of the timer for the puzzle.

For those in need of extra precision, pressing “W” or “S” will move your cursor up and down the concentric rings. 

If you are unable to solve the puzzle before the timer runs out, you will be confronted by a group of Dax enemies that will attempt to guard the chest. Once vanquished, you’ll be able to access the chest, unlocked. 

Komi is a board game well known among the Duviri residents. Sit down as Drifter and play a nice, relaxing game of Komi with the locals by visiting nearby towns and finding a board to get the game started. 

The rules are simple: 

  • Surround enemy stones to capture them.
  • Block the enemy from surrounding your own stones.
  • You cannot block or surround stones using diagonal placements. 
  • Immediately after a capture, you cannot place a stone in the same spot from which the stone was captured. 
  • Capture 10 stones to win the match.

Komi Tips:

  • Place stones near other stones to shore up your position and create capture opportunities.
  • Loosely connected clusters of stones offer flexibility, but they also leave you more vulnerable. 
  • Start at the center of the board to give yourself plenty of room to respond to your opponent. 
  • Focus on large captures as you approach the end of the match.
  • You can strategically sacrifice stones to create capture opportunities. 
  • Connected stones are your strongest defense.
  • Cast a wide net in the early game to limit your opponent’s maneuverability. 
  • Do your best to accomplish more than one strategic goal with each stone you place. 

You can concede a game of Komi at any point – you can always try again!

Note: Seeing as Komi is a more relaxed activity, if there are enemies within 50 meters of you you will not be able to start the game until you’ve cleared the threat. 

Put your riding skills to the test! Mount your Kaithe and race across the ground and through the sky to clear gates and complete the race in record time. Shooting race targets throughout the race grants additional time – the better your time, the better the rewards!

Kaithe Races can also appear as a Spiral stage. 

Tamms have managed to escape and need to be led back into their pen! Approaching a Tamm on foot or Kaithe-back will scare it in the opposite direction, so track down a few Tamms and walk them back into their pen. 

Tamm Herding can also appear as a Spiral stage.

The Drifter isn’t the only one trapped in Duviri – several citizens have found themselves in unfortunate predicaments that require your assistance. Prevent foes from getting near the Prisoner in their attempt to capture them. Keep the Dax away for long enough (while staying close to the target yourself), and your rescue effort will be a sure success! Killing enemies increases the rate at which the prisoner can be freed. 

Prisoner Rescues can also appear as a Spiral stage.

Activate shrines found throughout the Duviri Landscape for rewards! Defeat attackers and collect Shrine pieces to put it back together. 

Assemble the Shrines can also appear as a Spiral stage.

Sometimes the power goes out – even in Duviri! Reconnect power lines throughout the landscape to gain access to chests for rewards!

Reconnecting the Power Lines can also appear as a Spiral stage.


From caves to barracks and everything in between! Duviri has many locations to visit and explore. Some occupied by Dax soldiers and others by residents keen on kicking up a discussion. 

There are also special islands that appear based on the current active Spiral. Visit them to see what secrets they hold! 

The Archarbor 
Appears during the Joy, Envy, and Sorrow Spirals. 

The Amphitheater 
Appears during the Joy, Envy, Anger, and Fear Spirals. 


Duviri is home to many unmet foes. Dax units at the whim of Dominus Thrax’s every Spiral, creatures who lurk in the shadows, and other formidable opponents who are bound to challenge your skill. Each Dax unit has its own specialty maneuvers that can be countered, watch for icons above their head to indicate when they are vulnerable to interrupt their next move. 

Dax enemy levels increase per stage by +2 (+5 on Steel Path).  When playing in a squad, their Health also increases with each squad member. 

Dax Herald
This Dax carries a banner to rally other Dax units nearby. They perform stabbing and slashing attacks with their polearm, and can summon a damaging field which they move towards the Drifter. Found across Duviri.

Dax Malleus
This hulking Dax carries a hammer that matches their size to slam and smash anything in their way. They are capable of projecting a shield and performing smashes that must be avoided rather than blocked. Found across Duviri.

Dax Gladius
This rank and file Dax of Dominus Thrax’s army carries a sword and prefers to fight up close and personal. Their attacks specialize in closing the gap with jumps and dashes. Their speed is paired with a powerful two-stage ground slam, causing an explosion down into the ground before sending it airborne moments later. Found across Duviri.

Dax Arcus
Dax Arcus are trained in the usage of bows, preferring to keep distance from their foe. They will retreat quickly if approached and fire precise shots from afar, occasionally raining down arrows within an area. Found across Duviri.

A shadow creature with vicious claws and the ability to leech life. They hide when attacked, but will reappear moments later to continue their assault. They can be found in the darkest shadows of Duviri.

MINI BOSS: Dax Equitem
These Dax are trained in mounted combat, and will fight drifters while riding Kaithe-back. Equitem are tougher than other Dax and will require multiple finishing moves to take down. Found in Spiral Story objectives.

Monoliths of great stature, providing a healing aura to those who approach it. Found along the paths most traveled. 

They can also be teleported to once you achieve the Rank 4 Riding Intrinsic “Fast Travel” by opening the map and selecting the Materlith icons. 

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The following resources can be found in any and all of your visits to Duviri – some by completing activities, others by harvesting resource formations, and more! Resources can be turned in at ACRITHIS for Wares, used to build new Duviri Weapons in your Foundry, or consumed as part of the Incarnon Genesis upgrade system.  Learn more about those various systems in their dedicated sections further below!

Kovnik Extract
Duviri citizens harvest Kovnik leaves to blend invigorating teas. 

Eevani Extract 
Duviri citizens have been known to mash Eevani leaves into a paste that alleviates the discomfort caused by fresh wounds.

Connla Sprout Extract
The water that courses through Connla Sprouts tastes sweet and refreshing.

Yao Shrub Extract 
The warm light of the Yao Shrub glows even within cold dark places.

Dracroot Extract 
Dracroot is a staple of the Wyrmling’s diet.

Tasoma Extract 
Duviri citizens plagued by nightmares seek Tasoma, because its stalks can be crushed to create juice that invites pleasant dreams. Unfortunately, it is difficult to forage Tasoma as it only grows in caves.

It is traditionally held that to see Silphsela floating in the air heralds an imminent change in the sky. Found from Sun Silphs. 

Saggen Pearl
Thrax warriors use the heavy liquid drawn from Saggen Wells to polish their weapons.

It is said that Aggri Formations are hardened saliva from mighty Orowyrms. Duviri citizens believe Aggristones are powerful talismans. 

Rune Marrow
Rune Marrow erupts from Duviri’s core. It is found exclusively in the Undercroft. 

A whisper of the fallen. Dropped from slain Dax enemies on the Duviri Landscape. 

Pathos Clamp
The manifestation of Thrax’s malevolence that shapes the Orowyrms’ outbursts.

Nacreous Pebble (Maw Feeding) 
Collectors like to marvel at the peculiar origin of Nacreous Pebbles. Their beauty is the result of ordinary pebbles having been ingested and regurgitated by the Golden Maw.

Ariette Scale (Maw Feeding) 
Each Duviri fish species has distinct features, but they all evolved beautiful chromatic scales.

Maw Fang (Maw Feeding) 
Looks like someone got carried away during a delicious meal.


Experience Duviri on an entirely new level with The Steel Path! For those unfamiliar with this path, it is a difficulty modifier for existing nodes in the Star Chart to test your strength against significantly more difficult enemies. 

