All Disney Dreamlight Valley Companions Listed

The complete Snow White experience

Disney Dreamlight Valley wouldn’t have that magic feeling without having tons of cute little animals following you around the town. And thankfully, we got that experience through the many Companions the game offers, and the list goes from befriending tiny squirrels to drastically bigger creatures such as crocodiles. 

It’s almost like becoming Snow White without having to sing for the animals. Instead, you get their confidence by feeding them multiple times until they decide to accompany you. Here’s a list containing all of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Companions.

Every Companion Available in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can get multiple Companions and swap them at your will anytime. You may do it often so you won’t get tired of seeing the same small Critter over and over again.

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  • Classic Raven
  • Red Raven
  • Blue Raven
  • White Raven
  • Brown Raven


  • Orchid Sunbird
  • Red Sunbird
  • Emerald Sunbird
  • Turquoise Sunbird
  • Golden Sunbird


  • Classic Squirrel
  • Red Squirrel
  • White Squirrel
  • Black Squirrel
  • Grey Squirrel


  • Classic Rabbit
  • White Rabbit
  • Black Rabbit
  • Brown Rabbit
  • Calico Rabbit


  • Classic Raccoon
  • Red Raccoon
  • Blue Raccoon
  • White Raccoon
  • Black Raccoon


  • Classic Fox
  • Red Fox
  • Blue Fox
  • White Fox
  • Black Fox

Sea Turtles

  • Classic Sea Turtle
  • Purple Sea Turtle
  • White Sea Turtle
  • Black Sea Turtle
  • Brown Sea Turtle


  • Classic Crocodile
  • Blue Crocodile
  • Red Crocodile
  • Pink Crocodile
  • Golden Crocodile

There are also some special Companions obtained through special events, preorders, the Star Path, and sometimes even quests in the game. Pua can be obtained through this last method, for example.

The special companions are:

  • Pua
  • Incredisquirrel
  • Wind-up Racoon
  • Choco Crocodile
  • Celestial Sea Turtle
  • Regal Fox

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That’s all for now for our list of Companions for Disney Dreamlight Valley, and good luck getting your favorite Critter to join you. 

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