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All Cave Locations in Sons of the Forest Listed

Let's go cave exploring! Not creepy at all.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Cave Locations in Sons of the Forest Listed

The world of Sons of the Forest, the creepy sequel to the survival game Forest, is quite large – four times bigger than the original game, and full of even worse horrors! However, unlike some other survival games that use procedurally generated maps, Sons of the Forest has one carefully designed map with fixed locations. The key to survival is both knowing where to go and finding caves that usually hide some valuable and useful items. These items can increase your chances of survival and give you more time to uncover the mysteries of this Forest. Keep reading to find out where all of the cave locations are in Sons of the Forest.

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All Cave Locations in Sons of the Forest Listed

There are 11 caves in the Sons of the Forest which are scattered around the map in different locations. In some, you will find some supplies, while others hide key items that you will need to progress in the game. Yet in other caves, you will discover the hidden underground network that exists on this island.

Check out the map below for the exact locations of all cave entrances on the Sons of the Forest map:

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When you make your way to one of these locations marked on the map above, you will notice that there are different types of cave entrances and that some will require additional equipment to enter. There are:

  1. Cave entrances that you can just walk through, or squeeze through.
  2. For cave entrances that you need to climb or descend into, you will find a Rope Gun for these ones.
  3. Underwater cave entrances, to get into those you will need to dive underwater, so it is best to find and equip Rebreather. Check out how to find Rebrether in Sons of the Forest.

So there you have it, that’s all you need to know about cave locations in Sons of the Forest, and for more tips and guides click on the “Sons of the Forest” tag below.

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