How to Unlock for Duviri: 
If you do not already have The Steel Path available to you, players must complete all of the nodes in the Origin System’s Star Chart and then speak to Teshin in the Relays. Upon doing this, and completing the Duviri Paradox Quest, the Steel Path toggle will appear for the Duviri Region to enable/disable these mission variants. 

Note: Duviri missions are not required to unlock the Steel Path, as previously seen with the Empyrean Star Chart.

Duviri Steel Path Modifiers: 
Difficulty scaling for Duviri is different from what you may be used to in the regular Star Chart, as it is quite unlike the rest of Warframe. 

In the Duviri landscape, enemy level is increased by +20 but with no additional modifiers to Health, Shield, or Armor. The Orowyrm fight at the end of Spiral also has additional stages and mechanics for those who want to engage in a more challenging fight — with extra rewards for your effort. Traveling Duviri on the Steel Path earns you additional Intrinsics upon defeating the Orowyrm (22 instead of the usual 15), as well as extra Pathos Clamps (15 instead of 10). 

In the Undercroft, enemies have the default Steel Path modifiers of +100 enemy level, 250% Health, Shield and Armor. 

These enemy modifiers are indicated upon hovering over the Steel Path toggle in the Duviri Navigation screen. 

Seeing as Duviri exists beyond the confines of the Origin System, Acolytes do not spawn here. However, Steel Essence is still rewarded for each mode: 

  • The Circuit: Via the 9th Reward Tier (read The Circuit section below for full details)
  • The Duviri Landscape: 5x Steel Essence rewarded for defeating the Orowyrm. 

Note: The Steel Path Trophy and Emote for the Duviri Region will be coming in a later update. Thank you for your patience! 


For those who have not yet ventured to the Zariman, Duviri will be your first introduction to the Dormizone – another place of respite for your Tenno. 

For pre-Angels of the Zariman players, you can now visit the Dormizone after the completion of the Duviri Paradox Quest via the Duviri Region in your Navigation. Whether you are new to or already familiar with the Dormizone, you can venture behind a previously-locked door to access Duviri. In the passage to Teshin’s Cave, you will also find the following:     

  • Drifter Intrinsics
  • The Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments
  • Acrithis and her Wares 
  • Access to the Arsenal and Drifter Appearance via Mirror


The logs of Acrithis the archivist uncover much more about the Lost Islands of Duviri. Collect the Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments scattered throughout to unlock her findings in the Codex. Listen for their distinct song when you are near one. 

Access these stories after completing the required amount of pickups via the Codex in the Orbiter > Universe > Fragments > Duviri, or visit Acrithis’ archives in the Dormizone. 

Collecting a Fragment will also reward you with 5x Drifter Intrinsics. 


Acrithis aids you in bridging the world of Warframe and the Kingdom of Duviri. Browse her wares to exchange Duviri Resources for those found in the Origin System, purchase Captura Scenes of the Duviri Landscape, and obtain new Duviri-themed Decorations. 

Here, you can also trade in your Pathos Clamps (earned by defeating the Orowyrm) for various rarities. Five of these offerings will be available to purchase each week, rotating at Sundays at 00:00 UTC:

  • Orokin Reactor and Catalyst Blueprints
  • Exilus and Arcane Adapters
  • Riven Mods
  • Forma Blueprints
  • Kuva

Duviri Arcanes can also be purchased from Acrithis upon reaching Rank 9 in your Opportunity Intrinsic. One Arcane can be exchanged for Pathos Clamps once per day, with wares rotating daily at 00:00 UTC:

  • Arcane Reaper 
  • Arcane Intention 
  • Primary Exhilarate
  • Longbow Sharpshot 
  • Shotgun Vendetta 
  • Primary Obstruct
  • Secondary Shiver
  • Magus Aggress

Other Wares that Acrithis offers:

  • Duviri Captura Scenes (One Per Day, rotating daily at 00:00 UTC. 
  • Origin System Resources (Rotating every few hours)
  • Duviri-Themed Decorations (Rotating every few hours)
  • Watchful Paragrimm Decoration (exchanged for Enigma Gyrum earned by completing Enigmas across Duviri)

Acrithis’ wares rotate often, so be sure to visit her during your journeys to Duviri to see all that she has to offer. Should you not wish to find her in your Dormizone, you can also find her in the Duviri Landscape with the help of her custom Map icon 

  • In her Carriage, which changes location depending on the current Spiral 
  • In the courtyard of The King’s Palace after defeating the Orowyrm

In addition to her usual wares, if you are lucky enough to come across her path in Duviri she will offer a Rare Decree for purchase. It can only be purchased once during your visit in Duviri. 

Enhance your equipment with these new Arcanes. 

Stats shown below are at max rank.

Arcane Reaper (Warframe)
On Melee Kill: Regenerate +24 Heal Rate/s and +660 Armor per second for 10s.

Arcane Intention (Warframe) 
Gain +250 Max Health per active channeled ability. 

Primary Exhilarate
On Weapon Impact Status Effect: Regenerate +1.2 Energy Regen/s for 10s. Stacks up to 3x.

Longbow Sharpshot (Primary – Bow Only)
On Headshot: Next shot deals +300% damage on your next shot.

Shotgun Vendetta (Primary – Shotgun Only)
On shotgun Kill Within 5m of target: Gain +180% Multishot and +75% Reload Speed for 15s.

Primary Obstruct
On Weapon Magnetic Status Effect: Enemy weapons jam within 15m. Cooldown 10s.

Secondary Shiver
Enemies take +45% damage per stack of Cold Status. 

Magus Aggress (Operator)
On Warframe Melee Transference: Heavy Blades deal +300% Critical Damage for 4 consecutive attacks. Cooldown 20s. 

Brand new Captura Scenes are here! Strike a pose in these scenic locations from the Duviri Landscape itself. 

  • Undercroft Opera Scene 
  • Undercroft Park Scene
  • Orowyrm Arena Scene 
  • Mainland Hamlets Scene
  • Netherbarrow Region Scene
  • Upperhaven Scene
  • Castle Town Scene 
  • Teshin’s Cave Scene 
  • Archarbor Scene 
  • Amphitheater Scene 

Make your house a home with these Duviri staples! 

  • Artisan Pot (Wide, White)
  • Artisan Pot (Tall, White)
  • Artisan Pot (Wide, Green)
  • Artisan Pot (Tall, Green)
  • Artisan Pot (Short, Green)
  • Hamlet Planter (Esphal)
  • Hamlet Planter (Hyssic)
  • Hamlet Planter (Fenn)
  • Duviri Drink Mug
  • Duviri Drink Thermos
  • Duviri Drink Flask
  • Artisan Barrel (Short)
  • Artisan Barrel (Long)


In The Circuit, master the equipment Teshin has offered you in an endless series of Undercroft  Stages to prove your mettle and progress towards weekly rewards. Two paths are available to you to, each with their own award:

  • Normal Circuit, for Warframe acquisition
  • Steel Path Circuit, to obtain Incarnon Genesis 

Similar to your other experiences in Duviri, your path on the Circuit is shaped by the current Spiral. Before you venture into the Undercroft, you must pass through Teshin’s Cave and pick your loadout from the Warframes and Weapons available. 

(Note: the equipment you can choose from per Spiral will be the same across all versions of Duviri, including both variants of the Circuit.)

Unlike the rest of Duviri, in the Circuit you will primarily play as your Warframe, and have full access to your Operator or Drifter as you know them in the Origin System. The Focus School and Operator Equipment (including Amps, Arcanes, and Appearance) of your active loadout upon entering Teshin’s Cave will be what is used in the Undercroft — including your choice of Operator or Drifter, for those who know what that means. 

