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How to Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Feed the animals, no Goofy does not count.

by Jesse Vitelli

Making friends with the locals in Disney Dreamlight Valley is going to be huge to your success in the game. Befriending and growing those friendships will be the key to progressing through the main story. Eventually, you’ll need to start feeding the animals. Here is how to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Adventure.

How to Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First, we’re not talking about Goofy and the other main Disney characters. Yes, they’re animals; no they do not count as feeding animals. Let’s clear that up right away.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way. The animals Disney Dreamlight Valley is referring to are the rabbits and chipmunks roaming around the world. Some quests will ask you to feed them. Obviously, this can be done with food, but the type of food depends on the animal. For instance, rabbits love carrots, so feeding them carrots will yield a nice reward.

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To feed them just walk up to them and hit the interact key like you would on any other character. Sometimes the prompt can be a bit finicky and won’t show up. If the animal runs away, just follow it and wait for it to stop moving, then try again.

Once you’ve interacted with the animal, you simply have to give them a food item of your choice from your inventory. This will cause the animal to grow fond of you and give you a gift. This can range anywhere from some materials to a new crafting recipe.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley. be sure to look at our other guides, such as how to earn star coins fast and take photos.

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