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The Gameplay
Once you have your equipment decided, the Circuit awaits beyond the portal! Here, you will be thrown into a randomized series of missions in an endless loop — until you decide to extract, of course! 

The list of available mission types are as follows:

  • Defense (Defend 5 waves)
  • Survival (Survive 5 Minutes)
  • Excavation (Excavate 300 Cryotic)
  • Void Flood (Seal 5 Ruptures) 
  • Exterminate (Kill required Enemies)

While these mission types may seem familiar to you, the foes you will encounter will be a mixture of new and old, across a variety of factions! After the completion of each Stage, the Mission Type of the following Stage will be visible in the Stage Completion screen, to help you decide whether to continue, or Extract. 

At the completion of every Stage, there are four guaranteed rewards:

  • 1x Decree
  • 4x Drifter Intrinsics
  • Duviri Resources
  • Circuit Progress

Unlike regular endless missions with rotation-based drop tables, the main rewards are earned via Reward Tiers which are unlocked with Circuit Progress. We’ll get more into that shortly!

Gameplay Restrictions
You may have access to your Warframe and Operator (if you have one from completing The Second Dream Quest in the Origin System), but it’s still not quite the reality you’re used to. In the Undercroft, your Gear Wheel and Companions/Sentinels are unavailable, but all players are given innate Enemy Sense. 

Given the variety of mission types you can come across, you can customize your builds beforehand and select the best configuration in Teshin’s Cave tailored to your Circuit experience!

Decree Fragments
Scattered around each mission tile are Decree Fragments — found via their tell-tale glow. Collect three Fragments to earn an extra Decree for your squad, as well as 3x Intrinsics and Duviri Resources. Three Fragments spawn per tile, but your Fragment progress persists across Stages if you complete your objective before finding them all. 

Choose Your Reward Path

Before entering the Circuit, you must make a choice: what Reward Path do you wish to take? 

Note: If you have yet to select your reward path and are sent an invite to join a squad in The Circuit, you will be prompted to select your reward path first before joining!

Normal Circuit:
The reward path for Normal Circuit Missions centers around Warframes. The first time you enter the Normal Circuit each week (following the weekly reset on Sundays at 00:00 UTC), you will be prompted to select a Warframe to work towards, from a pool of three choices. This selection is required before you can play Normal Circuit missions, and cannot be changed once confirmed — so choose wisely!

The Warframes currently available in the Normal Circuit are those with Prime Variants available, and/or those not acquirable via Dojo Research. Three Warframes will be available to choose from each week. A full list of Warframes available in the Circuit can be found below, scheduled in the following order (release order, for those savvy Tenno out there):



The exact weekly rotation will change as more Warframes get added to this pool, but here is an example of how the weekly schedules look upon launch:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3: 

And so on!

With your reward path selected, you’ll be provided with a full view of your reward tiers for the week. Each Stage you complete will contribute Circuit Progress towards your Reward Tiers in the Circuit. We’ll cover this more in-depth a little later. 

The items in your Reward Path include your selected Warframe’s Blueprints, an Augment for said Warframe, and an assortment of other items pulled from curated Reward Pools. 

Normal Circuit Reward Tiers
There are 10 Tiers a player must progress through to earn the full Warframe, with guaranteed items at certain Tiers each week:

  • Tier 2: Warframe Neuroptics Blueprint
  • Tier 4: Rare Mod
  • Tier 5: Warframe Chassis Blueprint
  • Tier 7: Warframe Augment Mod
  • Tier 8: Warframe Systems Blueprint
  • Tier 9: Common Warframe Arcane
  • Tier 10: Warframe Blueprint

Note: These are of your chosen Warframe for the Circuit that week. 

The remaining tiers (1, 3, 4, 6, and 9) are randomized rewards pulled from the aforementioned curated Reward Pools, which vary per tier.

Here is an overview of what can be found in these Reward Pools:

  • Duviri Resources and Endo
  • Mods (from Serration, to Corrosive Projection, to Burning Wasp, to Patagium and much much more)
  • Rare Mods – Tier 4 and 6 Only (from Continuity, to Argon Scope, to Iron Phoenix, and more)
  • Mastery Rank 2 Weapon Blueprints
  • Common Warframe Arcanes
  • 10,000 and 50,000 Credit Caches

Normal Circuit Rewards past Tier 10
Should you continue to play the Circuit after completing your main Reward Track for the week, you can unlock further Tiers, with a chance of receiving either 1,500 Credits or 250 Endo per Tier. 

A full overview of Circuit Reward Tier drop tables can be found on the official Drop Tables website, under the name “Duviri Endless”. 

These are offered as additional rewards for those who continue to play the Circuit because they find it engaging, but are not designed to be incentives to continue in this gamemode after you’ve finished your Reward Track for the week. 

Steel Path Circuit
Your journey in the Steel Path Circuit will be towards earning new Incarnon Genesis Adapters that can be installed across a variety of Weapons. The first time you enter the Steel Path Circuit each week (following the weekly reset on Sundays at 00:00 UTC), you will be prompted to select two Incarnon Genesis from a pool of five choices. 

Be mindful of the order you select them in, as this will decide what tier they are available at in your Reward Path. Your first choice will be unlocked at Tier 5, and your second choice at Tier 10. This order is reflected in the Tier icons above your selections. 

You can deselect and re-select Incarnons to get them in the order you wish. Once you’re satisfied, you can confirm your selections and they will be locked in for the week. 

Thirty total Incarnon Genesis can be acquired from the Steel Path Circuit at launch. Five of these will be available to choose from each week on a rotating schedule. Earning these Incarnon Genesis does not require you owning the actual Weapon — we’ll cover the installment process in the “Incarnon Genesis” section further down. 

Steel Path Circuit – Incarnon Genesis Schedule

  • Week 1: Braton, Lato, Skana, Paris, Kunai
  • Week 2: Bo, Latron, Furis, Furax, Strun
  • Week 3: Lex, Magistar, Boltor, Bronco, Ceramic Dagger
  • Week 4: Torid, Dual Toxocyst, Dual Ichor, Miter, Atomos
  • Week 5: Ack & Brunt, Soma, Vasto, Nami Solo, Burston
  • Week 6: Zylok, Sibear, Dread, Despair, Hate

Once Week 6 passes, the schedule repeats. 

With your reward path selected, you’ll be provided with a full view of your reward tiers for the week. Each Stage you complete will contribute Circuit Progress towards your Reward Tiers in the Circuit. The items in your Reward Path include your selected Incarnon Genesis, Steel Essence, and an assortment of other items pulled from curated Reward Pools. 

Steel Path Circuit Reward Tiers
There are 10 Tiers a player must progress through to earn both Incarnon Genesis, with guaranteed items at certain Tiers each week:

  • Tier 2 and 8: 1 x Legendary Duviri Arcane (Arcane Reaper, Secondary Shiver, or Longbow Sharpshot)
  • Tier 5: First Incarnon Genesis Selected
  • Tier 9: 25 x Steel Essence
  • Tier 10: Second Incarnon Genesis Selected

The remaining tiers are randomized rewards pulled from the aforementioned curated Reward Pools, which vary per tier.

Here is an overview of what can be found in these Reward Pools:

  • New Duviri Arcanes 
  • Duviri Resources
  • 6000 Kuva and 6000 Endo caches
  • 3x Riven Slivers
  • Exilus Adapter and Regular Forma Blueprints
  • Riven Mods
  • 3-Day Boosters

NOTE: Steel Essence is not rewarded for each Stage completed, nor do Acolytes spawn in the Circuit, which is why you see those rewards reflected in the Reward Pool instead! 

Steel Path Circuit Rewards past Tier 10
Should you continue to play the Circuit after completing your main Reward Track for the week, you can unlock further Tiers pulled from a separate Reward Pool of Duviri Arcanes (excluding the three Legendary Arcanes), Endo, and Credits.

A full overview of Circuit Reward Tier drop tables can be found on the official Drop Tables website, under the name “Duviri Endless” (Tiers marked as “Hard”). 

These are offered as additional rewards for those who continue to play the Circuit because they find it engaging, but are not designed to be incentives to continue in this gamemode after you’ve finished your Reward Track for the week. 

Other Rewards available in the Circuit:
Outside of what you earn in your Circuit Tiers, players also earn the following rewards in the Circuit:

  • Rune Marrow (exclusively found in the Undercroft)
  • Cryotic (from Excavators if you come across that game mode)
  • Duviri Resources rewarded upon Stage Completion and collection of 3 Decree Fragments
  • Drifter Intrinsics rewarded upon Stage Completion (4) and collection of Decree Fragments (3)

Players will also earn Affinity on owned Warframes and Weapons that are equipped in the Circuit, in addition to Focus from equipped Lenses and killed Thrax foes (upon completion of The Second Dream Quest). 

Earning Circuit Progress to Unlock Tiers 
With every Stage you complete in the Circuit, you will earn Circuit Progress, which will be reflected both in your Mission Progress screen and in your Stage Completion Screen. The more Stages you complete consecutively in the Circuit, the more Circuit Progress you will earn. 

If you fail or leave The Circuit, you lose the Circuit Progress you earned for that round. 

This value increases from 100 Circuit Progress from your first Stage completed, up to a maximum of 170 on Stage 5. 

  • Stage 1: 100 Circuit Progress 
  • Stage 2: 110 Circuit Progress 
  • Stage 3: 125 Circuit Progress 
  • Stage 4: 145 Circuit Progress
    • PLUS one-time daily bonus of 50 Circuit Progress for reaching Stage 4
  • Stage 5 and onwards: 170 Circuit Progress

As mentioned in the list above, players will also receive a one-time daily bonus of 50 Circuit Progress for completing Stage 4. This can only be earned once per day and eligibility resets daily at 17:00 UTC (or 16:00 UTC during Daylight Savings Time).  

Steel Path Stages will contribute the same amount of Circuit Progress as the Normal Path, but will require higher amounts of Circuit Progress per Tier to reflect the higher difficulty — and better rewards! 

(Plural: Incarnon Geneses) 

Adopt the power of the Incarnon onto your Arsenal with the new Incarnon Genesis! Incarnon Genesis is a new way to bring some life back into long-beloved, if sometimes-forgotten, weapons found in Warframe. If you are familiar with Incarnon Weapons from the Zariman, this system is similar — but instead of the Incarnon status being imbued in the weapon, one must install an Incarnon Genesis to unlock it!

How to Access Incarnon Genesis: 

  • Complete the Angels of the Zariman Quest to gain access to Cavalero in the Chrysalith. 
  • Complete all nodes in the Star Chart to access the Steel Path
  • Complete the Duviri Paradox Quest to access The Circuit on the Steel Path

In this update, the following weapons (including all of their variants, such as MK-1, Vandal, Prime, etc.) are eligible to be upgraded with Incarnon Genesis. We are planning on adding more eligible weapons in the future! 


Dual Toxocyst 

Nami Solo
Ack & Brunt 
Dual Ichor 
Ceramic Dagger

Incarnon Geneses are acquired via the Steel Path Circuit Rewards. Players have the choice of 2 Incarnon Geneses from a list of 5 each week, which are then obtained by earning enough Circuit Progress to access the Reward Tier. For full details on acquisition, visit the “Steel Path Circuit” section above.

Once you have unlocked your Incarnon Genesis Tier, the item will be delivered to your inventory for you to install in your weapon variant of choice!

Installing an Incarnon Genesis requires a trip to Cavalero in the Chrysalith on the Zariman! Before you head there, there are a few things you require: 

1. The Incarnon Genesis itself!
See above for acquisition. 

2. A Compatible Weapon 
You can easily tell the weapon compatibility in your Arsenal — look for a special description added to it when equipped. 

3. The Necessary Resources
A resource investment is needed to properly perform Incarnon Genesis. Each Incarnon requires 20x Pathos Clamps and a variety of Duviri Resources to be installed. 

Once everything is in-hand, head over to Cavalero and access the “Evolve Incarnon Weapons” menu to perform Genesis. 

Similar to other Incarnon weapons, you will have to complete certain challenges with the weapons equipped to unlock further evolutions!


The following items and bundles (in addition to all previously mentioned in the above sections) are available for Platinum in the in-game Market!

Dedicated Market tabs are available to help you browse the latest and greatest new items and bundles available in this update: 

  • The Duviri Paradox: Lists the main bundles and individual items!
  • Teshin’s Cave Offerings (Listed under “Featured”): Contains the Warframes and Weapons that appeared in your last visit to Teshin’s Cave. 

Dress just like the hero described in the famous storybook, Tales of Duviri. The Fabled Warrior Pack includes the Aeospex Armor, Gabrai Kavat Armor, Drifter Loneryder Suit, Lonesome Shawzin, and Only Beyond Vistagraph.  

*All items in this pack are available for purchase separately. 

Stride into the fray with fractal elegance. Includes the Aesopex Shoulder Plates, Chest Plate, and Leg Plates. 

*All items in this pack are available for purchase separately. 

Baruuk Doan is the calm center of a chaotic storm. His collection includes the Baruuk Doan Skin, Harmatt Sparring Skin, and Khinn Syandana.

Concepts for the collection were created by community fan artist TBGKaru.

Natural and preternatural combine in Wisp Somnium. Her collection includes the Wisp Somnium Skin*, Subvolv Syandana, and Privolv Fulmin Skin.

Concepts for the collection were created by community fan artist UndergroundWubwubmaster. 

*The Wisp Somnium skin also adorns her Reservoir and Motes in the same style!

Adorn Mesa in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Mesa Voidshell Skin and Eris Surface material structure. 

Material structures are exclusive to Voidshell skins. 

Adorn Limbo in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Limbo Voidshell Skin and Lotus Pattern material structure. 

Material structures are exclusive to Voidshell skins. 

Make the most of morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Mesa Voidshell Skin, Limbo Voidshell Skin, and each skin’s matching material structure.

Material structures are exclusive to Voidshell skins.

A Duviri-themed pack featuring the Kaithe Community Display (made by Sillfix) and Bombastine Community Glyph (made by Joriale) made by community artists. 

A small wobbly statue of Bombastine. 

The Kaithe Community Display, Bombastine Community Glyph, and Bombastine Noggle are also available to claim for free for a limited time by participating in The Duviri Paradox Twitch Drops campaign (ends on May 10th at 2pm ET): 

Evoke the might of the giant with this skin for Sword and Shield Melee Weapons. 


Our first batch of TennoGen items are here following the changes we made to the program (read below for more information)! Enjoy 6 new incredible creations from these talented artists:

  • Nitrolyst Gauss Skin by Goosmo
  • Retrolyst Syandana by edwino22 and Erneix
  • Caliban Scion Helmet by LostEpoch
  • Xaku Deathea Skin by kakarrot2812
  • Alocana Syandana by blazingcobalt
  • Katix Earpiece Operator/Drifter Accessory by lex182 and cedd00

If you missed our announcement last year, we removed TennoGen Deadlines and are now reviewing pieces on a monthly basis. Thank you all for your patience as the team transitions to this new system — with all of the hard work behind the scenes by our TennoGen artists, we are ready to showcase the current list of accepted items!

The goal is to release these items in smaller batches across future updates — the first is now here with the following 6 items! 

You can view our TennoGen Acceptance Thread for an updated look at what is accepted and when to expect it next. 


There are 70 new Duviri-themed Dojo Decorations available for you and your Clan to use! Enter an otherworldly cave inspired by Tales of Duviri with the new Duviri Cave Room. 


Give your Dojo a wash of color inspired by Duviri with these new Pigments: 

  • Harmony Green (Thrax Centurion) 
  • Veldt Yellow (Thrax Legatus) 
  • Tempest Brown (Eclipse Thrax Centurion) 
  • Argon Purple (Lua Thrax Legatus) 
  • False Orange (Void Angels – including Ravenous Angels)

Begin Polychrome Color research for these colors in your Clan Dojo’s Tenno Research Lab and begin collecting Pigments dropped from Thrax enemies and Void Angels in Zariman missions. 


The Bishamo Operator Set has been re-named and re-introduced as the Bishamo Hawk Set & the Bishamo Lark Set. This Dax armor has been fully decoupled from the Male and Female specific variants, and all pieces can now be swapped interchangeably on both Male and Female Operators, as well as Male and Female Drifters. 

To obtain the Bishamo Hawk and Lark sets, you simply need to purchase any Bishamo Armor Set Blueprint from Teshin’s wares in the Relay and craft the armor piece as usual. On claiming the built item from the foundry, it will grant you the entire set (all 4 pieces of Bishamo Armor) for that piece. 
Ie. Craft the Bishamo Greaves Set Blueprint to earn:

  • Bishamo Hawk Greaves (Operator) 
  • Bishamo Hawk Greaves (Drifter) 
  • Bishamo Lark Greaves (Operator)
  • Bishamo Lark Greaves (Drifter) 

For those of you who have already crafted any piece of the Hawk Bishamo Operator set (formerly the Bishamo Operator Set*), we will be running an account update shortly after the launch of Duviri to grant you the Bishamo Lark set on log-in, as well as the respective Drifter armor pieces for both the Hawk and Lark Bishamo Operator Armor pieces. 

We have also decoupled the Skirt sash from the (formerly Female) Lark Bishamo Greaves, and added it as the Lark Bishamo Apparel. On crafting the Bishamo Cuirass Set Blueprint, it will also grant the Lark Bishamo Apparel

*The former Bishamo Operator set was renamed to the Hawk Bishamo Set in anticipation of this change. However, now that this change is live, the Hawk Bishamo Set refers to the Armor formerly styled to the Male Operator, and the Lark Bishamo Set refers to Armor formerly styled to the Female Operator.  


Duviri has brought with it a new sound ambience system, which allows us many ways to enhance the audio experience:

  • We can now change ambience on the fly (e.g. changing Spirals in Duviri). 
  • Greater precision with ambience in indoor areas (e.g. caves and buildings). 
  • More flexibility with the music in volumes, which allows us to change music in different zones of an Open Landscape map (e.g. Undercroft and caves). 
  • Overall greater ambience quality and detail due to improved workflow!

We also fixed Quest cinematics not respecting the player’s selected volume settings. Now, the master volume slider applies to both voice and FX tracks. Also fixed issues of music suddenly stopping in-game while fading out. It will now loop properly with the volume adjusted. 


As originally announced in a PSA earlier this month, the new default graphics engine on PC is Enhanced! This is another step towards retiring the Classic Graphics Engine fully (as has been announced in previous posts). We will provide ample notice on when to expect the Classic Graphic Engine’s retirement, but the ultimate goal remains providing the best experience of Warframe to our players via the Enhanced Graphics Engine.

Why use the Enhanced Graphics Engine? 
There are many stunning in-game details that are only visible via the Enhanced Graphics Engine such as wall decals, tattoos, facial hair, more accurate reflections, and dynamic lighting and shadowing (a detailed breakdown can be found in our original announcement here). We ultimately want players’ first steps into Warframe and Duviri to be seen the way our team intended!

New and last generation Playstation and Xbox consoles run the Enhanced Graphics Engine experience, and we want our PC players who have yet to enable it to share in the benefits of this system. 

Enhanced Graphics Engine Settings:
Our goal while phasing out Classic has been and remains to keep performance and scalability a priority for players. That said, you will be able to adjust the following in-game settings to tweak performance with the Enhanced Graphics Engine:

  • Sun Shadows Toggle – This can be disabled via the Graphics settings in the Video tab of your Options.
  • Enhanced Decals Toggle –  This can be disabled via the Graphics settings in the Video tab of your Options.
  • Switching Graphics settings under Options > Video to “Medium” or “Low” will also offer  performance adjustments if required.  
  • NEW: SSAO Quality Settings – Adjust ambient occlusion quality settings between medium and high (or disable) in the Advanced Video options.
    • Prior to this update, this was just a toggle to enable or disable while using the Enhanced Graphics Engine. Now you can adjust to your liking. 

For the time being (before Classic retires), if you wish to return to the Classic Engine you’ll be able to do so via the Warframe launcher by hitting the cog > selecting “Classic” from the dropdown menu.  

Or via your Graphics settings in-game by opening the pause menu > Options > Video Tab > Scrolling down to the Graphics Options. 

Why retire the Classic Graphics Engine? 
Currently, the team has to maintain both engines which means twice the work for the graphics programmers, twice as much testing, and most importantly, it means our artists are limited by what the Classic engine can do. 

Retirement plans for Classic were first announced in 2020 and since then the team has shifted to making content that uses more and more features of the Enhanced graphics engine. Once there is only one rendering engine to support we can make new content that we couldn’t make before!

Enhanced as Standard: 
Ultimately, the Enhanced Graphics Engine is the gold standard for Warframe and all of its future content – the most immediate being Duviri! With Enhanced, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the hard work the team has put into making it a truly spectacular experience, of which you can jump into now!

New With The Duviri Paradox – Enhanced Graphics Engine Changes: 

  • Improved the look of Drifter/Operator hair. 
  • Improved the look of Drifter/Operator eyes. They are now more realistic and have more depth. 
  • Improved vegetation shading. 

On the topic of the Enhanced Graphics Engine, if you’re using an AMD Radeon 7000-series GPU we encourage you to update your drivers to 23.4.2 to prevent issues that were noted here. 

PC Supported Specs Change:

As announced in a PSA posted last year, we have changed our minimum specs to require the following CPU features: SSSE3, SSE4.1 and SSE4.2*. 

*Your CPU must support SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2. 

These are CPU-instructions that were first added to processors like the Intel i7 860 (Nehalem microarchitecture released in 2008) or the AMD FX-4170 (Bulldozer microarchitecture released 2011). As you can see, even computers that are a decade old support these features so you probably have nothing to worry about! 

If you’re still rocking the above specs that don’t support these instructions, you’ll see a warning in the Warframe launcher so you know it’s time for an upgrade. 

These changes will finally let the PC version of the game get optimizations we’ve had on the Xbox and PlayStation versions for years and will make it easier to do more optimizations, since all developers will be using them all day every day (as opposed to only when testing on some consoles). 


  • Added a new Accessibility “Prefer Default HUD as Drifter” option. Toggling this on will restore the Drifter HUD in Duviri to its non-stylized version. 
  • Added an “Enable Surveys” toggle. Access it in the “Social” Options under “Privacy”. This toggle will also be available on the Survey screen itself, should you wish to no longer receive them.
    • Players will occasionally be offered Surveys to gather player feedback and insight. This new toggle will allow players to opt out and/or opt back in to Surveys at their own discretion. 
  • On viewing an item in your Foundry, you can now hover over any crafting resource to determine their drop location. 
  • The Greedy Milk, Hang Tenno, and Puppeteer K-Drive Scrawls are available in the Dojo Bash Lab Research. 

    • These were previously only available in a 6th year anniversary Twitch Drop campaign – so we’ve made them accessible again via the Bash Lab to earn!


  • Changed the Synth Charge Mod to now apply to the following weapons:
    • Sepulcrum
      • The damage bonus for Synth Charge does not apply to its alt-fire, as it uses the entire magazine in one shot. 
    • Pyrana
    • Pyrana Prime
    • Kuva Brakk
    • Zakti Prime 
    • Tenet Detron 
  • Changed the Shawzin default controller bindings – the previous bindings made it considerably harder to use Shawzin compared to keyboard. If you wish to change them back to their previous state, you can do so in the “Customize Controller” option:
    • Sky Fret: Left D-Pad (was LB) 
    • Water Fret: Right D-Pad (was RT)
    • Earth Fret: Down D-Pad (was RB) 
    • Songs: R2 (was Up D-Pad)
    • Change Instrument: R3 (was Left D-Pad)
  • Changed how Dormizone invites interact with Squads:
    • Inviting Tenno to your squad while in the Dormizone no longer forces Clients to load into the Host’s Dormizone. Instead, they can now accept a squad invite from where they are without needing to migrate over. In the chance that someone does want to join someone else’s Dormizone to show off their lavish decorating, they can do so by selecting the new option “Invite to Dormizone”. 
    • Added a prompt to invite all squad members if you’d like to exit the Dormizone into the Crysalith if desired. 
    • Fixed being unable to accept invites from your Dormizone.
  • Made the following changes to Mirage’s Sleight of Hand with the Explosive Legerdemain Augment Mod in order to solve major performance issues that would occur when rapidly casting Sleight of Hand with the Augment Mod equipped while Hall of Mirrors was active:
    • Explosion radius is no longer affected by Mods. It is now always 15m. 
    • Proximity mine triggers no longer replicate to Clients (this was a particularly brutal performance issue origin for Clients in squads where the Host was casting Sleight of Hands with Hall of Mirrors often). 
    • Proximity mines now have a 20 second lifespan unless it is attracting an enemy, in which case it is paused. Only one mine can attract a particular enemy at a time.
      • The lifespan previously used to be extended if an enemy entered its trigger range, but if they never reached the explosion (e.g. something else killed them first) the lifespan could be extended indefinitely, causing strain on performance when stacking mines with multiple Sleight of Hand casts. 
    • Optimized the proximity mines when cast in the dark. 
    • Optimized the proximity mine triggers when there are multiple placed with Hall of Mirrors. Now there will be one trigger per group of mines, since they are close enough to one another. The trigger will swap to a new mine if the latter is destroyed. 
    • Also fixed flickering on her shaders. 
  • In addition to the 50% of Affinity gained being granted to Warframe, the remaining 50% while using the Parazon is now distributed to the weapon you had equipped before the Parazon Mercy kill started.   
  • Updated all Warframe descriptions!
    • Since this will be the first time many players encounter the Warframes (via Teshin’s Cave), we updated their descriptions to provide practical explanations of playstyles (without sacrificing the lore tidbits). 
  • The following weapons can now be found in their corresponding categories in the Arsenal when searching using the tag “Battery”:
    • Basmu
    • Bubonico
    • Tenet Cycron
    • Cycron
    • Flux Rifle 
    • Fulmin
    • Tenet Plinx
    • Plinx
    • Shedu
  • Added support for Chroma Link devices through Razer Chroma Connect. 
  • Changed Incarnon Weapons’ “DAMAGE” stat to “Incarnon Form” when viewing the Incarnon Form damage values in the Arsenal.  
  • Added Mission Tips to the Risk Investment selection screen for The Index.
  • Updated the Drifter mini-map icon.
  • Made slight adjustments to the rendering of Caliban’s Cranion Helmet to be more accurate for reflections.  
  • Made some adjustments to lighting in the Cetus Temple during the Vor’s Prize quest. 
  • Updated the rendering for the water FX on the Grav Lifter Factory decoration. 
  • Updated “The Hunt is On” Nightwave Act description to say “Pick up Syndicate Medallions” instead of “Find” as it requires you to interact with them in order for it to count towards the Act. 
  • Updated the on-hover Credits and Platinum icon descriptions to be more informative on what each currency is used for. 


  • Made several micro-optimizations to base game code.
  • Made a micro-optimization to loading times and streaming.
  • Made several optimizations related to code responsible for HUD processing. 
  • Made micro-optimization related to memory usage while updating the launcher. 
  • Made a micro-optimization to memory footprint in several levels. 
  • Made several micro-optimizations related to script performance. 
  • Made improvements to how animation data is stored. 
  • Made an optimization related to level loading. 
  • Made an optimization to code related to defense targets.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to memory footprint and load times.
  • Made substantial optimizations to touch types. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to material loading. 
  • Made optimizations to memory footprint for Archwing and Railjack missions.
  • Optimized a few seconds off of loading large levels.
  • Made some connectivity optimizations.
  • Optimized progress tracker updating (this saves a bit of CPU load). 
  • Made small optimizations to Liset mesh data. 
  • Fixed enemies selectively ignoring Mirage’s Sleight of Hand depending on the mission type. (For example enemies would get distracted by your traps in Extermination but not Survival)
  • Fixed loading hitches when swapping default customizations between Male and Female Operator. 
  • Fixed the game becoming unresponsive when:
    • Selecting a color picker or an item from the in-game Market selection screen while in Railjack customization.
    • Selecting chat, viewing a player profile and then selecting exiting from both Menus. 


  • Fixed the following issues from the Citrine’s Last Wish “Known Issues” list:
    • Fixed primary target not receiving any bonus Status Effects from the Secondary Encumber Arcane while using a chaining weapon (i.e. Atomos). 
    • Fixed the Secondary Encumber Arcane unintentionally counting staggering as a Status Effect, leading to many unintended Effects being applied.
      • This Arcane is intended to trigger only from Physical and Elemental Status Effects i.e. Status types which show on an enemy’s health bar.
    • Fixed many mods that previously worked on Exalted Weapons not correctly applying, for example (but not exclusively) Internal Bleeding and Hunter Munitions when installed on Ivara’s Artemis Bow, or Life Strike not working when installed on Exalted Melee Weapons. Valkyr’s Hysteria not having life steal was in the same category.
    • Fixed casting many Warframe abilities interrupting aim gliding and forcing you to land. 
    • Fixed Battacor requiring all 3 charges to use its alt fire instead of the intended 1 or 2 charges to scale the damage. 
    • Fixed pausing the game in Solo mode not suspending the energy cost of abilities that use energy over time.
    • Also fixed issues with enemies affected by Status Effects not behaving as intended when the game is paused. 
    • Fixed equipment entries duplicating each time a player’s profile is opened.
    • Fixed spamming the interact key instantly dismounting you from Ropalolyst and resetting its shields. 
    • Fixed the “Energy Drain” stat in the Warframe ability page showing as 0 when Zenurik’s Inner Might is equipped. 
    • Fixed the selected “Sort By” option resetting after visiting a section that doesn’t allow sorting in the Arsenal. 
    • Fixed Legendary 3 Mastery Test using the incorrect mission (repeating the Legendary 2 test).
    • Fixed Volt’s Electric Shield and Vazarin’s Guardian Shell not preventing self-staggering with explosive weapons.
      • This also fixes the Propa Scaffold Amp part bypassing Electric Shield and Guardian Shell, causing the Operator to self-stagger. 
  • Fixed Arcane Steadfast not working consistently on ability casts when equipped on Vauban. 
  • Fixed Garuda being unable to perform Melee Finishers with her Talons in missions that disable Melee weapons.
  • Fixed major performance issues occurring when rapidly casting Mirage’s Sleight of Hand with the Explosive Legerdemain Augment Mod equipped while Hall of Mirrors is active. In order to solve the performance issues, the following changes were made to Explosive Legerdemain: 
  • Explosion radius is no longer affected by Mods. It is now always 15m. 
  • Optimized the proximity mines when cast in the dark. 
  • Optimized the proximity mine triggers when there are multiple placed with Hall of Mirrors. Now there will be one trigger per group of mines, since they are close enough to one another. The trigger will swap to a new mine if the latter is destroyed. 
  • Proximity mine triggers no longer replicate to Clients (this was a particularly brutal performance issue origin for Clients in squads where the Host was casting Sleight of Hands with Hall of Mirrors often). 
  • Proximity mines now have a 20 second lifespan unless it is attracting an enemy, in which case it is paused. Only one mine can attract a particular enemy at a time.
  • The lifespan previously used to be extended if an enemy entered its trigger range, but if they never reached the explosion (e.g. something else killed them first) the lifespan could be extended indefinitely, causing strain on performance when stacking mines with multiple Sleight of Hand casts. 
  • Also fixed flickering on her shaders. 
  • Fixed certain bosses being permanently stun locked by the Proboscis Cernos stun effect.
  • Fixed exposing an enemy to a Viral Status Effect just as the last Viral Status Effect on the enemy is about to expire, and while there is a Heat Status Effect on the enemy, can lead to the enemy becoming invincible.
  • Fixed only firing the Staticor with one hand as opposed to the intentional two hands.
  • Fixed Nataruk bow shots, which are charged to the end of the sweet spot, are shot as uncharged shots. 
  • Fixed loss of functionality for Clients who use the Forward Artillery in back-to-back missions. 
  • Fixed loss of function occurring after dashing off a platform and meleeing to dismount Yareli from Merulina mid-air. 
  • Fixed losing the ability to use Transference after switching to Operator while on a K-Drive or Merulina and back to your Warframe in midair. 
  • Fixed K-Drive randomly doing a spin instead of the tricks you’re trying to do.
  • Fixed Ash’s Shuriken losing all punch through. 
  • Fixed Mag’s Shrapnel constantly orbiting you regardless of distance, as opposed to being extracted from enemies and laying dormant on the ground until Mag is in range. 
  • Fixed Grendel inheriting characteristics of his “Pulverize” form after entering the underwater Archwing mode in the Uranus Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Death Well continuing to drain after swapping in and out of his Shadow while affected by a Nullifier. 
  • Fixed the Energizing Shot Mod working on the Tenet Plinx’ and Tenet Spirex’ AOE.
    • As indicated in the mod’s description, it is intended not to work on AOE. 
  • Fixed the following weapons’ AOE on impact not being affected by Blast Radius Mods (such as Firestorm).
    • Ferrox (Base and Tenet) 
    • Opticor (Base and Vandal) 
    • Ambassador 
  • Fixed Tenet Tetra Secondary fire being unaffected by Void Fissure buff. 
  • Fixed various Mining locations being located under the terrain. 
  • Fixed Dethcube’s Vaporize Mod not respecting Overguard’s crowd control immunity and bypassing their defenses to deal damage. 
  • Fixed being able to refresh Praedos’ Incarnon Form timer by performing a heavy ground slam.
    • All other Incarnon Melee weapons trigger their Incarnon Form via heavy attack and do not have the ability to refresh their Incarnon Form timer. So Praedos has been fixed to remove this unintended functionality.  
  • Fixed issue with Mirror Defence rotations getting skipped after Host Migration. 
  • Fixed Innodem and Prasedos losing their Incarnon Form after entering Arsenal in the Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed Incarnon weapons reverting to their default form not being visible to other players in the squad until it is shot again.  
  • Fixed Citrine’s Fractured Blast not affecting ragdolled enemies. 
  • Fixed Parry Mod not functioning to grant the ability to parry enemy attacks and open them to finishers. 
  • Fixed getting sent back to login screen from mission after tabbing back to game.
  • Fixed Naramon’s Killer’s Rush bonus not applying when playing as Client. 
  • Fixed the Death Knell headshot buff not working properly if the player respawns after being downed. 
  • Fixed Corpus enemies appearing as if they are immune to Mercy kills in the UI due to the indicator overlapping with their Shields in their Health bar.
  • Fixed the Tenet Ferrox not using the bonus elemental damage on its alt-fire. 
  • Fixed the Bonewidow Necramech no longer playing the shield-bash animation when using Shield Maiden.
  • Fixed Warframe facing away from Saya when interacting with her in Saya’s Vigil Quest. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the TennoCon 2021 Chest Plate when equipped on Voruna. 
  • Fixed several offset issues with several Knee Spur and Leg Guards when equipped on Voruna. 
  • Fixed pickups such as Data Masses and Disruption Keys floating in the air when reloading the Laetum. 
  • Fixed cases where the HUD could go missing for Railjack Pilot and Turret users. 
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in the Railjack loading tunnel after Host Migration. 
  • Fixed Transference causing Secondaries using the Oscira Thrown Blade Skin to float alongside Warframe. 
  • Fixed Raknoids in Corpus Railjack missions not moving or attacking objectives. 
  • Fixed the Necramech ability UI not disappearing when opening the map in open landscapes. 
  • Fixed Captura options not appearing when using a vehicle (Necramech, K-Drive, etc.). 
  • Fixed a rare matchmaking bug when mixing pre-The New War and post-The New War sessions in Orb Vallis and The Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed an issue in The New War Quest  where default colors on the Operator would tint the portrait in the Dormizone a pale gray. 
  • Fixed camera getting stuck in the Orbiter when walking up to Navigation in stage 5 of The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed an unintentional premature face reveal in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Corrupted Lancer Eximus units not casting their abilities.
    • Note that their Specter versions were unaffected. 
  • Fixed Claims Investigation Units from the Index rapidly teleporting between their translocators many times in rapid succession. 
  • Fixed default reticle dot sometimes flickering between white and black. 
  • Fixed flickering issues with Harrow’s Thurible. 
  • Fixed the Orokin Tower Chamber room lighting FX extending into the Open Space room when Volumetric Lighting is turned on in the Dojo. 
  • Fixed one of the MOAs in the Perrin Sequence Relay room being unlit.
  • Fixed Corpus Outpost door panels that lead to a dead end being unlit. 
  • Fixed Corpus units being unlit in the Infested Ship tileset. 
  • Fixed see-through areas in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed a teleport volume being too high and teleporting you while you are still in bounds in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed rocks and the Orbiter ramp in the Drifter’s Camp being semi-transparent. 
  • Fixed Liset appearing unlit when extracting at the end of a mission. 
  • Fixed all Emblems appearing upside down when equipped on the Left Paxis Shoulder Armor. 
  • Fixed smoothing issues with the Ki’Teer Leg and Shoulder Plates. 
  • Fixed the default female Drifter Suit missing some textures. 
  • Fixed the Sibear’s VFX rendering incorrectly. 
  • Fixed Emblems floating when equipped on the Excalibur Zato Skin after removing the Zato Shoulder Plate. 
  • Fixed the Vaaditum Prime Ephemera showing up on Warframe (e.g. via Transference) when it is equipped on Operator/Drifter. 
  • Fixed the Scyth Sugatra being invisible when equipped to any melee weapon. 
  • Fixed the Right Edo Prime Shoulder Plate appearing higher than intended on Garuda Prime when toggling Prime details on TennoGen skins.
  • Fixed various Drifter Gear Waistbands being positioned under the player.
  • Fixed Flamethrower Plazm Skin clip flickering after you’ve reloaded once.
  • Fixed textures on Guandao to improve tinting. 
  • Fixed missing FX on Hildryn’s Haven. 
  • Note that this did not affect Hildryn Prime.  
  • Fixed Melee hits that hit multiple enemies in the same frame using the wrong hit FX after the first enemy was struck. 
  • Fixed equipping a Skin to the Aegrit not removing the energy circle FX.
  • Fixed several Mods & Arcanes missing part of their effects in their descriptions.
  • Fixed disabling the “Double Jump executes Void Sling” option not saving after relaunching the game.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Blood Altar not inheriting customized colors. 
  • Fixed some issues with cloth jittering. 
  • Fixed the Chemtank Syandana sometimes disappearing when clipping with shoulder armor. 
  • Fixed being unable to color the Sanguinax Ephemera.
  • Fixed cases of the Drifter’s eyes opening slightly too wide and failing to look around. 
  • Fixed your equipped Visage Ink appearing in the background of the in-game Market when previewing cosmetics on Drifter.
  • Fixed the weapon holster for the Drifter appearing in the center of their body when riding the K-drive. 
  • Fixed hand clipping issues for the following Warframes (includes Primes for those who have that variant) when using Hildryn Prime’s Noble animation.
    • Chroma
    • Hildryn
    • Hydroid
    • Revenant
    • Rhino
    • Grendel
    • Gyre
  • Fixed case of melee weapons being held in the wrong hand when swapping from a Bow. 
  • Fixed offset issues with Claw melee weapons equipped on Nidus Prime. 
  • Fixed unused items in Profile Equipment list not sorting alphabetically. 
  • Fixed “Invite” and “Send Message” buttons not functioning on player profiles.
  • Fixed animation sets for Rhino not sorting alphabetically in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed soft-lock when playing Happy Zephyr. 
  • Fixed large geometry deformations in the Cambion Drift and the Orb Vallis when flying into fungi structures. 
  • Fixed a shadow issue in the Grineer Crew Ship. 
  • Fixed “Open Squads” at times not updating in Navigation and always showing at “0”. 
  • Fixed file path appearing in the Secondary Encumber Arcane’s description.
  • Fix a spot-load when bringing up the pause menu while you have a Quest active.
  • Fixed rare issue of Warframe shrinking down to Operator size during the Dormizone cinematic in The Angels of the Zariman Quest. 
  • Fixed constantly running on the spot and having jump height affected while descending in the balloon during the “Ascend” stage  in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed several grass clumps blocking cinematics and floating in the air in the “For My Brothers” stage of The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed a Health Orb covering Kahl in the cutscene after mercy killing the Symbilyst in the “For My Brothers” mission in The New War quest. 
  • Fixed changing Kahl’s appearance in Captura creating a merged Kahl/Warframe monstrosity. 
  • Fixed the cauldron in the Drifter Camp (after achieving max rank in Kahl’s Garrison) looking like just boring unseasoned water instead of a mouthwatering stew. 
  • Fixed the naming of many Dojo decorations that were grammatically inconsistent.
    • Fixed the naming of many Dojo decorations missing a comma in between the adjectives in brackets.
      • Example: Bamboo Plant (Curved Single)
      • Correct example: Bamboo Plant (Curved, Single)
    • Fixed the Ostron Canopy Dojo decorations describing the color of the decoration outside of the brackets.
      • Example: Ostron Canopy Blue (Rectangular)
      • Example of correction: Ostron Canopy (Blue, Rectangular) 
    • Fixed the Dojo decorations that list sizing having inconsistent spacing. The format has now been consolidated to:
      • Wall (16x16m) instead of Wall (16 x 16m) 
  • Fixed blinding lighting on Loid’s dome when viewing the Necraloid Standing screen in the Necralisk. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link Carmine Penta components, Nautilus components,  Zealoid Prelate Noggle, Pistol Riven Mods, and Frost Snowday Noggle.
  • Fixed Roller Floof’s blocking placement of Decorations near it.
  • Fixed rare crash with DirectX 11.
  • Fixed rare cases of Direct X 12 being unavailable for computers that use an integrated and discrete GPU.
  • Fixed the Maximum Frame Rate amount being changed in settings when adjusting Anti-Aliasing settings. 
  • Fixes towards blurry fonts when using a high DPI display. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when a new hotfix/update is deployed while in a Relay. 
  • Fixed rare crash related to object rendering in Mirror Defence. 
  • Fixed crash that would occur if the player was automatically logged out when the Bounties rotate while in an Open Landscape hub. 
  • Fixed crash with Revenant’s Enthrall. 
  • Fixed crash related to Raknoids. 
  • Fixed crash related to Khora’s Venari. 
  • Fixed a script error related to the Vsync. 
  • Fixed a script error after completing a mission and returning to the Orbiter with the Ghoul Saw equipped. 
  • Fixed a script error with Baruuk’s Lull. 
  • Fixed script error with Gyre’s Arcsphere. 
  • Fixed a script error when toggling between lore fragment categories in the Codex. 

Known Issues: 

List of issues that will be reviewed for potential fixes in a future update/hotfix. 

  • Players who own the Kuva Hek or Vaykor Hek may still get the normal Hek in Teshin’s Cave offerings when it should be offering its more powerful variants. 
  • Host migration in both Duviri and the Undercroft leaving players with various issues.
  • Spiral objectives not progressing after completing certain requirements. 
  • Dying as the Client in Undercroft results in a white screen and revival.
  • Becoming stuck in perma-ragdoll after getting hit with an Orowyrm projectile while mounting the Kaithe.
  • Rune Marrow is not affected by Resource Boosters.
  • Duviri Void Flood Ruptures are missing their FX.
  • Using Protea‘s Temporal Anchor Ability can rewind you back into the Undercroft lobby where you cannot escape.
  • Clients sometimes see other players’ Drifters without bodies after loading.
  • Certain Resources do not list their Drop Location in their on-hover description in the Foundry.
  • Lighting issues for Fish when Maw Feeding in multiplayer sessions. 
  • Warframe Configuration screen in Teshin’s Cave does not display equipped Archon Shards. This is a UI only issue – Equipped Archon Shards do apply their upgrades to Warframes in Cave. 
  • Kuva/Tenet weapons do not display their rolled stat bonuses when viewing builds in  Teshin’s Cave.
  • Toggling Crouch prevents Kaithes from Sprinting.
  • Certain items in Acrithis’ store do not have dioramas.
  • Feldune Drifter Hood does not have hood toggle functionality.

If you’re wondering when the game releases, check out this article: When Does the Duviri Paradox Release in Warframe? Answered.

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